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Stand Out with Vehicle Wraps in Salt Lake City, Utah

How Vehicle Wraps Help You Stand Out…

As a business owner or manager, particularly one interested in high-level marketing, you’re
always looking for ways to be more visible. Many of the traditional outlets like billboards and
signage are great here, but the best marketing agents take things even further.

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we’re here to help. Our vehicle wraps and graphics are a perfect
outside-the- box way of getting your products and logos seen by more eyes, in a way that the
competition might not be able to match. Let’s go over a few ways a vehicle wrap helps you
stand out from the competition.

Eliminating Restrictions
Most traditional forms of marketing come with inherent restrictions on reaching the target
audience. Think about factors like billboard rates, placement decisions, outside expenses and
additional restrictions.
A vehicle wrap avoids many of these restrictions completely, and sidesteps others. Your vehicle
is basically a moving billboard, available to anyone who passes it. Many of the people who see
this will be commuters: Often those who are employed with a decent income, and who might
have children as well. This is generally one of the top markets to reach, and you can achieve a
huge volume.

General Awareness
The raw number of people who will be exposed to your brand might surprise you, but it’s huge.
Roughly 98 percent of Americans spend at least some time in a vehicle during the week, and
about 95 percent of drivers will notice some form of vehicle branding if it’s in their line of sight
on the road.

You don’t just want people to notice your brand and colors – you want them to make positive
associations with them. Three out of every four people exposed to a business via vehicle
graphics or advertising have reported a positive opinion of that business, and studies have
shown a connection between vehicle marketing and an image of success. That is, potential
customers see your wraps, assume you have lots of funds for branding and are creative, and
move forward with that assumption about your brand.

In the end, this might be the most important benefit of all. If you drive around for a few hours,
your vehicle can often generate up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day. If you have
multiple vehicles driving around, this number only goes up. Nearly 30 percent of people say
they’ve had buying decisions directly influenced by this form of advertising; you do the math.
For more on vehicle wraps, or to find out about any of our signage services, speak to the
experts at Visibility Signs & Graphics today.

Why the Variety in Banners and Flags?

This last summer I was able to attend a garden show and couldn’t help but notice all the different ways companies tried to attract customers. I noticed that no two stands were alike, that they differentiated themselves with many types of banners and flags. Here at Visibility Signs and Graphics we offer quite a variety of these, but it can be confusing to know what type might be best for you. In this post we will discuss some of the different types of banners and flags combined with brief details.

Indoor Banners and Flags

Where: best used when positioned parallel to storefront windows, indoor banners can attract the attention of those passing by on the street.

Why: they are a great way to attract attention from potential customers. It is a great way to inform them on any new promotion. Banners can be easily customized toward your business to attract your target audience and come in many shapes as well as sized.

Outdoor Banners and Flags

Where: best used outdoors at events to market your business. Often found in a variety of fabrics, these products offer high resistance to nature’s elements.

Why: they are a great way to attract attention at different outdoor venues such as community events. Potential customers can see them from afar and inquire about your services.

Types of Banners

Pull-Up Banners – also called pop up banners they serve the purpose of being extremely portable. They are great for indoor use and can easily be packed away for future use.

Fabric Banners – also known as polyester fabric banners, these are extremely durable. They are often used outdoors but can used inside for window displays or table cloths at a booth. Different types of fabrics can be selected depending on what you prefer. Some fabric attributes include stretch and shine. Often made with dye sublimation techniques there is a great color durability that follows. This durability happens because the ink is converted into a gas during the process which allows it to to fuse better with the fabric.

Poly Knit Fabric – this is a more and less stretch type. Often used at trade shows the more stretchy are used for tables while the others are hanged from the ceiling.

Poly Satin Fabric – these fabric is quite different and one reason is because it wrinkles easily. They are very much canvas like materials.

Mesh Banners – these are often used in construction. They are typically used to set up boundaries to signify caution to others. With lots of hole in them, they are great for high wind areas. Instead of getting a bowing effect, the air will pass through and keep your sign readable.

