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SYNOPSIS: Learn more about how Visual Impression Signs makes your Chattanooga restaurant shine with vibrant custom LED signs.

LED Signs Light Up Your Chattanooga Restaurant

BY: Kristian Driver, Visual Impression Signs

Hungry for more customers? Dreaming of a sign that makes your restaurant impossible to ignore? At Visual Impression Signs, we believe exceptional signage should tell your unique story. How can custom LED signs attract droves of diners to your door? Let’s explore the possibilities…

What if your sign wasn’t just illumination, but illumination with personality? With our innovative designs, your sign can truly embody your restaurant’s ambiance. Want to evoke a casual, friendly vibe? Or perhaps your elegantly set tables call for an upscale, sophisticated sign. Either way, we’ll work with you to create the perfect LED sign to complement your brand.

And it gets better. What if your sign wasn’t static, but dynamic – able to instantly update with daily specials, happy hour deals, or custom imagery? Our programmable LED signs make it all possible. The creativity is endless!

Benefits of Adding LED Signage for Restaurants

Before diving into the available sign types, let’s look at why LED signage can be such a valuable investment for Chattanooga food establishments:

Enhanced Visibility & Curb Appeal – Vibrant LED displays attract attention from blocks away, enticing diners to come check out your restaurant. Exterior LED signage provides must-needed visibility and aesthetic pop.

Reinforced Branding – Cohesive LED signage pulls together your restaurant’s look and feel. Your custom signs can reflect style elements like color schemes, fonts and logos for reinforced branding diners recognize.

Better Business Communication – Illuminated LED signs allow restaurants to clearly display key info like operating hours, daily specials, and parking instructions after dark. Useful communication benefits operations.

Energy Efficient & Cost Effective – LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional lighting, saving restaurants substantially on utility bills. And they last for years with little maintenance.

Fun, Inviting Ambiance – Interior LED signs contribute to an establishment’s atmosphere. Programmable color changes and lighting effects make for a lively, contemporary dining space.

Custom LED Sign Options for Chattanooga Restaurants

The sign experts at Visual Impression Signs offer diverse LED signage solutions for eateries across Chattanooga. Here are some of our most popular illuminated restaurant sign options:

Exterior Channel Letter Signs

Channel lettering with LED backlighting provides powerful brand exposure for restaurants. Bright, dimensional letters stand out beautifully during evening hours. We fabricate bold customizable letters and logos out of durable metals and plastics.

Monument & Pylon Signs

Freestanding monument and pylon signs topped with LED logos or messaging make restaurants easily visible from parking lots and nearby streets. We construct tall LED pylons or smaller monuments in your brand style.

Wall-Mounted LED Menuboards

Vibrant digital LED menuboards mounted outside or just inside entrances allow restaurants to display menus and daily specials in crisp, eye-catching detail. Updating content is a breeze.

Interior Reception Signage

Illuminated LED graphics behind front counters immediately identify check-in areas while contributing sleek, modern ambiance. We install customized LED wall signs or hanging letters above reception.

Window Lettering & Neon Signs

What’s more inviting than neon letters spelling out “Open” or “Eat Here” on dining room windows? We fabricate classic neon plus energy saving faux-neon LED signs for evocative retro appeal.

Beyond these popular options, we’re able to construct virtually any unique LED sign imaginable for Chattanooga restaurants. Our talented local sign designers enjoy collaborating with clients to make their custom visions reality!

Professional LED Sign Services

In addition to fabricating exceptional custom LED signs, Visual Impression Signs also handles all supporting services to execute complete signage projects from concept to installation:

Permitting Assistance – We’re well versed in Chattanooga sign codes and secure any required illuminated sign permits in advance.

Electricians – Our licensed electricians can handle all wiring and connections for worry-free LED operation.

Experienced Installers – Our professional crews properly mount LED signs using appropriate mounting solutions for each sign and location.

Ongoing Maintenance – We offer preventative maintenance and rapid service should any LED outages or electrical issues arise down the road.

When you choose our local sign team, you gain a true partner to manage your entire LED sign process seamlessly.

Key Factors for Illuminated LED Sign Design

Some key considerations our Chattanooga sign designers discuss with restaurants when crafting custom LED signs include:

Location – Where will the sign be mounted? Height, visibility, foot/car traffic and other factors guide design.

Mounting – We determine optimal mounting from brackets, to poles, to raceways based on sign size and location.

Materials – Aluminum and plastics suit outdoor signs, while acrylics and wood works well indoors.

Sizes – Bigger signs increase visibility ranges for exterior exposure, while interior signs are scaled for intimate ambiance.

Lighting – Vibrant backlighting for letters/logos to subtle accent up-lighting produce different effects.

Color – Integrating your restaurant’s color theme via paints, translucent plastics, and programmable LEDs keeps branding cohesive.

By collaborating closely through the design process, our sign professionals ensure your finished LED signs check all the boxes aesthetically and functionally. We painstakingly review concepts and proofs with you until designs are just right. The final illuminated result will infuse your restaurant with light, energy and style!

Start Your Custom LED Sign Project

Don’t leave your Chattanooga, TN eatery in the dark any longer. Energize patrons and passers-by with eye-catching custom LED signs designed and built locally by the experts at Visual Impression Signs. We’re ready to provide any restaurant in town with exceptional illuminated signage that becomes an extension of their brand.

Contact our professional team today to kickstart your LED signage project! Let’s chat about your vision and how we can bring it to vivid life. We look forward to helping your restaurant shine brighter than ever with perfectly fabricated LED signs. Just reach out to get the ball rolling!

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“Best Sign Company in Chattanooga, TN”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Hamilton County: Chattanooga, Dalton, Hixson, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, TN

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