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West Chester, PA – Window Graphics: Application Styles, Types and Popular Uses

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Frosted vinyl panels cut and applied second surface.

Window graphics are an excellent way to maximize your available space to promote, inform and decorate your place of business. Applying images and text to your storefront window and glass front doors effectively presents your business, products and services or seasonal promotions to potential customers and passers-by. Both exterior and interior vinyl window graphics are popular. Retail window graphics have been used for years to successfully announce upcoming sales or feature special events. Typically, they are made from a type of film that adheres to glass and can be removed without damaging the glass. Window graphics come in a variety of different types, styles and sizes.

Logo, contact information and business hours in opaque cut white vinyl applied first surface.

We custom design our glass decals, window graphics and etched-glass vinyl graphics, vinyl window murals and frosted vinyl graphics to meet your specific requirements. Even interior window graphics are suitable for decorative purposes or add an element of privacy to office or conference room windows. There is a wide variety of applications for window graphics. Some of the options are shown below.

First and second surface specifications will determine where your graphic shows up:

First surface: First surface window graphics are applied to the exterior side of the window and face outside of the building.

Second surface: Second surface window graphics are applied on the interior side of the window so that they are readable from the opposite side of the glass. While first surface graphics are printed on the front of the material, second surface graphics are printed on the backside. They’re also reverse-printed, so images and text always face the correct way when the graphic is applied to the glass.

Printed and contour cut graphic printed on clear and applied second surface with white vinyl backer.

Types of Window Graphics

Transparent graphics-Transparent window graphics consist of printed graphics on a clear vinyl, this creates see-through negative space. When applied to a window, only the colored portion of the graphic is visible. The rest of the graphic blends in with the glass.

Translucent vinyl and custom cut frost vinyl creating a branded privacy graphic while allowing for light to pass through.

Translucent graphics– Similar to transparent graphics, translucent graphics allow light to pass through the graphic, as such they are designed to be backlit. Whether you use electronic illumination or rely on exterior natural light, this type graphic can really “pop” when illuminated.

Frosted vinyl– Frosted vinyl creates an etched glass look. This material can be custom cut in any shape or applied to cover the complete window providing privacy while allowing exterior light to come through.

Perforated vinyl applied first surface to an interior passage in a gym.

Perforated graphics– Perforated vinyl is self adhesive medium with tiny holes allowing for one way visibility. They block visibility looking in while allowing those within a space to see out. It also allows exterior lighting in so that the graphic does not completely darken the interior.

Full color printed opaque graphic applied first surface on exterior glass window.

Opaque (printed) graphics– Opaque graphics do not allow light to pass through. The graphics and text are printed on the front of the film while the back of the film remains grey or white depending on the material used.

Opaque cut white graphics applied first surface.

Opaque (cut) graphics – While printing is popular when it comes to multicolored logos, for simple information like business hours or single colored logos, colored vinyl may be an option. Utilizing colored vinyl allows for the reverse of the graphic to be the same color as the graphic itself. Cut vinyl comes in a wide array of colors and widths allowing for simple single color (or layered multi-colored) graphics!

Popular Uses for Window Graphics

  • Branding on exterior doors and windows
  • Promoting business hours/contact info on exterior doors
  • Providing interior and exterior privacy
  • Adding color to a space
  • Adding signage to drive awareness without damaging/drilling into façade

The possibilities for branding, privacy and promotion are endless when it comes to window graphics! Materials can be mixed and matched to allow for a custom creation! From a large selection of cut vinyl, This is really touching the surface of the possibilities with window graphics. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities for your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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West Chester, PA – Window Graphics: Application Styles, Types and Popular Uses