Vinyl Banners – also known as PVC. Polyvinyl banners are the most popular style today. They are recognized as being highly durable! They can be used both inside and out and are rather affordable. Vinyl comes in different levels of finish, commonly gloss and matte. Gloss is usually used outside. Another selling point is that they are extremely light weight.


Types of Flags

Feather – commonly used for indoor promotions.

Teardrop – commonly used for business grand openings or sales events.

Angled – indoor and outdoor use, often used for storefronts.

Rectangular – larger are flags that give you room for more information. They are highly visible from pretty much anywhere.

Air Dancers – outdoors, often used for portable businesses at events such as snow cone stands.

I hope this information will help you make a more informed decision the next time you’re in the market for banner or flag. Feel free to call us at Visibility Sign and Graphics to ask any questions in regards to the different types as well as anything in regards to your advertising needs.

Does Color Discriminate In Advertising?

I’ve always loved a good rainstorm because of the opportunity it presents to witness a rainbow or as a famous YouTube video would suggest, a “double rainbow.” The spectrum of colors truly amazes me and I can never get enough of it. In addition to the hope I have for discovering a pot of gold at the end I often ask myself why the distinct order and specific type of colors.

While scientists and other knowledgeable experts make claims to explain how colors arrived, nothing is definite. One thing we do know is that as a society we have prescribed different feelings to each and every one of them. Now you wouldn’t want to give a dozen dandelions to your person of interest, rather a dozen “red” roses. Isn’t that interesting? Helping understand the different meanings behind them can help you as a business owner or decision maker in regards to advertising your products and services. Let’s take a stroll through what I would like to call the “psychology of color.” We’ll discover what they can mean to you!

Red: oh red, the color of love. Popular in the jewelry business and a favorite among valentine’s day. It is often associated with power, desire, energy, and love. Another interesting idea is that it encourages others to make quick decisions. Earlier this week I stopped by a large clothing store and noticed large red signs advertising a clearance sale.

Orange: often associated with the famous “Oompa Loompas” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or that fake bake tan, it represents joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. In addition many healthy foods are advertised using this color. It also is a double help in the food category due to its meaning of being an appetite stimulator. This color is a favorite of the toy making industry as well as autumn targeted products.

White: quickly tied to innocence, purity, good, faith, perfection, and cleanliness, It’s the opposite of black which promotes negativity. You will find this color in medical related fields. Think of the last time you went to a medical appointment. What was the color of the dental chair? Also cleaning supplies, charitable organizations, and low fat dairy products.

Yellow: yes that big ray of sunshine smiling down on you from above. Largely represented by joy, and energy. This color is noticed for its high visibility and calls your attention. It is seen before any other color on a black background. Often popular for its promotion of children’s items, you might want to stray away from using it for products geared toward men.

Green: you probably thought of nature, growth, and freshness. It is largely associated with the environment, think of the recycling logo. Dark green however is often related to money. Also, green is very much tied to safety and so is often using in the promotion of medical products.  

Blue: according to several surveys it comes in as the most popular color, maybe because 71% of the earth is covered by water. It is often associated with stability and a calming effect. Water related items such as air conditioners and water dispensers, often use this advertising color. In addition it is popular in use of tech related items because blue is also seen as intellectual. Highly accepted among males it is the opposite of yellow. Stray away from it when promoting food as it suppresses the appetite.

Purple: represents royalty. Centuries ago in modern day Lebanon dye makers would extract this color from sea shells. It was reserved for the most high social status, such as king. It is associated with power, ambition, luxury, wisdom,and mystery. Who prefers purple? Children. It is a good color to promote children products.

Black: associated with power, evil, and death. It is the opposite of white. It’s pessimistic and has a negative connotation. However, don’t get the wrong idea that it’s all bad news because at the same time is represents strength, formality, and prestige. What color is popular for limousines and suites? Yes, and if you’re looking to slim yourself down a little bit, black gives the illusion of making you look thinner.

