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West Chester, PA – Elevate your Business with Custom, Removable Window Graphics

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Exterior Window Graphic our team printed and cut in our shop on an opaque vinyl.

When it comes to getting your business noticed and promoting products and services the options are truly endless! Between traditional signage, vehicle graphics, overall branding efforts and vinyl graphics there is something for every business! In addition to traditional options, using signage materials as a means to create a branded interior allows for stimulated creativity while impressing customers and allowing for increased privacy.

Cut white plot vinyl graphics to provide instruction.

One of the most overlooked areas in a business’s branding effort is the glass space available. Whether it’s the exterior glass or interior glass, there are many opportunities to maximize that empty space. Window graphics, along with window wraps and door wraps, are a great way to visually enhance the blank and empty space created by windows and doors. The best part is window graphics can be easily removed and the glass cleaned. This makes utilizing glass surfaces a great option for building owners and renters alike!

Cut frost logo graphics for the doors of a school.

Use window graphics to welcome fans and customers to your facility on exterior doors, ticketing windows, interior glass, and more. Transform your storefront or promote specific products and promotions with retail window graphics. Create interests to your interior office space with vivid images or custom cut frost for your empty windows. Provide privacy spaces by adding frost to your office or conference room glass partitions which still allows the outside light into the space.

Frosted vinyl cut into a custom pattern combined with two different translucent vinyl’s to create a bold, branded conference room.

The options for window graphics, window wraps, and door wraps are truly endless and are an easy way to make a big impact at your facility.

Four Types of Window Graphics That You Can Choose From

Window perf graphics on panels entering a gym.

Perforated Window Graphics: Perforated window graphics allow for full printed graphics on the outside while still having the ability to see out from the inside. From the inside, it looks like you are looking through a screen, and from the outside – customers see the full color graphics. There are several options with perforated material which allows you to select the amount of light that can come through as well as provide different levels of vibrancy. There are also different levels of permanence available depending on the desired longevity!

Opaque printed graphic with full color logo and cut lettering.

Full block out window graphics: This lower cost option  will completely block out the light. The inside of the graphic is typically white or grey depending on the material used. The outside is a full print which produces a higher quality image relative to the perf because there are no holes to interrupt the image. Block out graphics are also excellent for windows that have an obstruction on the other side (false walls, material racking etc), These are also great for areas that are going through interior renovations by covering windows during renovation and possible displaying a rendition of what is coming in that space when it opens. When it comes to full coverage graphics there are different materials available to allow for easily removable graphics as well as materials meant to last for the long term.

Frost panels with cut out elements creating privacy and branding.

Custom contour cut window graphics: This can include graphics such as logos and lettering. You will see that white is the most common color for lettering because windows are typically treated as a black canvas. Other colors may not provide the contrast needed for legibility or can possibly get lost in the background colors inside the space. You will see this also used for hours of operation and instructional  elements such as “Pull to open” etc.

Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics:  Etched and frosted vinyl graphics are very effective at creating an upscale appearance in an office environment. Conference room glass and office glass walls appear sandblasted or mechanically etched but the cost of the frosted vinyl is much less than actual etched or blasted glass. This option can also be custom cut into lettering, shapes, logos and full coverage.

When considering how to maximize your window space, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

Remember “getting you noticed is Paramount”

“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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West Chester, PA – Elevate your Business with Custom, Removable Window Graphics