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West Chester, PA – Gym Signs: From Branding to Custom Health and Safety Signage

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Throughout 2020, gyms and fitness centers have been a debated and constantly adapted entity in the United States. As organizations that make money on memberships and high traffic within their buildings, it is no surprise that there have been pushes for them to open from both the business and consumer side, but also push back due to health concerns.

With the onset of the green phase in PA masks, sanitation stations, hand washing and social distancing have become the norm in public places. With these increased restrictions and safety precautions the need for health and safety signs within gyms has skyrocketed!

What are Health and Safety Signs?

Health and safety signage helps to facilitate education and provides visual reminders to staff and visitors in your workplace. As an employer, you have a duty of care for your employees and visitors to ensure you have taken the appropriate steps for their health, well being and safety.

Everything from hand washing signs, sanitation reminders, area rules, safety instructions, mask mandates and social distancing reminders are popular components of any COVID-era gym sign package. Custom made health and safety signs can include branding or can be a standard model allowing for endless possibilities!

Why is a sign company writing about Gyms?

What differentiates a home gym from a local gym? What differentiates the 4 gyms that exist in your hometown? All have machines, weights, classes etc. In order to drive business gyms must differentiate themselves from the competition and they do this with their branding.

Branding encompasses the logo, tagline, colors, shapes and the general mentality of the gym. When you think of Planet Fitness the line that comes to mind is “Judgment Free Zone.” Planet Fitness has established itself as the gym for the average consumer.

Planet Fitness brand is a Judgment Free Zone, but how do they present this to their clients? With equipment that matches the logo colors, their gear shape forming patterns around the gym and with a comprehensive sign package! They have leaned into this branding, and that is why they are memorable!

Types of Gym Signs:

  • Logo Signs: An important component to a gyms branding solution is to display their logo around their space. While there are many mechanisms to do this, custom logo signs are a popular choice for on and around the check in desk!
  • Vinyl Graphics: As the most versatile sign medium, custom vinyl graphics are a popular choice for businesses and gyms alike! Vinyl graphics are custom designed, printed and laminated for a long lasting and intense graphic. Adhering to walls, windows, floors and doors; they make a great addition to sign packages for gyms. Vinyl graphics are a cost effective solution; whether distributing branded messages throughout the space, creating a graphic feature wall, displaying business hours, or labeling areas for visitors.
  • Dimensional Letters: While some gyms prefer vinyl graphics due to the lack of dimension, dimensional letters create a bold impact. They are perfect for identifying sections of the gym (ie. Personal Training, Workout Rooms, Cardio machines etc.) and for displaying the tagline and branding.
  • Health and Safety Signs: Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and gyms are open and working to meet constantly adapting health and safety recommendations.

Gyms rely on branded content in order to survive and signs are the best way to do this. As a custom sign company we work with gyms and businesses alike to create custom sign packages to get them noticed!

Interested in learning more about gym signs? Contact us today for a free quote!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

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Chester County: Downingtown, PA


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West Chester, PA – Gym Signs: From Branding to Custom Health and Safety Signage