Welcome to the team: Vanguard VR5D Printer

The Visibility team is pleased to announce the addition of its newest member, VR5D. Weighing in at over 3500 lbs and 16 feet in length is our latest printer with high tech features including a UV LED curing system. The VR5D is produced by Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a company known for providing top of the line flatbed printers. Here at Visibility Signs & Graphics we have been getting to know it better to cater to your company’s wants and needs. So please feel welcome to come and have a tour for yourself!

Staff training on the Vanguard VR5D printer


  • Prints up to 4” thick
  • Max print size 49” by 99”
  • Max weight 300 lbs
  • White ink capability
  • Printed materials include but are not limited to pvc, acrylic, metal, wood and glass.

VR5D Reverse Print Acrylic Artwork

These highlights are only the tip of the iceberg for this printer. To learn more please visit the Vanguard Website or the following Youtube Video. Stay tuned, in the upcoming blog we will learn more about what this device can do for you!

Are Vehicle Wraps Right for Your Business?

A vehicle wrap might be the ticket to setting yourself apart from competition. While you may have seen a few flashy vehicles zip up and down the freeway near Salt Lake City, here’s a good list of things you should know about getting a wrap.

Why a Vehicle Wrap?

1) Is Bigger Better? Vehicle wraps are good advertising for both small and large companies. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of five cars in Salt Lake City or a fleet of 100 diesel trucks in Los Angeles. If you are a smaller business this is one place you can evenly compete.

2) Financial? Automobiles come in all shapes and sizes so prices would be different dependent on this alone. There are also different packages available. Please see our store for details.

3) Endurance? Typically the lifespan of most vehicle wraps is anywhere from 5-7 years, however, this obviously is dependent on different circumstances. Some of these factors include temperature, weather conditions, how often you wash your car, dirt, road, debris, and how often you wash your vehicle.

4) Do Vehicle Wraps Damage Your Vehicle? They can if not properly installed. If incorrect adhesive and tools are used then paint can be damaged.

5) How Can I Keep My Wrap Looking New? Making sure your vehicle stays free from stains is the best thing you can do to keep it looking new. A hand wash is the best method for this. Certain waxing kits and services in Salt Lake City are available to prolong life.

How Banners Capture Attention

It’s the night before the trade show and you’re hopeful to meet potential clients that have yet to hear about your business. It can be both exciting and at the same time intimidating. These events can often be packed with up to and over a hundred vendors. Near Salt Lake City there are lots of well know exhibitions at the South Towne Expo and Salt Palace Convention Centers. Often these trade shows can be loud, people packed, and full of competition. This is when you ask yourself, “How do we differentiate ourselves?” What an intimidating and stressful question to pose. At Visibility we know that your brand is as unique as you are and that’s why we suggest using a banner.

Banners are perfect for both large and small exhibits. Here is an example of one that was used in the Salt Lake City area.

No Smirk, Banners Work

Here’s the nitty gritty about why banners work and how they can help you increase revenue!

  • Marketing: Showing up to an exhibition doesn’t mean that the center is responsible for all marketing efforts. Sure, they might advertise a little bit here or there, but rarely if ever do they provide signage. Adding a banner will help boost the advertising you have already done. 
  • Print: A trade show oftentimes markets to clients that are different than those on-line. This is why they want to meet your company face to face. Even though the Internet has been around for a substantial amount of time, good old fashioned trust is often established by meeting in person.
  • Logo: Displaying your brand face to face helps others recognize your organization. There is value derived in your logo, it represents who you are and clients will look for it. Making room for branding display on banners is not only a good idea, it’s essential if you want to be seen.

Combat Fishing: Stiff competition and limited space is often the case at trade shows near Salt Lake City. If you’re going to be next to someone make sure that you’re presence is known! It might seem funny, but big banners attract big clients.


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