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Radnor, PA – Customizable Dimensional Logo and Lobby Signs for your Business

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Foam Cut Logo with vinyl graphics

A professional looking wall sign that displays your company logo in your lobby or reception area makes a statement. Designing the right type of sign with custom materials, dimensions and finishes, make that memorable impact to your customer upon arriving to your business. Paramount Signs is that company that creates, fabricates and installs the perfect sign that meets your goals. For this blog, we will discuss the basic, non-illuminated dimensional lobby sign.

Foam dimensional letters with a metallic face mounted flush to the wall.

The decision on the type of lobby sign to purchase may starts with a consultation with our design team. Understanding your business, the intent behind your logo and the space the sign will be placed will drive your design. Many logos lend themselves to dimensional designs containing routed shapes, letters and carved panels to provide that dimensional appeal. Other logos may have narrow fonts or fine details that do not lend themselves to dimensional designs in which case we design around various types of panel materials with either custom contour cut vinyl graphics or digitally printed graphics mounted on standoffs to still provide that sense of dimensional appeal.

Lobby Sign Materials for Dimensional Components

The wide selection of materials available to create the ideal lobby sign allows us to design the ideal lobby sign that meats your goals.

Acrylic letters combined with vinyl wall graphics to create a custom lobby sign.

 Foam letters and shapes: Custom cut foam letters and shapes allow for a lightweight solution to dimensional letters. This material is available with brushed metal faces, painted and solid color plastic. The foam sides of the letters/shapes creates the appearance of additional depth, almost like a drop shadow.

 Acrylic letters and shapes: Acrylic, a highly durable plastic, is another popular material for dimensional letters and shapes. This material comes in solid colors or can be painted to meet your specific logo requirements.

Metal dimensional letters mounted flush to the wall.

Metal: There are various metal materials utilized when it comes to logo and lobby signage. Some of the popular types includes aluminum, brass and copper with various finishes such as polished, brushed or painted.

PVC and HDU: Typically PVC and HDU are used for carved signs. These materials allows us to create a single panel dimensional sign, typically with a multi-color painted finish.

Choosing the Ideal Lobby Sign Type and Material for Your Logo

Custom Carved sign panel along with a custom acrylic flat panel sign.

If your logo can support the 3D format (and you have the budget for it), a dimensional sign would be the option we would recommend as it provides the maximum impact. Depending on the finish desired, acrylic offers the smoother faces and sides while PVC or foam work very well but do not provide the glass smooth finish that acrylic offers.

Installation and Mounting Options

Foam signs must be flush mounted as the material density will not support threading studs into the back of the letters. Additionally, thin signs or narrow strokes on small letters may not allow for stud mounting. In those situations, we use a heavy duty foam tape and 100% silicone to flush mount the sign components. For thicker, denser materials like PVC, acrylic pin mounting with spacers creates an additional dimension to the sign.

Flat panel sign mounted on standoffs for added dimension.

If you are considering a lobby sign that will create a bold impression for your business, give Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

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“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

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Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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Radnor, PA – Customizable Dimensional Logo and Lobby Signs for your Business