Heasdshot Head Shot Example

Example of a business headshot provided by Caught in the Moment Photography

One of the professional photographers of Caught in the Moment Photography wrote this article to briefly describe the current state of the headshots aspect of the photography studio.

During the current state of the corporate world, and in everyday life in general, the phrases “in these uncertain times” and “in these unprecedented times” are heard ad naseum in the news; In the corporate world, particularly in the professional photography sector as professional photographers we have a first hand account.  A myriad of professionals, from varied professions including lawyers, real estate agents, and accountants are taking this time to update their professional headshots especially if they are self employed or otherwise not employed by a corporation or a large company.

Very often a headshot is the first chance that anyone, regardless of what their profession, has to make a first impression; sparking interest and inciting a curiosity and a need to find out more about the individual is what differentiates a headshot from a great headshot.  This is likely the reason that the headshot aspect of Caught in the Moment Photography has been busier than normal in these “unprecedented times.”  Experienced real estate professionals, accountants, and lawyers know that the use of the best available tools at their disposal will enable them to better market and represent themselves.  Thus it is no surprise that these professionals would turn to a fellow trusted and experience professional to take care of their needs the way they themselves take care of their clients.  This is surely the reason that the professional photographers of Caught in the Moment Photography have seen an increase in their headshot photography business.

Long Beach, CA area based photography studio Caught in the Moment Photography has been providing headshots for a thousands of professionals for over twenty years.  The professional photographers know and understand very well what makes a headshot so compelling that that person looking at it will want to know more about the person in the photograph.  The photographers realize that the ultimate reason for that headshot is to create a great first impression so that a business relationship can be established.

A professional photographer from the Long Beach, CA based Caught in the Moment Photography studio wrote this brief article to describe how the studio’s extensive experience in commercial and corporate photography has helped them and their clients connect during the current increase in demand for professional headshots during the current business environment.