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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Norfolk, VA – Investing in Address Signs Is a Must for Any Business in the Area

Signs are important investments when it comes to marketing what you do for the public. It is true that signs are tools that can be used to attract customers around-the-clock. Address signs are effective as it relates to catching the attention of those passing by. These signs can be designed in a way that they are seen from roadways and highways depending on the business’ physical location.

Getting the most out of these signs requires, first of all, using a detailed and professional design. James River Signs helps businesses of different types to design address signs. It is essential to consider the features of this type of sign so that it serves several purposes at the same time. The goal is to establish your brand, as well as, to steer traffic to your products and services.

Showcase the Address

Your physical address is something to not overlook. It is important for drivers, for example, to remember your location. Some will write down this information and look up your store or shop online. Clearly visible fonts and other details are critical to these designs. Keeping your design consistent with the other signs is a good idea, especially in shopping centers and plazas.

Attracting Diverse Customers

Entrepreneur reports that millennials are particularly attracted to graphics and signage when designed creatively. Address signs can take on a number of looks that appeal to readers. Attracting diverse customers to expand business includes considering the location of the business. Here are some of those where these are extremely effective:

* Storefronts

* Building Faces

* Windows

* Monument Signs

Standing Out from Others

A simple ride around any city community will show a variety of businesses. These all require address signs that are professionally made. The objective is to use signs that stand out to the reader and encourage them to patronize your business. Another important goal includes standing out from competitors with these marketing tools.

Setting Goals for Signs

Some business owners want address signs to highlight new locations. It is also possible to utilize your signage to provide customers with more information. The design may include product information, business names, logos, and other details. Fonts, as well as, fabrication materials can help you to get the most out of address signs.

James River Signs is a great place to go to start the process of sign selection. You may choose address signs of different sizes and designs. Setting goals in advance is a good idea to ensure that signs are effective.

Newport News, VA – Vertical Signs Setting the Mood for Local Businesses

There is an almost endless number of ways to get the attention of a consumer base, from the products being offered to the way they’re marketed. And while we can’t tell you what to sell, we can help improve your traffic by making your business more visually appealing to your consumer base. Our mission is to provide the most high-quality products and services available in a streamlined fashion where the only limits to what we can provide are the customer’s imaginations. We can not only help design and create a sign that will perfectly suit all needs, but we can also advise on exactly which type of sign will be the most conducive to business.
Among our options is the vertical sign style – a style sometimes overlooked that has the ability to give a business an independent and original look that can allow it to stand out from the competition. With LED options, vertical signs increase long-range visibility and give any establishment a higher chance of catching a consumer’s eye. This is great for any business but can prove especially useful to businesses operating after daylight hours, such as clubs or restaurants. Even without the LED light option, a vertical sign gives any business a look that greatly rivals the competition.
Vertical signs are also very efficient space-wise. Not taking much real estate, they allow for a simple look that can make a business look elegant and attractive, all without taking up the entire storefront.
On top of this, the options for customization are only limited by what the customer can imagine. These signs can make any venue more attractive simply by allowing anything desirable to be elegantly put in the spotlight.
These signs also fit in very well as an indoor decoration, allowing for a great sign to set the mood of the entire venue or business This allows for the creation of a gorgeous focal point in any room.
Outside of this, our signs offer the chance to give information to your consumer base with something much nicer looking than any sign or flier you’ve used before. Combining a great visual appeal with the ability to advertise and inform in small spaces, a vertical sign is very versatile and can be optimal for a variety of situations.
Overall, a vertical sign is a great fit for almost any situation and can bring a unique look to any business, and an authentic feel to any venue, all while being brilliantly original.

Newport News, VA – Most Businesses Will Want a Professional Logo Design

The first and essential step in brand marketing is getting a professional logo designed. Businesses want people to know that their brand is credible even before they contact them by phone, online or step inside their office. Business owners can stand out with a professional logo and a quality sign to attract customers from all channels. There are many reasons to choose professional logo designs, sign manufacturing, installation, and repair.

A logo must reflect the business it represents

There are some important considerations that go into designing your logo that today’s audiences and customers have come to expect. Business owners and entrepreneurs should consider the kind of logo and sign they want and have an idea of what their competitors’ logos look like. A professional logo design company will have representatives to discuss client’s thoughts and share more ideas until he or she finds the perfect logo.

A good logo gives businesses room to grow

A professional logo should not be too specific while leaving room for business growth. For example, the Coca-Cola logo does not restrict the company to refreshments, rather it uses a bold color and distinctive writing to help people remember the company. This is one of the main concerns for companies who might want to offer different products and services now or in the future.

Logos have your target audience in mind

Besides colors and writing styles, a business’s sign should be noticeable and welcoming. This is why professional logo designers opt for simplicity by using very few words or names and maybe a basic yet crystal clear image. The branding tool needs to speak to your ideal audience member or customer by meeting their expectations and surpassing them. Logo designs that represent law firms are different from those that represent a casual clothing store.

What to look for in a logo design company

-Experience working with a variety of businesses
-Large portfolio of past projects
-Ability to design, install, and repair logo signs
-User-friendly website)
-Multiple ways to contact
-Responsive team that listens to business owners’ needs

Start a marketing plan off right

Businesses know that getting a professional logo designed and installed is one of the basic ways to stand out to their customers. A skillfully-made sign is the first thing that catches a prospect’s eye, as a result, business owners are considering logo design and sign installation an investment. This one-time expense is included in a professional marketing plan and should be trusted to a professional logo designer.

Yorktown, VA – One Detailed Process for Making Hanging Signs Explained

Hanging signs can be practical for most, whether they own a business or want some nice decoration. Many people use more weathered wood. This type of wood can easily be cleaned and processed through a table saw. Plywood is also used for signs. Sometimes signs have plywood as a backdrop to the letters. Signs also include medium density overlay material, which is different from veneers. It is made out of resin. This type of material is good for painting. The boards are nailed and glued. Circular saws are used to square off the edges of the sign. Coloring is added to signs using some kind of latex exterior paint. Professionals will often use two to four coats for the signs. Weather conditions and the climate of an area determine how the elements of a sign’s surface will be sealed. The logos can be printed out using programs as simple as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. Shapes and letters are carefully cut using fine tools. Afterward, spray adhesive is used to connect the designs. Band saws are also used for smaller letters in the sign. Towards the end of the process, the saw marks are typically removed. This gives the sign a smooth and professional-looking appearance before it is painted. Logos can be painted in a variety of different colors, depending on the type of materials used.

A combination of flexible adhesive and nails are used to neatly attach the signage. Afterward, the holes are filled in and sanded. Painting is a process that may be repeated multiple times to have an extra glossy and shiny look for the sign. Aluminum foil tape is a popular substance used to prevent a buildup of materials.

This is just one way to do it. There are actually a variety of different materials that can be used to create a hanging sign. Most businesses may want to choose a material other than wood for longevity.

Hanging signs can be used for businesses that want their establishment to be seen from long distances. They are a good way to make a store look fancier. It can work for smaller shops that want to look like a larger chain brand. Lighting used on hanging signs will give it an extra touch of a big city vibe. Hanging signs are a great investment for people that are looking to drive more people into their businesses, and they have a variety of prices. There is no need to worry about going broke after buying one, but investing more tends to yield even greater results.


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