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Hampton, VA – There Are Many Locations at a Law Office the Benefit from Signage

There are a number of locations outside and within a law office that would benefit from signage of some sort. It’s important to establish a brand in a way that helps people remember the name and location of an office. Hiring the proper professionals to create signs for law offices will ensure that the final product encompasses professionalism and high quality. Not every sign is created equal, and location and placement are incredibly important.

Types of Signage
Law office signs can be made from a number of different materials. Cast metals and solid metal letters are commonly used. They can be made from aluminum, bronze, copper, brass and stainless steel. With a brushed or polished finish, elegance is the best word to describe the final product. It’s helpful to have these signs located within the lobby or over the front desk of the office.

Investing in signs for a law office pays off in the long run. While there’s an upfront cost associated with this project, helping people learn the name of a firm will result in more business. When it comes to affordability of signs, metal letters and signs are usually more high-end than some of the other options. The difference in quality is noticeable though. The final cost will depend on the size of the project, the material being used and the quantity being ordered.

Customized Projects
Many law office signs will utilize traditional lettering. There are cases when a custom product would need to be ordered. This would include something along the lines of a custom logo or specific font style. This is easy to achieve when using the right company. Most original artwork and writing can be turned into an amazing work of art.

Production Time
The time that’s spent on each sign will determine that overall quality of the final product. It takes longer to manufacture customizable signs or lighted signs that require electric work to be added on.

Once a sign has been created, it will need to be properly installed. Using a mounting template and the right hardware will help to quickly get the job done. It’s important that you’re using a company that not only provides an excellent final product but provides the tools and assistance needed in order to install the product quickly and properly.

Newport News, VA – Designing Grocery Store Signs to Help Your Customer

Tips for Designing Grocery Store Signs
The right signage can mean the difference between successful sales and simply becoming lost amidst the clutter in a grocery store brimming with visual stimuli. Grocery store signage must elicit customer interest. Studies show that retail signage has approximately four seconds to demonstrate its worth to customers. This worth could translate to highlighting a product or marking a sale. While this is not a lot of time to generate interest, there are some steps business owners can follow to improve their grocery storage signage.

The Basics of Fonts
Fonts are crucial for the success of any signage. At the most basic level, fonts are responsible for improving readability. To ensure signs can be read at the intended distance, they should feature sufficiently large fonts with fewer words. A simple test is to walk past the sign and determine whether it is possible to still read the sign in a mere four seconds. Furthermore, grocery store owners should ensure all department signs are standardized through the use of a single font. Doing so will create a consistent and cohesive look throughout the store.

The Meaning of Color
Color is frequently associated with the ability of one to recall. Additionally, color can convey meaning. Grocery store signs should be carefully color coded for both purposes. One way to do this is to design weekly sale signs so they feature a different color from other store signs. Grocery aisle signs could feature yet another color so they can be easily recognized.

Size Is Important
Size is also crucial when it comes to grocery store signs. For end-cap displays, a prominent sign that can be easily seen over the display should be used. Thematic signs should be large enough that they can be easily seen from a distance, but not so large that they block other signs. Small signs are more appropriate for highlighting small products or even sales. Ultimately, it’s important to think about which size sign will fit the space most appropriately.

Be Concise
Signs in grocery stores should be utilized to provide information of importance to customers, such as sale duration, price, preparation tips, or new product info. It is highly unlikely that customers will take the time to stand in a grocery aisle and read a lengthy sign. Instead, the better course of action is to highlight the most pertinent information.

Keep Customer Perspective in Mind
When designing signs for grocery stores, owners and managers should always keep customer perspective in mind. The ultimate goal should be to focus on seeing signs the same way customers will when they enter the store.

Hampton, VA – Churches Need to Consider All Types of Signs for Their Buildings

Church signs are critical for both identification as well as community outreach. Today, churches face more challenges than ever before and must make an effort to invest effective marketing and outreach tools to not only attract new members but also share their philosophies and messages. The right church signs can accomplish all of those goals. Whether a church’s goal is to educate the community or offer a message of comfort, there are various types of church signs available.

Among those signs is a marquee sign. Marquee signs offer the benefit of versatility. These signs are a good choice when churches wish to change the messages on their signs on a regular basis. For example, churches may wish to display a Bible verse or a new quote on their signs each week. While marquee signs are advantageous for versatility, they are not quite as convenient as digital signs.

Digital signs are the ideal choice for churches that are ready to make the move to digital outreach. With a digital church sign, churches have the option to quickly and easily change the message they wish to display. In addition to displaying a quote or a verse, churches can also take advantage of digital church signs to display important information regarding service times, events, and Bible studies.

Another option for church signs is a monument sign. These outdoor signs are free standing and are among the most traditional options for church signs. They are usually installed near the street at the main entrance to the church, which makes the sign easily noticed by passing traffic.

In addition to monument signs, churches may wish to consider post and panel signs. These types of signs feature two posts supporting a panel. The church can then display information on the panel. Post and panel signage are the ideal choice for outdoor weather conditions. Most such signs are constructed from resilient materials and is often customizable.

Architectural signage is another option. The advantage of these signs is that they are usually designed to match the aesthetics of the church. Additionally, they may be constructed from such materials as brick, wood, stone, and stucco, which makes them extremely durable. As such, they are ideal for long-term use. The size of these sign is customizable, but they can be created large enough to ensure they garner attention.

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, offer the benefit of height. This makes these signs a good option for churches who want to ensure their signs can be easily viewed from a distance. For churches located in crowded neighborhoods, pole signs may be a good choice.

