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What Is Rock Strata And How Is It Beneficial For My Home’s Foundation? | PIERMAN

SYNOPSIS: One important thing to look at is the type of rock underneath where your building will be. Luckily, experts like us here at PIERMAN Foundation Repair have the right skills and experience necessary.

What Is Rock Strata And Is It Beneficial?

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When building a building, it’s important to start with a strong foundation. This applies to all types of structures, from houses to big buildings like hotels and shopping centers. The foundation helps evenly distribute the weight of the walls on the ground and stops water from getting into the lower floors. It’s a really important first step in creating a strong and safe structure.

When building a structure, it’s important to know that not all areas of land are the same. Each piece of land has its own unique features like the type of rock and soil, which can affect how the building is constructed. That’s why it’s important for engineers and construction workers to have a basic understanding of the land’s geology, topography, and soil composition before beginning any building project.

When a team wants to build a structure, they have to be careful about the ground they are building on. They need to figure out the best foundation for the building based on what type of building it is. One important thing to look at is the type of rock underneath where the building will be. Luckily, there are experts like Pierman Foundation Repair who have the right skills and experience to handle these things and make sure your foundation is fixed properly.

Let’s start with the fundamental question many homeowners ask when they hear how well a foundation piering system supports your home by utilizing the “bedrock or load-bearing strata” below your home:

What is Bedrock?

Bedrock refers to layers of rock stacked on top of one another. These layers have different materials in them, which make them look different. By studying these layers, geologists can learn about different times in the Earth’s history. This study is called “stratigraphy” and helps us understand the Earth’s past.

Types of Bedrock

There are three types of bedrock formation. One of them is called sedimentary rock. This type of rock is made up of small pieces of debris that have been carried by the wind or water and then buried in low areas. Because it is made up of loose material that gets squished together, it’s usually not as hard as other types of rock.

Igneous bedrock:

Did you know that some rocks are formed from hot melted material called lava or magma? These rocks are called igneous rocks. Sometimes, other types of rocks like metamorphic or sedimentary rocks get mixed in with the hot melted material and become part of it. When the mixture cools down and becomes solid, it forms igneous rocks.

Metamorphic bedrock:

Sometimes, the solid rock underneath the ground can move because of things like heat or salty water. If a foundation is built on top of certain types of strong rocks like limestone, granite, sandstone, or hard chalk, the water will be able to drain away easily.

What Are Load-Bearing Strata?

The foundation of your entire building or structure can be supported by a strong and stable mass of rock known as “bedrock.” Unlike the surface soil that can shift or change size, bedrock remains the same. However, in some cases, erosion may uncover the bedrock in certain areas.

If a house is built on sandy or clay soil, it might move or sink over time. This can cause issues with the house’s structure. To fix this, contractors use a process called foundation piering. They drive piers deep into the bedrock beneath the house until they reach a strong layer of rock. This rock can hold up the weight of the house and prevent it from sinking further. Some types of rock, like granite, are especially strong and can support really heavy loads.

Bedrock and Foundation Repairs

If you notice that your house seems to be sinking or settling, don’t worry. You can call a local contractor for help. They’ll work quickly to make sure your home is safe and strong again. They do this by putting special supports deep into the ground until they reach solid rock. These supports will hold up your house and keep it from sinking any further.

When constructing a building near the water, it’s crucial to ensure that the structure is well-supported. To achieve this, we test the pier to determine how much weight it can handle and how deep it needs to be dug. We also consider the weight of the building and the type of soil underneath. Once we have all this information, we use hydraulic lifts to gently raise the house off the ground. This helps to avoid any instability caused by the soil. By doing this, the weight of the house is evenly distributed and supported by strong bedrock columns.

This sounds like quite a process!

It’s crucial to have a sturdy foundation for your home, but it can be a complicated task. Luckily, Pierman Foundation Repair has professionals who can help make sure your home is safe and level. They can install foundation piers to provide the support your home needs.

Is your family home in need of some serious improvements? We’re here to help! You can reach us at (580) 453-0330 to schedule an evaluation of your foundation. Our team of experts will check out the condition of your structure and suggest the best way to fix or replace it. Let’s take the first step towards a safer and more secure home for you and your family.

Feel free to visit our website for more information about the services we provide and how they surpass the competition.

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“Best Crawl Space Repair Company in Ada, OK”

Top Rated Local Crawl Space / Foundation Repair Services Professionals

Pontotoc County: Ada, , , , , OK

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What Is Rock Strata And How Is It Beneficial For My Home’s Foundation? | PIERMAN