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Longbeach, CA

by: Salvador Farfán

Caught in the Moment Photography

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Family, Executive Portraits are Specialty of Long Beach, CA Photography Studio

Caught in the Moment Photography was recently awarded with a “Best in Long Beach” award from the readers of the Long Beach Press-Telegram.  As such it seemed appropriate to write a brief article answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we often get asked.  It seems that because of our strong reputation as a conference and convention photographer some of our clients seem to think of us only as a conference and convention photographer and not think of us when they are in need of other kind of photography such as head shots or other types of portrait photography.

The short answer to the question is that yes we have a full service photography studio in the neighborhood of Naples in Long Beach where we welcome many different types of portrait clients.  We have family portrait clients, executive portrait clients and clients that seek us because of our experience with environmental portraits and outdoor portraiture.

Another of the reasons that many clients seek our photography studio is that we have the availability to take all of the key components of our studio and take them on location and convert a conference room or other space in their location into a mobile photography studio.  This particular offering works well with businesses that have a need to have portraits whose backgrounds are similar and uniform.  Engineering firms, real estate agencies, and municipalities are some examples of the types of clients that select our portraiture services for their their imagery to be used on their website, on brochures or any other collateral materials where it is beneficial to show portraits of the executive and/or sales staff.

Long Beach, CA based Wedding Photographer also known for Destination Wedding Pho…

Although Caught in the Moment Photography is based in Long Beach, CA and was recently voted the best photographer in Long Beach, we are also able and available to travel for either a destination wedding nationally and internationally.

We always feel privileged when a soon to be bride and groom choose Caught in the Moment Photography to capture the special moments of the wedding day and document perhaps in a photojournalistic style every detail of the day. Recently we were privileged to take part in a destination wedding within our own home state of California.  Although the bride and groom live in Long Beach they chose to get married in a private estate within the wine country of the Santa Ynez Valley surrounding Solvang.

This particular destination wedding was a bit different from the destination weddings we typically photograph; most of the time the bride and groom are from out of town and they are making Long Beach their destination and we their wedding photographers are based at the destination.  The bride and groom selected us to photograph their wedding based on our style and our personality; and they had complete trust in us that although we do not photograph weddings at that specific location on a weekly basis we could still come in a few days in advance, scout the wedding venue and make sure that we could produce our signature look and style.

It is a testimonial to our work that our clients chose to take Caught in the Moment Photography with them to wedding locations and destinations near and far so that they can rest assured that they will have the type of images that they are expecting.

New Outdoor Banquet and Event Space at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA Perfect for …

As wedding season is in full swing at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, Caught in the Moment Photography is again fortunate and excited to be one of the preferred photographers available to the brides and grooms that choose the Hotel Maya as the venue for their wedding.

Being one the best places to hold a beachside wedding with a beautiful view of downtown Long Beach, and being a trendy boutique hotel is not enough for the Hotel Maya; they keep looking for ways to improve their wedding offerings.  As a case in point, they recently repurposed their tennis court into a spectacular outside event banquet room which offers all the splendor and uniqueness of an outdoor space with the conveniences and outstanding service that is expected from the staff at the Hotel Maya.

Although we have been doing wedding photography at the Hotel Maya for as long as it has been around, and about ten years before that, when it was operating under a different name; we never take for granted what a unique place this boutique hotel is in Long Beach.  All those years of experience means that we know the best angles, the best locations within the property and the best time of day to photograph where.

We at Caught in the Moment Photography are proud to call the Hotel Maya our home away from home.  We are thankful to be one of the preferred wedding and special events photographers referred by the staff at this beauty of a venue in Long Beach.

Long Beach, CA Conference and Convention Photographer tapped for Inuguration

As a the premier special event photographer in Long Beach we are always present to photograph events of note held by either the many worthwhile non-profit organizations in the city as well as the many national and international conferences that pay yearly visits to Long Beach.  This month, we are honored to be the official photographer of what is without a doubt an historical occasion in the history of Long Beach, the mayoral inauguration.

The swearing-in ceremony took place on stage at the Terrace Theater, the largest theater in Long Beach, and because our extensive experience doing photography for live performances and varied stage productions photographing on stage is second nature to our photographers.

For this particular occasion, we were hired not only because of our reputation of providing the best images possible from a stage production, but also because of our reputation and status in the community.  The who’s who of Long Beach are either our clients or frequent guests of our clients and thus are not only used to seeing us around but are also familiar with our photographers, which enables us to get photos of them when they are more casual and relaxed.

We are truly honored to be the official photographers of this historic occasion.  One of the services that the organizers requested was to have the images immediately available so that they could then be posted to social networks immediately for all the guests to enjoy!  The organizers are keenly aware that the current trend is to have photographs uploaded to social media in order to get the most exposure possible to and from the photographs, regardless of the nature of the event.  Caught in the Moment is there again to fulfill the request!


Promotional Photography for Live Stage Performance Uses Green Screen

Our duties as official photographer for Musical Theatre West are not limited to the photography during the live performances of the stage productions.  We also provide head shots, promotional photography for upcoming shows, as well as photography for special events and fund raising events. The upcoming production the company is putting on is the Disney© favorite Beauty; and the Beast and along with the stage production itself there are a number of related community activities that are being tied in.  In order to promote these activities far enough in advance we needed to get the photography done well before the stage production itself was ready to be performed so we set up our mobile photography studio right at the rehearsal space that the production company uses.  Doing the photography at their facility gave us ready access to all of their costumes but since there were no sets built we photographed them on our green screen so that we could then put the actors on an appropriate background. Belle is perhaps the Disney character that is most associated with reading and thus the special appearances and promotional appearances related to this theater production revolved around reading.  In order to let the families know that Belle was going to be making promotional appearances and reading to the children, the theater production company created a promotional campaign using the images that we created using their characters, actors and costumes and our photography skills and green screen equipment.  The result was a very successful promotional and advertising campaign that helped the theater company not only attract patrons for their current live stage production, but also create awareness for future productions.


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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”

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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”