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Zephyrhills, FL – Follow These Steps to Make Your Tradeshow Successful

Are you ready to hold a remarkable tradeshow for your business? Follow these steps to make your tradeshow successful.

Tradeshows are exciting yet stressful marketing events, requiring huge time and money investments to showcase your brand and boost your ROI. They provide you with a tremendous opportunity to meet your target customers one-on-one and show how committed you are to excellence.Banner

Here are some steps to plan for and execute a tradeshow successfully:

Step 1: Set Your Goals

Start by defining quantifiable goals that allow you to measure the success of your tradeshow afterward. Setting goals will help you calculate your ROI as well. Goals can be related to the number of people who attended your tradeshow booth, leads generated, etc.

In short, you can define goals based on what you have set out to achieve.

Step 2: Choose Your Booth

When registrations for the tradeshow begin, be sure to choose your floor space as soon as possible. The best space will be occupied quickly so the quicker you are, the better it is for you. Scope out the floor plan of the venue to locate premium booth spaces.

If possible, attend a tradeshow at the venue way before your event so that you get acquainted with the overall feel of the event and locate the areas of high foot traffic, which will typically be costly.

This should help you come up with a better plan for your tradeshow booth, helping you generate the highest ROI for your brand.

Step 3: Choose Your Signage Options

Following are some signage options you can incorporate in your tradeshow booth. You can choose the signage depending on your business needs.

Retractable Banners

These are small display banners that are positioned on solid metal stands. They are placed at booth entrances and are easy to set up. They are ideal for displaying product images, company information, brand logo, and offers and discounts.

Pop Up Displays

These feature an aluminum frame that is quickly fitted to polyester fabric display using velcro. Both sides are wrapped in fabric to produce a 3-dimensional display. This signage option is perfect for displaying large product images or sponsor branding.

Teardrop Banners or Feather Banners

These are tall, flag-like banners placed outside the booth to attract people to your booth. To make sure that your feather banner is noticed in the crowd, consider using taller flags.

Step and Repeat Displays

This option involves attaching a display fabric to an assembled frame with pole pockets located at the top and the bottom. Often placed at the sides or back of booth space, step and repeat banners are ideal for displaying company logos, products, and sponsors.

X Banners

X-stands are portable displays for trade shows. Mostly placed at booth entrances to communicate with customers, X-stands offer flawless stability to vinyl banners. Use these banners to alert audiences toward product demonstrations and other activities in your booth.

These are the three main steps that you need to follow if you want your tradeshow to be successful. If you are looking for high-quality, enticing signage for tradeshows, get in touch with Amazing Signs today.

Zephyrhills, FL – Let’s Understand ADA Signage Regulations | Sign Company News

Are you sure your business signage is ADA compliant? Read on to study the ADA signage requirements.

Over 2.5 million Americans suffer from visual impairment alone. To support people with disabilities, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has established certain requirements so that seniors, and other disabled individuals, are able to access important amenities.

If your office building is open to the public but you fail to meet the signage requirements, you’re discriminating against disabled people. As a consequence, you may even have to face legal action and fines.Contrast Requirements

To make your business signs ADA compliant, scrutinize your business and find out whether you are meeting the ADA signage requirements. Here are some common ADA sign requirements:

Raised Letter and Braille Requirements

Raised letters and braille help visually impaired individuals interpret signs. All raised letters should be uppercase and in sans-serif font.

The size of the letters shouldn’t be smaller than 5/8” or larger than 2 inches. Also, the letters must be placed next to rounded braille text. Braille cannot be in square shaped.

However, these requirements only apply to signs that can be reached by the public on the ground. Overhead signs do not need to fulfill these requirements.

Height Requirements

Any raised characters and braille must be placed on the side of the door where the latch is positioned. The sign characters should be at least 48 inches above the ground but not be higher than 60 inches off the floor.

In case of outwards swinging doors, the signs must be placed next to them. For inward swinging doors, you can place the signage on the door but the door must have an automatic door closing function.

