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Houston, TX – The Importance of Proper E-Waste Disposal in Your Business

In today’s technological world, it’s no longer simply paper and paper products that should be considered for recycling. With an ever-changing technology market, more and more businesses upgrade technology often. But what can be done with old technology? It doesn’t just have to sit in landfills. Recycling e-waste is just as important as other office recyc…

Houston, TX – The Many Benefits of Clean Stream Recycling in Your Workplace

Clean stream recycling programs are programs that have separate bins for recycling instead of just one bin for all types of recycling. There are many benefits behind a clean stream recycling program that can’t be ignored. Here are some of the top reasons to consider a clean stream recycling plan when implementing an office recycling program. Quality of Recy…

Houston, TX – The Most Eco-Friendly Lunch Containers for Lunchtime at the Office

Office recycling can mean utilizing containers and recycling supplies. But it can also mean adjusting normal office activities to look differently. For instance, instead of having disposable coffee cups for employees when they take their morning coffee break, encourage them to bring coffee mugs from home to keep at the office and wash daily. Another way…

Houston, TX – Go Green with These Simple Office & Commercial Recycling Ideas

Every year, the goal of many businesses is to find ways to reduce office waste and go green. It can seem like a daunting task, but small steps play a large role in leading companies into the future of going green. Consider these few easy starting points for promoting office recycling and working towards a greener, brighter future. Conserve Energy Saving en…

Houston, TX – The Top Commercial Recycling Trends We See Taking Over in 2022

With technology in today’s world, things always seem to be changing. Recycling is no different. These ever-changing recycling trends seem to be the future of office recycling in 2022. Technology Improves Efficiency Recycling has always been complicated in that it requires sorting into different types of materials. But recycling facilities can improve effic…

Houston, TX – Follow This Office Checklist for Commercial Recycling Efficiency

With so many things to pack into a workday, it can be easy to forget about the office recycling program. But by following this checklist for efficiency, the office recycling program can thrive. Appoint an Eco Ambassador The most important step for a recycling program to work is to first appoint someone to head up the program. This person should have a pas…

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BIO: MISSION RECYCLE is a residential and commercial / office recycling company, serving the greater Houston, TX area. As a native Houstonian with family roots in the city dating back to the 1910’s, Eric Coan has a special appreciation for Houston and its rich history.