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High Winds Can Cause Foundation Damage | PIERMAN Foundation Repair TX and OK

Storms frequently place tremendous pressure on the outside surfaces of the structures in their path. They are frequently characterized by strong wind speeds and heavy rain that may cause floods. The parts of a house that are most vulnerable are the doors, windows, and roofing. Any weaknesses in the structure can allow wind and water into the house during a s…

New Crawl Space Door Installation Services | PIERMAN Foundation Repair Ada, OK

If you have a crawl space, it also has a crawl space entrance! This entryway provides access to all the wonders that exist and work in the crawl space beneath your house. Unfortunately, the crawl space door is frequently one of your home's least visited constructions, which can cause problems if it has developed some problems and goes undetected. This is esp…

Professional Humidity Control In Your Crawl Space | PIERMAN Foundation Repair OK

Generally, the average crawl space area is barely tall enough to stand in and has a dirt floor. Because of the dirt floor's high moisture content, the conditions in most crawl spaces are excellent for the growth of bugs, fungi, and other microorganisms, as well as dampening wood. The reason for a crawl space is to elevate the lowest livable part of a…

Does Your Crawl Space Have A Rodent Infestation? | PIERMAN Foundation Repair

Do you believe your home has a rodent problem? Worries about how rodents can transmit diseases that endanger you and your family might just be keeping you on the lookout. If you have seen signs that now have you suspecting, it is important to deal with them as soon as possible. They're cunning, so how do you track them down once you believe they're nearby…

What Are Some Popular Foundation Types To Consider? PIERMAN Foundation Repair

During construction, the foundation of your ideal home should be prioritized above all other factors. This is because a good foundation keeps a structure robust and upright. In addition, a solid foundation keeps moisture out and the house well-insulated. However, if the foundation is unstable, it might endanger your family living inside in the future. As…

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