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Houston, TX – How Businesses Can Do Their Part to Reduce Plastic Waste

It’s no secret that waste and pollution are deep in every part of our world. The oceans themselves are filled with waste, specifically plastic. Not only is this harmful to the animals that live there, but it can also impact our world long term. Businesses have a part to play in reducing plastic waste to improve our world for future generations. Use Less Pl…

Houston, TX – The Top Three Questions To Ask Your Waste Hauler About Recycling

A recycling pickup company may not make you aware of any mistakes you are making in your office recycling program until you receive your monthly bill. Recycling is different across the country, and this includes the rules for what each recycling pickup company will and won’t accept. Things may even change from year to year based on the waste industry. It…

Houston, TX – Reducing Plastic Packaging Can Help to Reduce Office Waste

A drastically large amount of plastic waste is generated every year. Sadly, only about 10 percent of all plastic waste is recyclable. Look around and you'll see plastic everywhere, on the sides of roads, in landfills, and filling up oceans. Any way to reduce plastic packaging is a win both for the workplace and the world. These tips can help reduce offic…

Houston, TX – 4 Reasons For Small Businesses to Start Office Recycling Programs

Office recycling may be a program that small businesses have considered starting, but compared to many other projects, it may not seem as pressing as other matters. Maybe office recycling can seem like one more task to add to the list, or it can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Implementing office recycling can actually be very beneficial fo…

Houston, TX – Commercial Recycling Tips for Breaking Down Cardboard Recycling

In the United States, approximately 80% of products sold are packaged in cardboard. But sadly, 859 million tons of cardboard and paper are thrown into landfills each year. If you are a business owner, then you also probably generate a lot of cardboard waste each year. If your office cardboard goes into the landfill instead of into an office recycling program…

Houston, TX – All You Need to Know About Commercial Aluminum Foil Recycling

Aluminum is everywhere when it comes to food. Employees bring aluminum in their lunchboxes, and aluminum can also be used for packing up takeout food. Luckily, this material is a very recyclable material. In fact, aluminum can be recycled in many ways and up to 75% of aluminum products are recycled in some way. Keep these tips in mind for aluminum when i…

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BIO: MISSION RECYCLE is a residential and commercial / office recycling company, serving the greater Houston, TX area. As a native Houstonian with family roots in the city dating back to the 1910’s, Eric Coan has a special appreciation for Houston and its rich history.