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Tempe, AZ

by: Vincent Vasquez

C2 Tactical

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Tempe, AZ – C2 Gun Shooting Range Offers Personal Protection Training Courses

Personal protection and self-defense are important skills we believe everyone should learn or could benefit from learning. We, at C2 Tactical, offer various personal protection courses centered on using force and related skillsets without firearms.

Personal Protection Courses At C2 Tactical

The Personal Protection course plan at C2 Tactical consists of 12 courses/classes, spread across a timeline of 12 weeks, where each week is dedicated to one specific class. These courses can be signed up for individually, or bundled together with all 12 classes. Each week there is classwork and physical training, and the total duration of each course is 2 hours. If a student misses a class or wishes to retake one, they can join any class throughout the 12 weeks.

Here are some details for each course you might want to review before enrolling:

  1. Defensive Tactics

This course focuses on the elementary principles of self-defense by using force, other weapons, mental strength, and strategic positioning. The class delivers techniques to face interpersonal conflicts and apply situational defense mechanisms to help students analyze the situation, and evade danger when possible. Physical training includes extensive exercises.

  1. Awareness & Preventative Measures

This course offers learning, which solves 90% of the issues faced in personal protection. The classes focus on the practical implementation of observation techniques to minimize danger and risk of injuries through the presence of mind and defensive knowledge in situations where an instant reaction is imperative.

  1. Impact Weapons

This training session focuses on the defensive use of impact weapons, which are primary defense tools at the disposal of both the attacking party and the defender. The correct use can destabilize the attacker, but not cause lethal damage. Hard objects that are always near by, like a cell phone, can make for a great impact weapon.

  1. Edged Weapons

This course offers an introduction to edged weapons and thorough training on how to use them correctly. The weapons include auto-opening knives and sharp straight blades that may often prove to be more dangerous weapons against a strong attacker.

  1. Tactical Flashlight

This class teaches the most effective self-defense technique using a palm stick flashlight. It’s an excellent weapon at night when an attacker will be more susceptible to the blinding potential of a high powered flash light.

  1. Improvised Weapons

This course covers improved weapons you might happen upon during attack.  This class builds on the skills to develop a weapon mindset and improvise any object at your disposal into a weapon.

  1. Chemical Agents

In this course, we teach you the use of chemical agents, like pepper spray, which causes a burning sensation in the eyes of the attacker, and how to use chemical agents to effectively defend yourself, or at least create a window of opportunity for you to escape.

  1. Combative Strike

This class teaches you to use your body parts as striking weapons. We teach you the techniques needed to defend yourself, utilizing your hands, feet, knees, elbows, head, shins, and legs.

  1. Combative Controls

As the name suggests, this course teaches you to control an attacker without hurting them. It helps you take them over before they subdue you or harm you. It’s a challenging tactic, but can be very effective and does not inflict great harm upon the attacker.

  1. Combative Throws

This course teaches you an important self-defense mechanism using gravity against the attacker. By flipping, tossing, and tackling, combative throws aim to pin the attack to the earth by taking away the attacker’s balance, allowing you to easily take them to the ground.

  1. Combative Ground

This course teaches you self-defense when you are the one pinned down.  You’ll learn how to neutralize the your attacker’s moves and get back on your feet.

  1. Weapon Access/Protection/Retention (APR)

This course focuses on protecting your weapons from your attacker.  The last thing you want is for your attacker to be able to wrestle away your weapon and use it against you.  This course focuses on improving response time, keeping distance, buying time, reaction time, and movement instincts.


“Best Gun Shooting Range in Tempe, AZ”

Top Rated Local Indoor & Outdoor Gun Range / Firearms Training

Maricopa County: Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, AZ


“Best Gun Shooting Range in Tempe, AZ”

Top Rated Local Indoor & Outdoor Gun Range / Firearms Training

Maricopa County: Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, AZ




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