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North San Diego, CA

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North San Diego, CA

by: Sasha Khachiyan

Lighthouse Sign Co.

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San Diego, CA – Hire Local Sign Company for Custom Commercial Use Signs

Want to market your business cost-effectively? Here’s why you should hire a local company for custom commercial use signs. Commercial signs create exposure for your business in a way that no other type of promotion or advertisement can. A well-designed, properly manufactured, and an efficiently mounted commercial sign is a great tool to attract customers....

San Diego, CA – Local Sign Company Makes Custom Menu Board Signs for Restaurants

Are you spending a lot of money on updating your menus or printing flyers about promotions you’re running? If so, you need to get custom menu board signs from a local sign company! Custom menu board signs play a vital role in the success of your cafes, bars, and restaurants. Properly designed signs will keep...

Encinitas, CA – Benefits of Using a Professional Sign Installation Company

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional sign installation company! Sign installation is a crucial process that most businesses tend to overlook. Instead, they put all of their energy into designing and manufacturing the ideal business sign. However, even the most well-crafted, durable, and attractive sign won’t do your business any good if it isn’t...

San Diego, CA – Benefits of Using Custom Illuminated Signs for Your Business

Wondering whether you should invest in lighted signage for your business or not? Here are some compelling benefits of custom illuminated signs that will help you make the right decision! When you’re passing through a new town in the middle of the night, what is the one thing that stands out the most? Surely, it...

San Diego, CA – Contact a Local Sign Company to Install Custom Address Signs

Want a well-crafted custom address sign for your business building? Call Lighthouse Sign Co. today for elegant bespoke address signs! An address sign is inarguably one of the most important types of business signage. An address sign can be a simple numerical or an elaborate display of your building address. However, the number, which identifies...

Encinitas, CA – Types of Custom Office Signs from a Professional Sign Company

Want to rebrand your office building with high-quality office signage? Reach out to Lighthouse Signs Co. today for the best custom office signs! Offices are powerful places where people make huge decisions that can impact the livelihood of thousands of people. If you have an office, then you must always be looking for ways to...


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