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Laser Printer Industry News | The Green Business Environment

More and more, consumers are concerned about environmentally friendly policies. Almost 20 percent of United States citizens are members of environmental protection groups, and they are willing to pay more for products made according to green policies. In order to maintain a positive image in today’s marketplace, companies now need to factor in not just the price and quality of their products, but how those products are made and can be reused.

One of the most inevitable waste products of any business is old printer toner and ink cartridges. Given that the electronic waste going to landfills is increasing faster than any other kind of waste, businesses need to pay attention to how they are disposing of their printers and printer products.

The environmental benefits of recycling printer cartridges are so substantial that one state has actually mandated it. California’s recycling initiative, the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC), requires government agencies in California to buy compatible or recycled toner cartridges.

However, only certain kinds of printer cartridges can be recycled. Many kinds of ink can be refilled, though toner cartridges used by laser printers are generally the easiest to recycle and the most cost-effective to buy recycled.

A small business might try to cut costs by buying a cheap, low quality printer. As many of us know from bitter experience, these printers often only last for a year before they expire and need to be replaced. Their ink is frequently disposable, rather than recyclable, as well. When printer and ink are used up, they become electronic waste.

By contrast, the average laser printer will last for years and years of high quality printing. Even better, the longer the printer lasts, the better the recycling technology for its particular toner cartridge gets. That is to say, as the laser printer ages, you’re able to buy cheaper and better quality toner for it. With regular printer service and the occasional repair, a laser printer is an excellent investment.

Being able to confidently advertise your company as one that uses long-lasting or recycled office products like laser printers and compatible toner cartridges will draw in environmentally concerned customers. With its high quality printer repair and high quality recycled toner, Laser Printer Resource helps your company join today’s green marketplace.

Laser Printer Tips | How to Save on Printing Costs

Anyone who has ever owned a laser printer knows that the major cost is not the printer itself or the maintenance of the printer: it is the ink and the toner.

Keep up on regular printer maintenance. A printer that is regularly serviced will streak, jam, and ghost much less often. All its worn and dirty parts will be replaced or cleaned, so you won’t waste any valuable toner on redoing print jobs.

Redistribute toner. When a printer comes with an error message indicating that the cartridge will soon need to be replaced, don’t immediately replace it! You can redistribute the ink inside of the cartridge and make it last longer. First, take out the toner cartridge, being careful not to spill any ink on your clothes! Use cold water to wash off any spills, since heat will make ink stick to a surface.

Once you have the cartridge out, shake it gently from side-to-side. This will distribute the toner horizontally. Then, rotate the cartridge slowly in a circle, holding it at either end. When you are done, replace it in the printer. The error message will be gone!

Buy high-quality, service guaranteed toner.
“Defective” sounds so innocent. Many  people picture a defective toner cartridge as an isolated problem, one that can be taken out and easily replaced with no harm done. This is why they buy cheap toner from large corporations or cheap internet dealers.

They realize their mistake when the toner is defective because defective toner is not just defective; frequently, it spews ink in all the directions ink is not intended to go. This ink does not just end up on the paper; it ends up inside your printer, destroying rollers, gears, and fusers. Not only do these parts sometimes need to be replaced, a printer repair technician needs to be called out to clean the printer and to salvage what he can of the ink-soaked parts. Even if a low quality cartridge does not result in a dramatic ink spill, it will often slowly leak ink, resulting in much more wear and tear on your printer.

At Laser Printer Resource, we provide regular maintenance, advice on the most cost-effective printing options, and high quality, service-guaranteed toner. That means that we are so confident of the excellent quality of our toner cartridges that if one of them ever causes your printer a problem, we send out a certified technician for free.

Give us a call today at 877-933-3366 and set yourself up to save money on your printing costs!

Laser Printer Education | Common Abbreviations in the Printing Industry

Not every office has a substantial IT department to cater to the technological needs of an office. Many small businesses make due with a reliable laser printer or two. Even larger companies often find that their IT personnel are occupied with problems other than a jamming or streaking printer.

Thus it happens that whoever encounters the problem with the printer is the lucky person who is designated to have the printer repaired. On the whole, printers are simple, easy to use machines. They are designed to be user-friendly, and frequently a toner change, a quick web search, or some dedicated fiddling will result in a printer being restored to normal function.

Sadly, printers are not always as cooperative as might be wished. Calling Laser Printer Resource will ensure that your printer is cleaned and repaired professionally, and you can make the process more efficient by knowing a little more about your printer.

Printers have model numbers, such as HP 1000, HP 1200, and HP P3015. Knowing your printer’s model will allow us to bring replacement parts to the service call, resulting in a quick repair time. This is especially important when model numbers are not simply numbers. They have other endings, like HP 3300mfp, HP 4050tn, and HP 4350d. These extra letters are commonly used acronyms / abbreviations in printer model numbers; they often indicate that a printer is equipped with extra features.

