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Arlington, VA – Business Coach Provides Advice for Balancing Work & Family Life

SYNOPSIS: Business and Executive Coach Dan Colman suggests practical ways for business owners to achieve the work/life balance they’ve envisioned when beginning their journey to entrepreneurship.

Business Coach: Tips on Balancing Work and Family

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Successful business leaders, executives, and industry pioneers consult with business coaches to maintain sustainable careers. Business coaching involves personal and professional mentorship – after all, financial success and a work/life balance are the goals of so many entrepreneurs.

Achieving a work/life balance remains challenging, and this is where the support of a professional mentor is invaluable for business owners to overcome the obstacles to having more time for their families. Alongside being a certified business coach and member of the National Small Business Leadership Council (NSBLC), I am passionate about providing information and resources to small business owners to achieve sustainable success.

Identify Your Vision of Your Ideal Familial Relationships

Entrepreneurs seeking a more balanced work and family life need to know where they currently stand with their involvement in their familial relationships. You should think about and answer questions such as:

  • What would be your ideal relationship with your family if you had no other obligations?
  • What is currently holding you back from creating this ideal scenario?
  • What steps can you take today to actualize this scenario in the future?

My Diamond Mapping assessment helps my clients understand where there is disharmony in several areas of life: clients grade themselves in four significant aspects of life on a chart that provides visualization of their overall quality of life.

Clients then establish two FocalPoints to achieve in their career and family/personal relationship areas. For example, their FocalPoints may be to schedule more days off and spend more time with family members.

Build a Daily Family Activity Schedule

Planning time with your family is essential in committing to investing more time in your family life. Ask your family members how they would like to spend time with you, and then create a schedule dedicated to fulfilling each person’s request.

Double Your Production, Double Your Income

Many business owners think if they take time off, then their businesses will suffer: this is not true. Learn ways to create higher productivity to double your production: improved productivity increases your output, which increases your pay. I teach a strategy called the Grand Slam Formula to help my clients prioritize and achieve objectives with action plans to get twice as much done in the same amount of time.

Commit to Scheduling Enough Time Off

You play a significant role in managing your business, making it easy to choose work over having time off. However, sacrificing personal relationships for career advancement and success does more harm to yourself, those you care about, and your career.

I tell my clients to start by taking one full day off work and eventually increase it to two. Then we progress to a three-day vacation every three months, every two months, and so on.

For individualized mentorship, inquiring business owners can book a consultation with me today.

“Best Business Coach in Burke, VA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Fairfax County: Burke, , , , , VA


“Best Business Coach in Burke, VA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Fairfax County: Burke, , , , , VA

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Arlington, VA – Business Coach Provides Advice for Balancing Work & Family Life