An overhead sign should be no less than 80 inches above the ground.

Contrast Requirements

The contrast and design of the sign characters should make them easy to read. To ensure that reflected light doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the signage, the characters and background must possess a non-glare surface.

Moreover, the characters and the background of the signage must have high contrast for best visibility. This means the signs should have dark letters and light background or vice versa. All in all, the shade of the letters and background should not match.

For signs, you can go with any color as long as there is high contrast.

In short, following signage requirements not only helps you remain ADA compliant but also increases the clientele of your business. When your business facility is accessible to everyone, more people will consider buying from you and you’ll have a good reputation.

If you’re struggling to meet the ADA signage requirements, experts at Amazing Signs can help you out.

To learn more about ADA compliance or to design ADA compliant signs, dial (813) 779 7446.

Zephyrhills, FL – Let’s Design Amazing Banner Stands for Your Next Event

Looking for ways to promote your business in the upcoming event? Read on to learn how you can design banner stands for the occasion.

Events, tradeshows, and conferences present one of the best opportunities to advertise your brand and showcase your products and services. Banner stands are among the most effective ways to make an impact during such occasions. They stand out in the crowd and efficiently deliver your marketing message to the target audience.Artwork

However, to make the desired impact, you must get the design right. A perfect banner design will align to your brand personality, objectives and goals, and the needs of your customers. Here are some tips to design the best banner stand for your next event:

Choose the Right Display Style

Before anything else, you must decide on a display style for the banner stand. The type of message you want to deliver, the location of the stand, and the cost involved will determine your choice of the display style.

Retractable banner stands are the most convenient of all. They can be rolled up like a window shade and moved around the facility with ease. You can adapt their placement to fit the movement of the crowd as the event goes on.

Telescopic pole stands offer tremendous flexibility in terms of height. Your decision regarding the banner height will depend on the type of venue.

Finally, motorized, scrolling banner stands feature scrolling messages so that you can expand or elaborate your core message or easily make any changes to it.

Use  Artwork

The text and images you use for the banner design must be compelling enough to draw immediate attention of the incoming crowd. Use a catchy phrase and a striking image to entice viewers and increase traffic.

Use minimal text and a big font. The written content on the banners should be easy to read and quick to understand. Plus, make sure that your company logo is clearly visible so that viewers can recognize your brand.

Since viewers are used to reading content from left to right and top to bottom; follow that order to communicate your key selling points and provide product information.

More importantly, don’t forget to include your website URL, social media handles as well as contact information. When including images, be sure to use high-quality photos that are at least 100 dpi.

Add a CTA

Adding a clear CTA prompts positive action on the viewers’ part, making it one of the most important elements of a banner design. You may have a great USP but a banner stand without a clear CTA remains less effective. While a CTA such as “Register Now” is a simple phrase, it makes a huge difference in driving conversions.

If you’re looking to design enticing banner stands for an upcoming event, Amazing Signs can help you with its marvelous banner stand designs.

Zephyrhills, FL – Company Branding With Vehicle Wraps | Sign Company News

Looking to improve your branding strategy and target local customers? Consider using vehicle wraps for advertising.

Vehicle wraps are an excellent form of advertising. Well-designed vehicle wraps help build brand awareness among people who view your branded fleet while traveling on routes every day. Plus, they connect your business to the target audience who is more likely purchase from you since they know about your business name and location.Local Advertising

To explore more benefits of vehicle wraps, keep reading:

High Reach

While impressions or views of your branded fleet depend on the number of actively moving vehicles in your fleet as well as the distances they travel, vehicle wraps still allow you to reach a huge audience as compared with other forms of advertising such as a billboard.

Based on research, vehicle wraps get 30,000 to 70,000 impressions every day. Plus, you can actually control where your advertising is seen. While traffic jams aren’t very exciting, they can actually work in your favor  as bored passengers search for something entertaining on the roads. A visually-appealing vehicle wrap can captivate them during those instances.

