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West Chester, PA – Vinyl Graphics: Versatile Branding Tools for your Business

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Vinyl graphics are the foundation for every sign company. Whether you’re adding window graphics with eye-catching designs, wall graphics to decorate or inspire, weather-resistant signage to inform potential customers or full vinyl vehicle wraps to advertise your business around town – vinyl is the answer.

Adhesive vinyl has many great features and comes in a variety of colors, textures and levels of durability. There is an endless selection of vinyl types to meet the specific application required to create a durable and eye catching graphic. Whether a full branding haul, directional needs or just an artistic representation – vinyl graphics are the backbone of simple banding for your business.

Basic applications are shown below:


Types of wall graphics are typically sorted by coverage…so options are full wall wraps, partial wall wraps, or die-cut wall decals and lettering. The choice depends upon your goal. A focal point wall with logo and company promise might fit best as a partial wrap at the lobby entrance – while a themed restaurant dining room wall might work best with a full wrap. Decals and lettering can be spot placed for maximum effect – if the wall color is an appropriate background color.


Exterior walls can also be wrapped, even brick or block surfaces when the right wall film is chosen. Exterior building wraps can be used to refresh building exteriors with graphic films, create wayfinding signage, allow for bold branding or create custom murals. An exterior wall wrap can extend the experience from inside to street side. A bumpy surface is no problem for these graphic films. With special application tools the vinyl can be applied to the wall making it look painted on!


Traditionally the signage in and around businesses is the work of various vinyl applications. From road signs to branded signs to building signs to lit signs- vinyl does it all. With traditional signage there are two predominant types of application: full coverage and cut vinyl. Vinyl is laid on various sign materials and allows for digitally designed images to take form.


Vehicles are a growing form of advertising as it works to promote your business 24/7 while the vehicle travels. It is estimated that one vehicle can get 101 impressions per mile. Vehicle wraps are similar to other signage in that they are made from vinyl. The biggest difference is the material and the fact that vehicles are complex shapes so the installation is more difficult. Whether a full wrap, a partial wrap or just decals and lettering – vehicle graphics allow for you to advertise your business in the most cost effective way based on cost per thousand impressions!

Finishes and Material Choices

There are many manufacturers of vinyls that are specifically designed for certain applications. We evaluate the specific application and available budget to select the appropriate materials for your application. For indoor applications, a matte finish laminate is preferred as it knocks down the glare from overhead lighting. Because of the controlled environment, sometimes we can use less expensive vinyl’s to meet the application and help with budget.

Exterior applications in natural light can be done in matte, or semi-gloss. Because of the harsher environment for outdoor applications we will tend to use higher performance vinyl’s for durability. Textured and brick surfaces require a conformable cast vinyl (more expensive), while totally flat/smooth walls can use a less expensive calendared wall film. One very important step in the process is to perform an adhesion test on your walls and double check dimensions and obstructions.  That test will tell us the best option that will adhere to your wall surface. This wall test is key to insure proper adhesion and longevity of your graphic.

Signage – in covering such a large span of applications also covers a large range of vinyl types. From translucent vinyl’s for lit signs to heavy duty adhesion decals to temporary vinyl – no matter the surface there is a vinyl that will work! Likewise, the vinyl used in vehicle graphics is high end and flexible which allows installers to use head and force to fit the vinyl around the recesses of the car.

 Interested in learning more?

Paramount Signs in-house designers will work with you to create the highest-quality, clearest and crispest vinyl graphic that meets your needs. “Custom” is not a buzzword for us. It’s a commitment.

Get ready to level up your space, your sales and your business through effective, professionally printed vinyl graphics for your exterior and interior spaces as well as vehicle graphics. Look no further than Paramount Signs when it comes to designing, printing and installing custom signs for your business!

Getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT! Contact us today for a free quote.

“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA


“Best Sign Company in Downingtown, PA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Chester County: Downingtown, PA

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West Chester, PA – Vinyl Graphics: Versatile Branding Tools for your Business