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West Chester, PA – 3 Styles of Signs for Schools to Promote Student Success

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With the Fourth of July in the rearview, and summer underway it is time to look ahead and plan for the fall. Unlike last year, we are now looking at a potentially normal school year with children back in the classrooms. As schools prepare for reopening their facilities, it’s a great time to freshen things up and create a welcoming environment that is stimulating and warm. A lot of effort has gone into cleaning and sanitizing up to this point and will be an ongoing process. While sanitation will remain paramount in schools for the foreseeable future, we don’t want school to feel clinical. Through thoughtful interior décor and signage you can create a clean and calming environment to aid with students return to the classroom.

We have curated a selection of 3 sign and interior décor items we can provide for your local schools that will aid in cleanliness, serenity and learning!

  1. Health and Safety Signs

When it comes to keeping students safe reminders are always a good idea. Regardless of a student’s age, presenting sanitation facts in obvious and simplistic ways helps ensure that the guidelines are followed. This is especially necessary when it comes to younger children. Everything from hand washing reminders, quirky hand washing tips/tricks/times, social distancing reminders, and reminders not to touch their faces are options for useful signage. These signs can be customized, created with branding and school colors all while fitting the school demographic.

  1. Directional Signage

For some students going back to school this fall is going to be extremely stressful as they have been gone for so long. Additionally, for those students changing buildings or transferring into the school may find that navigating the new environment confusing and distressing. We can help! Adding simplistic directional signage around the school will help students old and new navigate the facility with ease. In addition to the traditional room number and teacher name signs, you can add hall names and labels to help students know which hall they are in. Everything from simple names and arrows (Cafeteria –>) to more complex signs allowing for students to find the nearest bathroom, the correct wing of the school or the elective classrooms. Additionally, including simple wall maps with a “you are here” with the major categories can greatly help students, parents and faculty navigate a facility. Directional signage can also be implemented outside the building for parking, pickup lines, emergencies, recess etc.

  1. Vinyl Wall Graphics and Murals

Using the wall space inside your facility to create a warm and calming environment allows for those within to feel the same. There have been many studies done around the calming effect of real plants and well as photographs of natural scenes. As we bring back students into the educational environment after a year of back and forth, there is not a better time to add this visual into your facility. Everything from full wall murals of nature and the outdoors in places like the library, mascot and slogans in a mural in the gym and cafeteria or colorful decals and inspirational quotes can greatly improve the interior of a school. Vinyl graphics are easy to clean, they are flat to the wall so they are unobtrusive and they can be made as large or small as your space allows!

As we plan to resume in person schooling this fall it is time to start the process of upgrading the interior spaces within your school buildings. Here at Paramount Signs we will work with you to create a calming and functional school environment to allow students to thrive!

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“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

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Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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West Chester, PA – 3 Styles of Signs for Schools to Promote Student Success