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by: Teresa Royer

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Framingham MA – Fire Damage Prevention – Know the Types of Extinguishers

Fire Damage Prevention

Fire extinguishers are a must for businesses and homes. Not only do fire extinguishers keep your mind at peace when you and/or a loved one are using fire, they can put out the fire before it spreads. Fire has been classified into five types: A, B, C, D, and K. Identifying the type of fire will help you choose which extinguisher will aid you. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy multiple fire extinguishers. Modern fire extinguishers are capable of extinguishing more than one type of fire. To see what type of fire extinguisher you have, look for the five types -A, B, C, D, and K- or a combination of them. When you see a combination, it means that fire extinguisher is capable of extinguishing all of those letters. 

Types of Fires and Fire Extinguishers

Class A. Flammable common materials such as paper, wood, cloth and so forth. 

Class B. Flammable oils and gasses such as gasoline, oil based paints, and so forth.

Class C.  Electrics such as electric wiring and outlets. 

Class D. Flammable metals. 

Class K. Flammable cooking oil and grease. 

Parts of a Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher was made to be easy to handle and understand. Let’s go over the some of the basic parts. 

Body. The body of the fire extinguisher is cylindrical, bright red, and has both instructions and information of what type of fire extinguisher it is on the side. 

Operating Handle. The operating handle has two levers that, when squeezed together, release the fluid from the tank. 

Tamper Seal. The tamper seal is important. It lets you know that the fire extinguisher has fluid in it and has not been tampered with. Not only that, the tamper seal has a date on it that lets you know when it was last inspected. 

Pull Pin. The Pull Pin is close to the handle and when pulled, it allows the handle to be squeezed. It is another defense to make sure the handle is not accidentally squeezed. 

Hose. The hose is the tube that allows you to direct where the fluid goes. It hooks onto the side of the body of the fire extinguisher. 

Pressure Gauge. The pressure gauge makes sure that the pressure of the fire extinguisher is safe and operable. 

PASS: The Fire Extinguisher Acronym 

The acronym “PASS” is a great way to remember how to operate a fire extinguisher. 

Pull the pin (do not worry about the tamper seal. It should break off when you pull)

Aim the nozzle at the fire

Squeeze the operating handle 

Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the fire

Fire Extinguisher Upkeep

Everything needs upkeep and so does a fire extinguisher. 

  • They should be placed in an easily accessible area and nothing should be hindering your access to it. 
  • It should be gently wiped down every once in a while so that it doesn’t have too much residue, dirt, and dust on it. 
  • Have it serviced annually or every few years to ensure that it is still functional and efficient. Instructions on how to service it for that specific extinguisher should be located on the extinguisher itself. 
  • If the tamper seal has been broken or tampered with, take your extinguisher to be serviced or replaced. If it has been tampered with, it means that the fire extinguisher may not work during your time of need.

Fire Damage to Your Home?

Fire damage is no joke. The smoke and soot damage can cause serious health issues and ongoing structural damage if left untreated. Service Team of Professionals (STOP) serving Boston Metrowest can help remove the debris, clean and restore fire and smoke damage in your home or workplace. 

STOP Metrowest is an IICRC Certified Firm – safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority! We provide rapid smoke and soot damage assessment and remediation in Framingham MA or other Metrowest MA communities like Sudbury MA, Holliston MA, and Westborough MA. Call STOP MetroWest at 508-841-3082.

For more information, visit our webpage at STOP Metrowest.







“Best Home Restoration Company in Framingham, MA”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Middlesex County: Framingham, Newton, Holliston, Southborough, Ashland, MA


“Best Home Restoration Company in Framingham, MA”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Middlesex County: Framingham, Newton, Holliston, Southborough, Ashland, MA




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