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Radnor, PA – Help Students And Staff Feel Safe with Safety Signs for Schools

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Back to school during pandemic means something different than what we could have ever expected..

Help Students And Staff Feel Safe As They Come Back To School.

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted the lives of students, teachers and education workers. As we shift back to in-person education the need for signage has never been greater.

When it comes to signs for schools there are many different types. Everything from the letters displaying the school name on the building to the monument sign by the street with announcements has an important role.

Between masks and social distancing measures, there are a lot of regulations to expect kids to remember without reminders.

Transitions are challenging, make it as streamlined as possible with updated signage!

While maintaining social distancing in schools as well as effective and recommended hygiene practices, it is a challenging task to communicate the new normal. Effective reminders at every step with social distancing school signs help curb the spread of the virus as well as other communicable diseases. Signs remind and educate students and staff to remain mindful of the absolute necessity of social distancing in classes, corridors, locker area, cafeteria, gym and more.

Cartoon health and safety signs are a great way to remind kids to stay safe. The use of bright colors and emojis relates to children and makes them more likely to notice the signs.

There are a lot of options available online with low cost offerings that are mass produced. But there is a lot more to creating signs, imaging and messaging that particularly fits your environment.

  • Encourage students:
    • Incorporating elements associated with your local environment helps retention during the learning process. These points might differ from institution to institution and will impact the effectiveness of your messaging. Even if you are running an alternative education institution or teaching your children at home, many of the following tips will help you too!
  • Color and mood
    • We all know that kids love colorful things and that color undoubtedly livens up a room. But what is the best way to use colors in your classroom and school signs? Signs are an excellent way for educators to bring a pop of color into the classrooms. Using bright shades undoubtedly helps to draw attention to the poster. So it is a good idea to use plenty of colors in the critical ones.
  • Importance of graphics
    • Pictures are one of those topics that will always pop up when you are talking about signs. But it is even more significant when you are designing anything for children. Many students are visual learners. Seeing a portrayal of life cycles in pictures will probably make it easier to understand and remember than just reading and hearing about it.
  • Intelligent interaction

Social distancing signs using cartoon children helps provide a visual reminder to stay safely appart.

One of the best ways to form connections in the brain is through interacting with it.        Your students will remember the work much better if they engage with it in a hands-on way. Here are just a few ways to incorporate these elements into the design:

  • Leave spaces or gaps on the sign where students “fill in” information
  • Design signage where you move around pieces to mix and match.
  • Make boards that they draw on.
  • Create multiple posters that students arrange in different orders.

There are many aspects to signage and graphics that enhance the educational environment as well as the learning experience. That is why it is beneficial to work with your local sign company like Paramount Signs where we partner with you to collectively utilize each others expertise to create a sign and graphics package that best fits your environment, goals and objectives. From safety and compliance signs to enhancing the educational environment with graphics and learning aids, Paramount Signs is your partner for improving your educatoinal facility.


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

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Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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Radnor, PA – Help Students And Staff Feel Safe with Safety Signs for Schools