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Newport News, VA – Business Park Signage Matters More Than One Might Think

Why Business Park Signage Matters

Business parks are massive complexes that accommodate numerous office buildings and companies within a large area. Architects and constructors put in tremendous efforts to create business parks that attract tenants while meeting building standards.

Considering most business parks have multiple entry and exit points, they must have signage programs compatible with their needs. Well-placed signs reflect a business park’s professionalism, make life easier for the occupants and increase the property’s value.

Types of Business Park Signage

Business park signs differ by design, material and structure depending on their intended purpose. Some common types of business park signage include:

Post and Panel Signs

Business park investors may opt to announce the presence of their new property aggressively depending on its location and setting. Post and panel signs are ideal for business parks situated far from any major highways or roads. These signs are versatile and can serve multiple purposes, from providing directions to acting as a formal monument.

Monument Signs

Current research suggests that up to 54% of potential customers fail to locate businesses due to bad or no signage at all. A monument sign is a large, highly visible and hard-to-miss type of signage that business owners typically place by the roadside at eye level for all passers-by to see. Monument signs are an effective way for new business parks to welcome potential tenants to their property.

Directory Monument Signs

Directory monument signs are a perfect option for business parks already in operation. Business parks can update these signs as frequently as possible depending on the companies operating within their premises at any given point in time.

Freestanding Signs

Typically mounted close to the ground, freestanding signs are a prominent feature of most business parks. They can be illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LEDs to draw plenty of attention from multiple angles.

The Benefits of Well-Designed Business Park Signage

Reinforced Branding

Business parks that adopt a consistent approach to signage reinforce their own brands adequately and enable tenants to showcase their unique brands. Installing the right signage helps set the mood for park tenants and visitors.

Easier Navigation

Wayfinding signs make it possible for new visitors to navigate a business park easily without assistance. Directional signage such as enter/exit signs, directories and maps can help visitors find a business park, navigate its campus and reach their destinations.


Good signage helps visitors know where they are, how to reach their destinations and the expected etiquette. The instantaneous feedback provided by signage helps reassure visitors that they are in the right place and are performing the right actions.

Choose the Right Business Park Signage

There are numerous types of business park signs. Depending on the setting, business park owners choose to adopt varying combinations of these signs. Business park owners can make the most of their properties by choosing the right signs.


“Best Sign Company in Newport News, VA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

County: Newport News, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Hampton, VA


“Best Sign Company in Newport News, VA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

County: Newport News, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Hampton, VA




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