Reading your printer’s model number may even result in a pleasant surprise; you might find out that your printer can do more than you ever expected!

Please enjoy this list of common abbreviations in the printing industry:

aio = All-in-one

xm = Duplex, Extra tray, Network and Mailbox
d = Duplex (allows the printer to automatically print on both sides of the paper)
dt = Duplex and Extra Tray
dn = Duplex and Network
dtn = Duplex, Extra Tray and Network (Now “x”)
x = Duplex, Extra Tray and Network (Formerly dtn)
xh = Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Hard Disk
xs = Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Stacker
xsk = Duplex, extra tray, network and stapler/stacker
t = Extra Tray
f = Fax
h = Hard Disk
i = Imaging (Card Slots)
m = Mailbox
n = Network (allows the printer to be on a network)
s = Stacker
sk = Stapler and Stacker
tn = Tray and Networking
wf = Wi Fi
nw = Wireless Network

FAQs | The Laser Printer Resource Experience

Your printer starts groaning, squeaking, or clicking. The dreaded paper jam light turns on. You print out an all-important document only to see your printer decided to ghost or streak all over your hard work. None of these are ideal situations, but all of them have one easy solution: a phone call to Laser Printer Resource. You know that calling us will end with a cleaned and repaired printer, but do you know exactly what will happen during the call?

You will hear the cheerful voice of a live person, either Andrew Halperin, the owner of Laser Printer Resource, or Sadie Sloan, our customer service representative. No annoying music or recorded options. Yes, that’s right. You get to talk live to a real person.

One of the first questions we will ask you is: What is the make (the manufacturer) and model of your printer? These are some of the most popular models, which look something like this:

Monochrome Laser Printers:

· HP 1000, HP 1200, HP 3300mfp, HP 4000 / 4050, HP P1606dn, P3015d

· Lexmark E460dn

· Dell 5230dn, Dell 3330dn

· Xerox Phaser 4510N, Xerox Phaser 3250DN

Color Laser Printers:

· Dell 5130cdn, Dell 3130cn

· HP CP4025dn Printer, CP2025n

· Lexmark C734dn, Lexmark C780n

· Xerox Phaser 7500

After obtaining that information we will identify the problem that is occurring, and then we will help you resolve the issue over the phone or send out a certified technician who will happily rectify the problem for you that day or the next business day.

Laser Printer Tips | Basic Printer Repairs

Laser Printer Resource is pleased to devote today’s blog entry to printer repair. Last week we talked about the time and cost benefits of keeping your printer functioning through regular maintenance. This week we will talk about common problems and basic printer repairs.

Imagine. You’re all ready to print out a much needed action memo or the last minute report for the big meeting that afternoon. You hit print without a thought, confident that your printer will seamlessly go to work, and then it happens: squeaking, groaning, and a flashing light. You swear under your breath, knowing that that meeting might not go as smoothly as you thought.

While it may seem like a tragic event to you, at Laser Printer Resource printer repair is a major part of a typical day.

You might think that by purchasing a high quality printer such as a Lexmark, Cannon, Epson, Samsung, Toshiba, or Hewlett-Packard that you can avoid the dreaded printer repairs. Sadly, you are mistaken. Printer repair and service go hand and hand with printer ownership. Let me explain why.

Printers, especially laser printers, have a hard life. Their existence is defined by the same repetitive motions over and over the same parts: their rollers. The rollers grip the paper and move it smoothly through your printer. That is, until the rollers are worn so smooth and hard that they begin to squeak and groan – a precursor to paper pick-up errors and paper jams. The good news is that most rollers are inexpensive and readily available in the kits of our certified technicians.

With repairs being inevitable, you might think it is a good idea to save money by purchasing cheap or low quality remanufactured (recycled) toner. After all, if the toner turns out to be defective, it did not cost that much anyway. But there are hidden costs to using low quality toner. Cheaply made compatible toner cartridges often leak, slowly but insidiously, into the rollers.

When your documents print out with a gray afterimage, “ghosting,” or are streaked with black lines, the toner cartridge is often at fault, and it’s time to call for a printer repair technician; the money you thought saved on cheap toner has just disappeared into an expensive service call.

However, at Laser Printer Resource, we guarantee our toner. We are so confident of its quality that we will not only replace and ship any problematic compatible cartridges free of charge, we will provide a FREE service call and cleaning if our recycled toner has caused any printer malfunctions. We are committed to high quality products and excellent customer service at Laser Printer Resource.

Last week we addressed all the benefits of consistently scheduling routine printer maintenance to avoid costly printer repairs. At Laser Printer Resource we understand that for some that ship had already sailed, and that is why we are pleased to be able to offer cost effective, high quality printer repair by certified technicians in addition to printer maintenance and a wide selection of high quality, guaranteed ink and toner cartridges.


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