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Laser Printer Resource Profiles the Xerox Corporation

What is Xerox?
Xerox is document technology and services. They are a company with the roots in innovation and a future in environment and sustainability, leading the world in business processing and document management.

Humble Beginnings
As a photography paper and equipment business, Xerox trace its history back to the Haloid Company that was established in 1906. With the invention of electro photography in 1938, or xerography as it was later called, the Haloid Company saw a future in the technology and changed its name to Haloid Xerox Inc. on April 16, 1958, revealing the company’s shift of focus. Over the years, through improved technologies and joint ventures with Rank Organisation (UK) and Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd, Haloid Xerox Inc. once again changed its name on April 18, 1961 to become the Xerox Corporation.

As of 2010, Xerox Corporation has 130,000 employees, over 9000 patents. They lead the world in document technology. They offer an array of products for your home and/or office; Multifunction printers that copy, print, scan and fax, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Disc Duplicators, Software to better organize your documents with improved security, and Supplies such as paper and toner. Whatever size your business is, Xerox offers Production Equipment with the latest technologies in digital printing. The Xerox Corporation also has Business Services to help you manage your documents, reduce spending and increase efficiency, strengthening your real business.

Xerox had an interest in their environment before going green was a trend. In 1969, Xerox’s dedication to sustainability began with the introduction of their first Energy Saving Copiers. Committed to protecting the environment, Xerox continues to eliminate the use of heavy metals and toxic materials from their product supply chain, redesigning products to minimize waste, recycling and incorporating recycled materials. Reducing their carbon footprint, Xerox offers energy efficient solutions in their factories and products to ensure cleaner air and waters for tomorrow.

Xerox Mission Statement
“Through the world’s leading technology and services in business process and document management, we’re at the heart of enterprises small to large, giving our clients the freedom to focus on what matters most: their real business.”

Throughout the years, the Xerox Corporation has had many changes, but one thing that hasn’t change is their core values. By delivering excellence in quality, valuing their employees and satisfying their customers, Xerox succeeds.

Laser Printer Resource
Like Xerox, Laser Printer Resource takes pride in providing quality service repair, maintenance and products while doing our part in protecting our environment, as well as giving you information you can use. We are in Northern California, Bay Area, Walnut Creek. Learn more about our products and services, give us a call an
d we’ll be glad to be of service. (877) 933-3366

Laser Printer’s History

A couple of important people…
1938. Chester Carlson invented and patented a process of dry printing called electro photography, which he later renamed xerography.By using static electricity to transfer dry ink, or toner, onto a sheet of paper, a photocopy, or Xerox, is produced. In 1946, the Haloid Company, which is now the Xerox Corporation, took interest in Carlson’s invention, and by 1949, the first Xerox photocopier machines were brought to market.

1962. In the General Electric laboratories, Robert Hall invented the semiconductor injection laser. Semiconductor injection lasers are the most common type of laser used today. They are small, inexpensive and used in many common items such as in cd players, supermarket bar code readers, and laser pointers.

Concepts Collide…
In 1969, a researcher for Xerox, Gary Starkweather, created the first laser printer by modifying a Xerox photocopier with a semiconductor injection laser. By 1976, the laser printer became commercially available by Xerox.

In the 80’s, as personal computers increasingly became popular, people wanted a printer that would provide higher quality graphics and text that they could use at home. Hewlett Packard met this demand with a laser printer that could print a page in about 7.5 seconds. Made from a Canon engine on HP software, their laser printers was smaller, cheaper, and easier to use at the home or office, however, they were still very heavy and cost thousands of dollars. HP also redesigned the toner cartridge to be disposable and easily replace by the user. This sparked the recycled and compatible toner industry. With growing concerns of non-biodegradable materials in the landfills, companies started manufacturing recycled, refurbished or compatible toner cartridges.

In the 90’s, color laser printers began to make a scene. Good quality color prints were not often seen in homes and offices, but as the technology progressed and laser printer popularity rose, color laser printers, although very expensive, were now commercially available. Monochrome laser printer prices also began to drop as other companies like Apple and IBM added to the competition of laser printer advancement. In 1990, HP introduced a laser printer that retail a ground breaking low of $1000.

It is now 2010, and laser printers continue to progress, meeting and surpassing our futuristic ideas.
30 years ago, in the days of light sabers and death rays, the idea of using a laser to print on paper would have sounded like a futuristic idea. With great advances in technology happening every day, we get closer connected to our environment as well as our machines. Some printer companies are also working the government in the efforts to track counterfeiters with nearly invisible tiny yellow dots that can code data such as date, time, serial number, and even the place and/or person who bought the printer. Ecological concerns are pushing printer companies into greener practices and eco-friendly products are more widely available. We are able to network our printers, connect to them from the internet and control them wirelessly.

Laser printer technology has come a long way, and we strive to deliver information as well as quality service you deserve. At Laser Printer Resource we want to help educate you on your products. We are the Bay Area resource for all things printer, fax, toner, ink, repair related. Located in Walnut Creek, with local service to Sacramento to Concord to San Jose, and all around the east bay area, we have technicians that will service anywhere in California.

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