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Cleveland, TN – FAQs About Monument Sign Services from a Top-Rated Sign Company

SYNOPSIS: Visual Impression Signs, a leading sign company in Cleveland, TN, answers frequently asked questions about monument signs to help local business owners make informed decisions.

Your Top Questions Answered on Monument Signs

BY: Kristian Driver, Visual Impression Signs

As a business owner in Cleveland, Tennessee, you want your company to stand out. A striking, high-quality monument sign is an impactful way to establish your brand presence. But how do you know if a monument sign is right for your business? What options are available, and what factors affect cost?

Visual Impression Signs, a top-rated monument sign provider in Cleveland, TN, answers some of the most frequently asked questions local business owners have about monument signs. Read on for insights that will help you determine if a monument sign should be part of your property’s signage.

What exactly is a monument sign?

A monument sign refers to a freestanding sign placed in front of a business on a solid base, similar to a monument. The sign includes the business name, logo, and possibly additional information. Monument signs are larger than typical signs, often 5-20 feet tall, and situated close to driveways or roads for high visibility.

What are the benefits of a monument sign?

Monument signs offer excellent visibility for passing traffic, even at greater distances. Unlike signs mounted on a building facade, they provide branding and messaging visibility from multiple directions. Other benefits include:

  • Flexible placement near driveway entrances or access roads
  • Increased sign height compared to wall signs
  • Eye-catching visibility day and night with lighting features
  • Plenty of room for logos, branding colors, and business information
  • Durable materials that withstand weathering

What businesses use monument signs?

Monument signs work for many business types, including retail stores, restaurants, schools, churches, industrial facilities, corporate campuses, multifamily properties, and more. They help reinforce branding and direct customers to entrances. Monument signs are ideal if your business has a set-back location, lacks facade visibility, or needs prominent signage visible to passing traffic.

What options and upgrades are available? 

Today’s monument signs offer many options, including:

  • Digital display screens to rotate messages
  • LED lighting for brightness and efficiency
  • Ornate decorative elements and materials
  • Landscaping around the base
  • Increased height for enhanced visibility
  • Custom sign shapes and contours

How much does a monument sign cost?

Specific pricing depends on size, materials, design customization, special features, and other factors. Ballpark costs often range from $5,000 to $15,000+ for a business monument sign. Variables like digital screens can increase cost. However, investment in a monument sign pays off when customers notice your brand.

What goes into designing an effective monument sign?

Experienced sign companies like Visual Impression Signs consider critical design factors, including:

  • Traffic flow and visibility
  • Overall size, height, and shape
  • Incorporating your logo and brand colors
  • Illumination for nighttime visibility
  • Prioritizing your most important messaging
  • Constructing signs from durable, weather-resistant materials
  • Meeting city codes and zoning requirements

Why choose a local monument sign company?

Working with a local sign company like Visual Impression Signs gives Cleveland business owners distinct advantages:

  • Established reputation within the community
  • Expertise with regional sign codes
  • Streamlined installation process
  • Availability for on-site consultations
  • Ongoing local service and maintenance

How can I request pricing for a monument sign?

Contact Visual Impression Signs at (423) 635-7144 or to receive a complimentary quote for a customized monument sign. Our Cleveland-based team will review your business’ visibility needs, explore design options, explain pricing and ROI. Let our locally crafted monument signs showcase your brand to the Cleveland community.

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“Best Sign Company in Chattanooga, TN”

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Hamilton County: Chattanooga, Dalton, Hixson, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, TN

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Cleveland, TN – FAQs About Monument Sign Services from a Top-Rated Sign Company