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Cleveland, TN – FAQs About Our Sign Permitting Services from a Sign Company

SYNOPSIS: From why permits matter to how long they take, Visual Impression Signs breaks down the most common questions around sign permitting to simplify the process for Cleveland businesses.

Cleveland Sign Permits: Your FAQs Answered

BY: Kristian Driver, Visual Impression Signs

At Visual Impression Signs, we know that permitting and regulations can feel frustrating and confusing for Cleveland business owners eager to get their messaging out there. But we’re here to help unwrap the mystery!

In this FAQ guide, we’ll answer the questions we hear most often around permitting to help you understand what’s involved. Our goal is to make approving your signage as efficient as possible so you can focus on operations.

Why Do I Even Need a Permit?

We know, more paperwork is the last thing you want when starting a business. But permits play an important role in keeping communities equitable and safe. Sign codes establish reasonable limits on aspects like sizes, placement, and lighting to maintain aesthetics, prevent driver distraction, and ensure proper construction.

You can think of permits as “playing by the rules” so all local businesses have fair opportunity to market themselves. As Cleveland’s trusted sign experts, we have these rules down pat.

What’s the Process Like?

Here’s how it unfolds end-to-end:

  1. Consultation to understand needs and provide code-compliant proposals
  2. Submittal of permit applications to the planning department
  3. 1-4 weeks for review and approval
  4. We pick up your permits
  5. Fabrication & installation
  6. Final inspection

Then you’re good to go! As you can see, lots of coordination is required behind the scenes, but we’ll make it as hands-off for you as possible.

How Long Does Permitting Take?

Typically allow 2-3 months from initial consultation through full approval and installation. Small projects sometimes move faster, while larger sign initiatives require longer reviews. Weather, backlogs, and other factors also impact timing.

The great news is you can lean on our experience navigating Cleveland permitting to expedite timeframes when possible. We also provide updates so you know what to anticipate.

What Factors Impact Costs?

Permit fees themselves are set by municipalities and fairly nominal—generally under $100 per sign. The sign project investment depends on aspects like:

  • Size and design complexity
  • Custom vs. standard materials
  • Installation needs
  • Electrical and lighting

We provide itemized estimates upfront so no surprises. Bottom line: quality and code compliance does not have to mean breaking budget.

Can I Be Denied After Submitting?

It’s always possible but we’ll do everything to avoid that! Our local know-how means we only submit applications we expect to be approved. In the rare case of hang-ups, we’ll quickly resolve issues through revisions or meetings. While nothing is guaranteed, approvals are our specialty.

Do You Make Permitting Easier?

Absolutely! You gain permitting pros guiding you through every milestone who will:

  • Own the entire process for you
  • Lean on established local relationships
  • Resolve any surprises quickly
  • Keep you informed on progress

Our customers enjoy a smooth, efficient permitting experience thanks to our experience specializing in Cleveland sign codes. Let us handle the details!

When Should I Start the Process?

Ideally engaging us as early as possible because:

  • Permits take time so a buffer is beneficial
  • We can provide helpful branding and design input upfront
  • It prevents last-minute scrambling if issues emerge

Building in flexibility helps minimize hiccups down the road. We can also map out timelines to alignment key milestones.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life!

We hope this intel helps provide confidence and clarity around permitting. Although rules and regulations abound, you gain pros in your corner to navigate everything seamlessly. Let’s connect to unlock the potential of your location through signage that captivates. The time to get noticed is now!

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“Best Sign Company in Chattanooga, TN”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Hamilton County: Chattanooga, Dalton, Hixson, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, TN

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Cleveland, TN – FAQs About Our Sign Permitting Services from a Sign Company