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Glastonbury, CT – We Offer Custom Commercial Vehicle Wraps for Local Markets

BY: Greg Ghezzi, G-Force Signs & Graphics

Vehicle Wraps

Looking for a vehicle wrap designer for your business?

Look no further than G-Force Signs & Graphics!

Custom vehicle wraps are a unique form of advertising that help you reach a wider audience. They help generate more impressions than any other outdoor signage solution you can think of. They’ll keep promoting your brand wherever you take your fleet. This, however, doesn’t mean they need to stay in motion to be able to advertise. Park your vehicle outside a crowded shopping mall or someplace downtown and it will keep delivering its function.

The key to making a lasting impression with custom vehicle wraps is to hire the right signage company. If you’re unsure about which signage company to hire, study this vehicle wraps project delivered by G-Force Signs & Graphics. It should help you make an informed decision.

About Highland Park Market

The story of Highland Park Market began in 1886 when William White launched a general store with an aim to provide the local community with dry and fancy goods. After almost a century, the store was expanded to areas in Farmington and Glastonbury in 1985.

Today, it offers a wide variety of fresh gourmet bakery, deli, meat, and grocery products. All its stores carry on the same dedication to community service and product quality. Every time a new outlet was opened, the store immersed itself into the new community and was embraced by a welcoming customer base.

Custom Vehicle Wraps for Highland Park Market


Highland Park Market’s previous van focused on the catering aspect of the company and included a different color scheme.

Highland Park Market has worked with in the past and was glad it took this decision. After their wonderful experience on the last project, it connected with us again for a second vehicle wrap, this time more confidently. They wanted to advertise an additional aspect of their business, while sticking to the same previous look and adding some unique, colorful content.

The vehicle was a refrigerated cargo van used for transportation of goods from time to time. They wanted us to cover ¾ portion of the sides, plus the back.

The most important update was an addition of a high-quality graphic of one of the product lines of the company. This was different from their previous van, as the earlier design did not include photo imagery. While both designs draw attention, the imagery on the recent van certainly stands out.

The choice to use different designs was intentional. These vans travel in the same geographical area. Having two designs essentially creates two different traveling billboards for the company while maintaining the same brand identity.

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After going through our Highland Park Market project, you are likely to have understood what we are capable of delivering. For eye-catching custom vehicle graphics, get in touch today!

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We will further guide you and provide you with a free quote as well. Our team can also drop by your business facility to get a better idea of what type of signage would best suit your interests. Our philosophy lies in customer satisfaction and we make sure we deliver on this promise with every project.

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“Best Sign Company in South Windsor, CT”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Hartford County: South Windsor, Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Glastonbury, CT


“Best Sign Company in South Windsor, CT”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Hartford County: South Windsor, Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Glastonbury, CT

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Glastonbury, CT – We Offer Custom Commercial Vehicle Wraps for Local Markets