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Houston, TX – A Guide To LED Floodlighting in Residential and Commercial Uses

When it comes to LED lighting for outdoor spaces, floodlighting can be one of the better options. Floodlighting is most often used in large areas like parking lots or stadiums, so its lighting capacity and efficiency must be high for security purposes. This is why it’s best to opt for LED lighting installation to be able to meet the lighting needs and provid…

Houston, TX – 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Switch from Fluorescent to LED Lighting

There is a long list of reasons why LED lights are quickly becoming the preferred lighting option. LED lights are more cost-efficient, longer-lasting, and more economical in the long run. For many, making the switch to LED lighting is the common sense option, but navigating the how can be more difficult. Consider these 3 cost-effective ways to switch from fl…

Houston, TX – What You Need to Know About LED Grow Lights for Plants and Produce

Grow lights are multifunctional lights that are great for providing light for any type of plant you may want to grow. Indoor plant growing is an option all year round with high-quality LED grow lights. Easy installation and adequate lighting make these lights ideal for all types of plants. Grow Lights for All Plants Any and all plants can benefit from…

Houston, TX – How the Pros Tackle Troubleshooting Flickering LED Lights

LED lights have become a popular lighting choice over the recent years. Their cost efficiency and long-lasting output make them a popular choice in the lighting market, especially for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and other operations that have a lot of lighting needs. With LED lights becoming ever more popular, it would seem that the days of fli…

Houston, TX – Commercial LED Lighting in Your Restaurant, Café, or Coffee Shop

A great dining experience is aided by the right lighting. Successful restaurants are careful to pay attention to ambience, including lighting. A welcoming environment is key to attracting customers. Keep in mind these lighting tips when considering LED light installation in restaurants. Kitchen Lighting Kitchen staff, including cooks and waiters, need a…

US LED: LED Lighting in Educational Spaces

Across the country, schools are making commitments to provide more environmentally friendly educational spaces. US LED is a supplier of LED lighting for commercial and industrial use in a variety of contexts, including educational campuses and facilities. Making the switch to LED lighting has a number of benefits, including cost savings and greater energy ef…

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BIO: US LED, INC. is a professional LED lighting company headquartered in Houston, TX, and serving the greater United States of America. When US LED was founded in 2001, LED technology was just gaining momentum. After capitalizing on our history in signage lighting, around 2009 US LED shifted focus expanding our LED product portfolio even further.