Are you aware of the benefits of plumbing insulation? Let’s find out.

Whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, plumbing insulation is of utmost importance because it is one of the best ways to protect your pipes. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the benefits of plumbing insulation for hot and cold pipes. In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some of the many benefits of plumbing insulation.Condensation

Service Team of Professionals (STOP) always recommends consulting with a licensed plumber for plumbing concerns.

Prevents Pipe Freezing and Bursts

During the frigid winter months, pipes tend to freeze, which increases the pressure inside them. When the pipes fail to handle the pressure, they tend to burst. Not only is a burst pipe messy, but it is also quite expensive to deal with due to the water damage. Pipe insulation protects your pipes from freezing and bursting, thus saving you a lot of time and money. If the winters haven’t been very cold for the past few years, it doesn’t mean that they will never be.You might experience a record breaking drop in temperature, and therefore, it is better to be prepared.

Deals With Heat Loss Problems

In houses with old plumbing systems, a majority of hot water pipes tend to travel through the basement, which isn’t perfectly heated. Furthermore, if you have a larger pipe, the water may just lose all of its warmth by the time it reaches your faucet. Such a situation shouldn’t be unusual if you have metal pipes. Metal pipes tend to transfer thermal energy at a rapid pace. Insulation tends to hold the heat around the pipes, thus minimizing heat loss. With insulated pipes, not only do you get to use hot water, but you also get to save a lot of money, which otherwise would be spent on heating.

Compliant With Building Codes

A lot of buildings in the US use the International Energy Conservation Code. According to this code, plumbing insulation is mandatory in certain instances. For example, while not every pipe will have to be insulated, you still have to insulate the pipe that bridges the gap between the heater and the water faucet. By insulating all of the necessary pipes, you will protect yourself from legal trouble while keeping the plumbing safe and functional. STOP Metrowest leaves the plumbing to licensed professional plumbers.

Minimizes Condensation Drips

Leaky and dripping roofs can be extremely annoying. In most houses, the pipes are running at the base of the basement ceiling. The change in temperature can make the condensation from the pipes drip. This is where plumbing insulation can be a game-changer, as it minimizes the contrast in temperature.Condensation can cause the pipes to corrode. If the pipes corrode, they need to be replaced immediately, or you might face water damage.

Water damage restoration can cost you differently depending on a number of factors involved. Prevention is key to helping avoid pipes bursting and flooding the basement or any part of the building. For personal safety and building safety, water damage restoration is best left to professionals like STOP.

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