Thus, whether you are a growing business looking to build brand awareness or an established brand looking to further increase your market share, vehicle wraps are a quick way to reach wider audiences.


Cost is an important factor to consider when you are investing in advertising. You’ll be amazed to know that the average cost-per-impression over the useful life of a vehicle wrap is only about 15 cents as compared to $11 for radio and $20 for TV.

While billboards, radio or TV ads require regular payments, vehicle wraps are a one-time cost. You pay for the design, creation and installation of the wraps and that’s it; no more cost unless you decide to replace the wraps.

Visually Appealing

Bright colors and designs on vehicles make a lasting impact on people. Install colorful wraps on your vehicles and then compare the before and after images of the fleet. You will love the investment. It’s entirely upon you how you want to design your vehicle wraps.

While these customizable wraps offer incredible flexibility, make sure that the colors and other content of the wrap design strongly resonate with your brand to facilitate brand recall and establish your brand personality in the minds of your audience.

Highly Efficient

Vehicle wraps don’t just advertise when the vehicle is traveling. Park it at a populated spot or in front of your store, and it will keep doing its job. They advertise your brand 24/7.

Best for Local Advertising

Customers like to deal with businesses located nearby. Vehicle wraps are a tremendous solution to advertise to people in your locality. All you need to do is move your vehicles in areas you want to target.

After reading all these benefits, we are sure you want to use vehicle wraps for advertising. To get your personalized vehicle wraps, get in touch with Amazing Signs today.

Zephyrhills, FL – Find Out Whether or Not Your Business Signs Are ADA Compliant

Do you want your signs to be ADA compliant? Here is what you need to know.

The US Census Bureau says that one out of five Americans suffers from some form of disability.  Keeping this in view, the American Disabilities Act was passed in the year 1990. It has been three decades since the act has been in effect. Before this act was passed, disabled individuals had extreme difficulty living in society. Luckily, this act discourages any form of discrimination against disabled people and strives to treat them as equal citizens. The American Disabilities Act of 1990 has influenced all areas of our lives, and signage is no exception.Color Contrast

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss ADA signs requirements. You can go through them to ensure whether your signs are ADA compliant or not.

So, let’s begin.

ADA Signage Compliance Guidelines

Placement of the Signs

ADA signage should be accessible to individuals with impaired vision and should be easy for them to touch and feel. Special emphasis should be given to the placement of your signs. The height of your sign should be somewhere between 48 and 60 inches from the ground.

Color Contrast

Moving on, your signs should be visible and readable. There should be ample contrast between the background, text and graphics printed on it. Never make the mistake of printing light colored text on a light background, and vice versa. The text and graphics should always be lighter or darker than the background. Furthermore, there are certain color restrictions that you must know about. Before applying color to your signs, make sure you go through the ADA color guidelines.

Raised Letters and Braille

As discussed above, ADA signs should be read by people with impaired vision. Therefore, your signs should have braille dots on them. These dots should be round rather than square. The proper nouns should be in the uppercase. The size of each character should be larger than 2 inches and the font should be Sans Serif.

Some Other Considerations

Before you order ADA signs for your workplace, you should remember that ADA signage requirements do not apply to all the signs in your workplace. The law applies only to signs that guide people from one place to another and enables them to navigate freely. These requirements aren’t applied to temporary signs, which are applied for the purpose of marketing and advertising. However, these requirements apply to signs that are used in any public setting.

Now you can determine whether your signs are ADA compliant or not. If you have a hard time understanding the ADA sign requirements, you should seek help from a professional sign manufacturing company in Zephyrhills, CA.

For well-thought out signs in Zephyrhills, CA, visit our website today and feel free to get in touch with our professionals.


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BIO: The Amazing Signs team is ready to help you with all of your signage needs. We provide interior and exterior signs, as well as personalized graphics and more. Promoting your company is essential in today’s business environment, and signs are a great tool for advertising your specialties. At Amazing Signs, we are here to serve you and help you achieve your objectives.