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Newport News, VA – Some of the Benefits of Choosing a Local Sign Company

Signage for your business helps to alert passersby to the services and products that your company offers among other things. On your quest to hire a company to craft signs, you’re likely encountering both smaller, local vendors and larger entities located states away. Reasons certainly exist to stay local and choose the former group.

Visit the Shop
Seeing signs online and actually going to a shop to view the products are two entirely different experiences. Consider the practical concerns with having to travel hours or across the country to procure new signs for your business. Opting for a local shop means that you can sit down with a consultant and browse options for window signs, building signs, street signs and more. You can get a real feel for the quality of the material and how the signage will appear on your storefront or other areas.

Account for the Environment
As you’re browsing through different options for signs online, you might see some appealing ones that really complement your business. Many signs for businesses are outdoors which means that you need to account for the weather. When meeting with local vendors, they can let you know about certain materials that may not be best suited for the climate in the area. Instead, the local vendors can recommend suitable materials that will provide you with new signs with both style and resilience. If you’re working with a company online that lacks knowledge about the weather in your community, this benefit is entirely lost.

Placement Opportunities
Local vendors can also let you know about spots that are useful for placement. For example, they may have familiarity with the block that your business is on. In other words, they can provide you with guidance on the best places to put your signs to maximize both visibility and traffic.

While a guarantee doesn’t exist that a local company will cost less than a more distant vendor, you should at least consider the fact that you will not necessarily need to pay for shipping with the former company. You might be able to pick the signs up depending upon their size. Even if you do need to have the signs shipped, costs can certainly come to a lower total when the origin of the signs is local.

A local sign company certainly has more than a couple of benefits to offer. Before opting for a company across the country, consider why a local entity is the better choice.

Newport News, VA – Attached Signage Meets the Special Requirements of Some

There are many different ways to advertise your business and what it is that you offer consumers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a niche service or not. Being able to reach out to people through quality signage is important. James River Signs provides customers with signs that can be utilized for a variety of marketing goals. They design and produce diverse resources including attached signs for businesses. These can be used and positioned on the exterior of the building.

Depending on the dynamics of your store, shop, or office, you may want these signs for interior spaces, as well. The primary goal is to have signs that are professional in appearance and are good for marketing. These are excellent to use to highlight products and services in the retail field or even for restaurants. Any commercial business benefits from having access to products such as the attached signs. This is one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors.

Accommodate Service Changes

Attached signs are helpful in that they can accommodate service changes. These can be easily positioned over existing signs. This allows business owners to change the services that they offer. This can be done without purchasing entirely new hardware which may be more expensive. These are also signs that are used for new product names and even address changes. It is possible to market on-the-go at marketing events and trade shows when necessary.

Perfectly Position Signs

There is more than one benefit associated with purchasing proper signs for your business. These must also be positioned perfectly to attract the attention of clients and customers. Installing these requires experience and equipment which is why your signage company is important. Positioning matters to its appearance and marketing results. This is true as it relates to both exterior use of attached signs and in some instances interior sign positioning.

Connect with Customers

Hiring experts to design your signage is the best approach for new and existing businesses. James River Signs has long provided customers with signs that are visually appealing. They are useful in connecting with customers by showcasing company names and product branding. Attached signage has a lot of benefits and is a great investment in the future of your business.

Contact your signage company to learn what products are available to meet your needs. Some businesses will require an array of signs that can be used in diverse ways and areas. Having access to these companies is a benefit to any type of business, that is trying to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Williamsburg, VA – The Choices and Ideas for Exterior Signage are Endless

A business needs to advertise in different ways, and one of those ways is by using exterior signs. The only thing to decide are the types of signs that are going to be used, and there are a few options.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are one of the most economical options out there. They are highly customizable and easy to use since they are lightweight, so they can be moved from location to location. The material used to print the sign is highly visible making it easy to see on the streets.

Channel Letters

Another option business owners have are channel letters. These are three-dimensional signs that are quite modern. A business can use these signs to make their establishment feel a little more edgy. One thing that makes these signs special is that they have aluminum sides, which contains the lighting for the sign. Most of these signs come with LED lighting that make the words look pretty impressive at night. A business can use these to guide customers to the establishment.

Electronic Signs

Electric signs are some of the most exciting signs out there. This is a bold way to make a company stand out since the signs look futuristic. The messages or images that these signs display can be changed at the company owner’s discretion which makes them quite versatile. Of course, the colors that it can display make these signs very visible to drivers and people just passing by the store.

Illuminated Signs

These signs are somewhat eco-friendly because they only use electricity at night. This means a company can say they have taken an eco-conscious step forward and also reduce how much energy the company uses. The material used is pretty reflective, so it really does not need any light in the morning to be seen.