Newport News, VA – Finding your WAY with Way-Finding Signs for Your Business

Way-finding signs play a key role in businesses of all industries. When deciding to install way-finding signage, business owners and property owners need to understand the differences that exist between various types of way-finding signs. Such signs are used in office buildings as well as malls, hospitals, and other types of facilities.

Directional signs are just one type of way-finding sign. This type of sign points visitors and customers to where they need to be in a facility. As a result, they are most commonly used at junctions in facilities and even in parking lots. A quality directional sign will ensure visitors do not get lost while creating the sense of a safe environment. Directional signage may be illuminated or non-illuminated.

Other types of way-finding signs include identification signs. These types of signs let customers and visitors know they have arrived at a specific location. These signs may be smaller in scale; however, they are still quite important.

Another type of way-finding sign is known as a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs provide information on liability and safety. Some businesses choose to incorporate their branding and log into such signs. When designing regulatory signs, business owners should keep in mind that these signs typically need to comply with local or even national guidelines.

Business owners should also keep other factors in mind when designing way-finding signs. For instance, a way-finding sign should feature plain fonts in a large enough size that the sign is easy to read. Such signs should be easy enough to read that even someone with vision problems would be able to easily read the sign.

Additionally, way-finding signs should be concise. It’s important to get straight to the point with these types of signs. Most people who are trying to orient themselves in a facility do not want to take the time to read a lengthy sign. Instead, it’s a good idea to include the name of the business and any other pertinent information that would help customers in a directional manner. In some cases, an arrow along with the location.

There should be no ambiguity regarding the meaning of the sign. Business owners should ensure that the direction and intent of the sign is immediately obvious. Otherwise, a sense of confusion might be created.

Finally, business owners should be aware that way-finding signs are not an opportunity to advertise or promote the business. There are plenty of other opportunities for branding as well as promoting products and services. Way-finding signs serve the single purposes of delivering immediate information to customers and visitors so they know where they are currently located, which way they need to go, or to deliver pertinent safety and liability information.

Norfolk, VA – Why You Might Want to Get a Sidewalk Sign for Your Business

Sidewalk signs can provide a variety of advantages in an area that has heavy foot traffic. This guide breaks down four reasons why you may want to invest in one of these signs for your business.

More Attention

When people walk along a sidewalk and discover a business or a store, they may not know what types of items are on sale in the building. A sidewalk sign can attract more attention to a store if it’s customized in a way that suits a business. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could drive more traffic through the door by using a sign with a font that reflects the food.

Another benefit is that a sidewalk sign can drive messages very effectively. When potential customers drive or walk around a neighborhood, they always value their time. The best way to get their attention is by keeping your advertising message short, and you can achieve this with a sidewalk sign.

Many Design Options

In order to generate consistent foot traffic, a business needs a great marketing message. The easiest way to find the best message is by testing different ads. Sidewalk signs are available with changeable hardware, so you can easily test multiple ads in order to discover the most effective message. If you use a dual-sided sidewalk sign, you can put a unique message on each side.


A sidewalk sign is tough because it can withstand the elements. Waterproof signs can hold up well in rainy climates, and signs that are fade-resistant will continue to display a crisp marketing message underneath intense sunlight.

There are also sidewalk signs that will stay in great condition for years. These particular signs are usually made out of a high-grade plastic. Most high-grade signs have a heavy-duty base.

Low-Cost Strategic Advertising

From a financial standpoint, a sidewalk sign is a practical investment because you can use it many times to market your business to new potential customers throughout the year. To be strategic, you must learn how to create contrast on a sign. Contrast makes a message pop; you can add pop by designing a sign that has a colorful font and a contrasting background. To wow potential customers with contrast, ensure that your sign has colors that aren’t similar. If some of the colors are from the same color scale, a sign won’t have enough contrast to be visible.

Yorktown, VA – Monument Signs – Building Your Business From the Ground-Level UP!

When choosing signs to identify their facilities, business owners have many choices. Among those choices is a monument sign. This type of freestanding sign offers easy visibility from the ground level.

Although monument signs can differ somewhat in design, most of these types of signs will feature specific elements. These types of signs are usually constructed from natural stone, brick or concrete. In some cases, metal such as aluminum, may be used. Monument signs may feature a modern, classic, or rustic style. Regardless of the style featured in a monument sign, the substantial size of this sign allows companies to proclaim to the world that their business is dependable and solid.

Monument signs may also feature a variety of other design elements, such as molded plastics or lightening. The flexible nature of these signs makes it easy for them to be customized to suit the style or theme of the business. Monument signs may also include corporate emblems, logos, or graphics to further reinforce the business’ brand and identity.

Monument signs also offer a myriad of other advantages. For instance, the size of the sign and the fact that it is positioned at eye level offers high visibility and allows the sign to be noticed easily even from a distance. As a result, business owners can be assured that their sign will be noticed by all traffic passing by. The choice of colors and custom graphics will enhance the visibility of the sign during daytime hours as well as during the evening hours.

The style and construction of the sign can be customized to reflect the design and look of the building the sign represents. Not only does this lend a sophisticated touch to the sign, but such elements also help to create a positive and lasting first impression. Additions to the sign are also possible, such as natural stone or brick pedestals. Business owners might also opt for various elements to frame the sign and enhance the sense of permanency.

Monument signs can be easily cared for with regular washing, as they require little maintenance. Available in a variety of types and sizes, monument signs are the ideal choice for all types of businesses.


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