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Lakewood Township, NJ – FAQs About Custom Lobby Signs from a Sign Company

SYNOPSIS: In Lakewood, Insignia Signs & Wraps addresses FAQs on lobby signs, guiding decisions. Explore materials, lighting, design, and installation insights for informed choices.

Lakewood Lobby Signs - Answers to Your Top FAQs

BY: George Wright, Insignia Signs and Wraps

Making a strong first impression in your Lakewood lobby or entryway is key. As visitors arrive, your custom lobby sign communicates your brand’s image and sets the tone for the entire experience.

But with so many options for lobby signs these days, how do you choose? What questions should you be asking?

As Lakewood’s trusted partner for branded environments since 2013, Insignia Signs and Wraps is here to walk you through the process. Below we’ve answered our clients’ most frequently asked questions to demystify lobby signage and help you create the perfect welcome for your space.

What are the most popular lobby sign materials?

Today’s lobby signs allow for abundant creativity when it comes to materials and finishes. While brands often opt for materials that align with their industry, the context of your business and priorities like budget also come into play.

Some of today’s most popular lobby sign materials include:

– Aluminum: Lightweight yet durable, aluminum lobby signs allow for creative shapes, sizes, and finishes. Aluminum can have a modern, high-end appearance.
– Acrylic: With its crystal clarity and ability to incorporate lighting, acrylic makes a striking impression. Consider acrylic for contemporary spaces.
– Wood: For a natural, warm aesthetic, wood lobby signs convey tradition and permanence. Walnut, oak, and bamboo are great wood options.
– Foam: Lightweight foam signs keep costs down without sacrificing style. Foam takes paint and graphics beautifully.
– Glass: A touch of sleek sophistication, glass lobby signs work in any décor but have a decidedly upscale vibe. Etched glass adds texture.

How do I incorporate my brand’s logo and colors?

A lobby sign is a prime opportunity to reinforce your unique visual identity. When it comes to logos and color palettes, the options are endless. Here are some possibilities:

– Full color logos can be printed directly onto the lobby sign or etched onto glass. This allows for perfect color accuracy.
– Metallic lobby sign materials like brass, copper or chrome can echo logo colors like golds and silvers.
– Non-metallic sign materials can be precisely color-matched to your brand palette via paints, dyes, vinyl prints, and more.
– Dimensional built-up letterforms can incorporate logos into the sign design itself.
– LED and halo lighting allow logo illumination for maximum impact.

What are my lighting options?

Lighting can make an enormous impact when it comes to the visibility, aesthetics, and wow-factor of your lobby sign. Some lighting options include:

– Halo/backlit lighting: For acrylic or glass signs, concealed LED lighting creates a bright, eye-catching glow.
– Exposed neon: For an ultra-modern or retro vibe, exposed neon tubing can accent sign edges or letterforms.
– Gooseneck: Discreetly illuminated, these small metallic lights are perfect for highlighting sign text and logos.
– Spot lighting: External lighting strategically positioned above or around the lobby sign.
– Ambient: Compose the sign design to reflect and amplify ambient lobby lighting.

Should my lobby sign be flat or dimensional?

Flat lobby signs present a unified image while dimensional signs incorporate texture, layers, applied elements, and depth for increased visual interest. Dimensional options include:

– Layered: Multiple layered materials, like colored acrylic bonded to wood.
– 3D built-up lettering: Individually constructed logo and text elements.
– Mixed media: Combinations of glass, metal, wood or more in one sign.
– Shaped/contoured: Dimensionality via shaped cutouts, curved elements, patterns and more.
– Textured: Materials like carved wood, etched glass, hammered metal, and more.

The end goal? A lobby sign design with natural depth, interest, and variety for your audience to take in.

How will you install my finished lobby sign?

Our team handles lobby sign installations with the utmost care and attention to detail. Based on the parameters of your space, your sign design, and installation surface, our trained pros determine the most secure and non-invasive mounting method. Common installation techniques include:

– Adhesive vinyl: For smooth flat surfaces like glass, acrylic signs often use high-bond adhesives.
– Mechanical fasteners: Screws affix signs to surfaces like wood and sheetrock.
– Hanging/suspension cables: Ideal for freestanding hanging signs in entryways.
– Embedded anchors: Hold weighty signs in masonry surfaces. Non-penetrating options available too.
– Drywall anchors/toggle bolts: Secure lighter-weight signs on drywall surfaces.
– Magnets: Adhere metallic sign finishes on surfaces like film-covered reception desks.

Ready to welcome visitors to your Lakewood space with a one-of-a-kind lobby sign? Insignia Signs and Wraps is here to bring your vision to life. Reach out today for a consultation!

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“Best Sign Company in Brick, NJ”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Brick, Brick Township, Jackson Township, Lakewood Township, Wall Township, NJ

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Lakewood Township, NJ – FAQs About Custom Lobby Signs from a Sign Company