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Alexandria, VA – Searching for a Strategic Planning Business Coach / Consultant?

SYNOPSIS: Using his extensive professional certification in strategic leadership, complex organizational planning, and more, Business and Executive Coach Dan Colman provides solid strategic planning services.

Hire an Expert Strategic Planning Business Coach

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Strategic planning gives entrepreneurs across all industries valuable insight and concise instructions for accomplishing business goals. When used with the objectives and targets described in your business plan, a strategic plan contributes to further business growth – including higher sales, better productivity, refined operations, and more – with efficiency and timeliness.

Strategic planning may seem time-consuming and complex because it requires data analysis and a thorough business assessment – and understandably, many business owners are overwhelmed with several responsibilities. Fortunately, business coaches and consultants facilitate and simplify the process.

I offer strategic planning for my clients to develop a clear and solid organizational strategy utilizing team collaboration and resources and the most effective action plans to achieve results. You’ll find a briefing on my strategic planning process below.

Strategic Planning With a Business Coach and Consultant

  • I use a professional business assessment to identify your current position and performance in your industry compared to your peers. A business assessment gives us a starting point in identifying actionable goals to pursue growth, competitiveness, and development.
  • Using a SWOT analysis, we will asses internal and external constraints to your growth with feedback from your executives, leaders, vendors, and partners to help set goals to adjust, change, or remove current limitations.
  • We identify the key results areas available to capitalize on and maintain market competitiveness.
  • I help you create action plans for the execution of the plan’s objectives.
  • We will communicate the strategic plan to all of the staff. As a business coach and consultant, I am an objective facilitator and will encourage and answer any questions and address concerns, resulting in an engaging and insightful meeting.

Overview of Business Coaching and Consulting Services

  • I assess your purpose, mission, vision, and values as defined in your business plan to determine your past and current progress in fulfilling your personal and professional goals – this helps us to identify your professional future and path to overall fulfillment.
  • I use financial assessments to determine your organization’s position in the market compared to the benchmark and top 10% of your industry to create purposeful budgeting, revenue, sales, and valuation goals.
  • I will create action and performance plans with key performance indicators to achieve strategic goals involving business skill development, team development, expense reduction, operations management, and more.
  • We will schedule check-ins to confirm the completion of objectives and that your organization is on track with the plan’s deadlines.

Why Businesses Must Create Strategic Plans

With a strategic plan, you reduce or eliminate nonessential, confusing, and complex tasks and spend less money, time, and resources. Additionally, you create goals using a critical approach such as a business assessment, financial assessment, and reliable feedback from your most significant professional relationships to ensure they’re purposeful and relevant to your growth.

Entrepreneurs can book a consultation with me today for assistance with developing a solid organizational strategy.

“Best Business Coach in Burke, VA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Fairfax County: Burke, VA


“Best Business Coach in Burke, VA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Fairfax County: Burke, VA

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Alexandria, VA – Searching for a Strategic Planning Business Coach / Consultant?