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Pete Jackson

Sign Distinction

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13230 Evening Creek Drive South, #218,
San Diego, CA 92128, USA

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13230 Evening Creek Drive South, #218,
San Diego, CA 92128, USA


At Sign Distinction, we produce your signage to have the greatest impact, not just blindly print or fabricate something without thought. We consider all the elements…
Distinctively Green. When it came to making selections on our printer, it was easy for us. The HP Designjet Latex printer is cutting edge. It has software that has u…
We named our company, Sign Distinction because it was our goal from the beginning to distinguish ourselves from other sign companies. You might be thinking, "yeah…
Imagine you have a huge event to get ready for with just weeks to showtime and ... you heard the President of the United States will be in attendance. Well, that w…
So, you have up your exterior sign and your lobby sign- a must for identifying, branding and direction for your business. But what comes after your lobby sign? Mos…


BIO: Sign Distinction is a custom sign shop in San Diego, CA. We make all kinds of signs for every business!