Individual Cut Letters

This type of signage has each letter printed and cut individually making the brand or message appear much cleaner. It reminds some customers of the lettering they see online with a lot of white space which is part of the reason these types of letters look so modern and crisp. It is true that some of these letters can be installed with LED lights to be visible at night as well, but that is entirely up to the company.

These are just some signs that businesses are using nowadays, but there are many more, like lawn signs and pylon signs. A business has to evaluate each sign to see which one works best for the brand’s image. It is important to take this step slowly because each sign does represent a significant investment.

Yorktown, VA – Channel Letter Signs to Boost Advertising Results for Companies

Today, most people view channel letter signs multiple times during the day. These flexible displays cover buildings in large urban areas and small towns. They’ve become ubiquitous in most commercial and institutional settings. Why do so many companies rely upon channel letter signage? Strong reasons support utilizing this type of display. This brief article points out reasons to consider allocating a portion of an advertising budget towards attractive channel letter signage on a regular basis.

Channel Letter Signs

Attractive channel letter signs consist of individual letters, logos, numbers, or other symbols formed in three dimensions (typically from vinyl or lightweight aluminum). Many advertisers illuminate this signage internally or externally. This type of signage enjoys widespread popularity in part due to its versatility.

Advertisers mount channel letter signs in a variety of forms: flush against walls, above entrances, along rooftops, and even on multi-sided columns. These signs typically are installed on the exterior of a building. Some channel letter signs can be found indoor though such as in a mall food court.

A Remarkably Effective Display

Why have channel letter signs become so pervasive in modern society? Strong evidence supports the conclusion these displays work very well in familiarizing the public with a company’s name, logo, and location. Unlike a short term radio ad or a television spot, a channel letter sign performs an advertising function on a 24/7/365 basis.

Many channel letter signs last for years with relatively low maintenance requirements. If hail or high winds damage this signage, advertisers need only replace parts of individual units. This aspect of channel letter signage helps make it a “bread-and-butter” type of promotional display for some enterprises. Reportedly, the Small Business Administration ranks this form of permanent advertising as less expensive on a cost-per-thousand basis than radio or television spots. While a business might need to invest significant sums in recurring radio and broadcast TV ad campaigns, channel letter signs produce an ongoing promotional impact for the life of the signage.

Consider Investing in Channel Letter Signage

Businesses seeking to invest advertising budgets as effectively as possible might consider allocating money every year towards adding and expanding their channel letter signage. A channel letter sign on four sides of a building helps promote a company from every direction, for instance.

Individual commercial circumstances vary, of course. Yet recognizing the promotional value of channel letter signs assists firms which depend for their survival upon local traffic. For turnkey signage services in SE Virginia, contact James River Signs at 757-598-4036.

Hampton, VA – Pole Signs Help Businesses Achieve Visibility in Crowded Settings

Today, many retailers struggle to attract the attention of potential customers in busy locations. Using a well-designed pole sign frequently assists companies in achieving prominence. Messages mounted on tall poles literally “stand out”!

Engineering Pole Signs

Several types of pole signs draw consumer interest. Probably a “unipole” sign (one involving the use of a message mounted on a single pole) remains the most popular variant of a pole sign today. Many merchants select strong steel poles to support appropriately-sized sign boards. However, in some locations in which municipal codes allow extremely tall pole signage, businesses choose to utilize two (or even three) poles as an extra safety precaution. The use of taller signs typically requires the use of exceedingly strong, thick poles for signage mounting.

In order to erect any pole sign, an advertiser should consult local code regulations carefully. These rules sometimes differ from one jurisdiction to another. In some cases, municipalities limit the maximum height of business signage. Additionally, specific requirements may pertain with respect to affixing the supporting pole (or poles) into the ground. Advertisers need to know in advance of planning a pole sign whether they will meet code requirements by embedding the poles in concrete or whether the signage requires additional anchoring requirements. The specific details of the sign construction process significantly impact the total cost of this form of advertising.

The Pole Itself As an Advertising Element

Not all pole signs include uniform metal poles, or course. Advertisers still sometimes employ wooden poles for certain types of poll signs. In some cases, the appearance of the pole itself contributes value to this form of signage. For example, even today some barber shops seek to display signage attached to colorful red and white candy striped poles. Even if the poll does not tower above other signage, its decorative nature commands attention from pedestrians and passing traffic.

Indeed, the availability of lightweight, long-lasting LED lighting now allows many comparatively short pole signs to function effectively in capturing the interest of people in the vicinity. A colorful pole still supplies a useful way to hang bright lights, pennants, or banners. It offers eye-catching possibilities. By carefully crafting the pole itself, a firm may devise distinctive and highly durable advertising.

To request further information about pole signs of all types in Southeast Virginia, consider contacting James River Signs. We serve customers across this region, including businesses in Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Williamsburg. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to obtain assistance.


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