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April 26, 2022

Gilbert, AZ – Reviewing the KAHR 40 SW PM40 Pistol | Gun / Shooting Range News

Posted in: Industry News

The Kahr .40 S&W PM40 pistol is very similar to the PM9 that Kahr produces as well. However, there are quite a few differences that make this gun less viable for newer shooters. The PM40 packs a big punch in a relatively small package making it best for concealed carry and a personal defense weapon. It is built to serve the purpose of an ultra-compact pistol, and it does this quite well.

The first thing to talk about with the PM40 is the trigger and recoil. These are the things that make this pistol hardest for newer shooters to control. The trigger is pretty easy to use with a consistent pull of 7 lbs., but sometimes breaks with an element of surprise. It is a double action only pistol and because of this it typically has slower action and greater recoil. The recoil in this pistol can seem to be a but much, and while Kahr steel to the slide to make the gun viable with its higher recoil, it is still not recommended as a beginning gun.

Next to talk about is accuracy. Given that this pistol is marketed as mainly for personal defense, accuracy is a must. The widest groupings found with this pistol are typically 3.5” at a 25-yard distance. However, the groupings tend to average around 3” for accuracy. This is quite impressive for a short-barreled gun and helps boost its ratings for a personal defense firearm. Kahr additionally recommends shooters use at least 200 rounds to break in the weapon. There may be a few malfunctions during this period, however afterwards as long as it remains clean, it shoots without any problems.

The grip is a bit tricky with this pistol. The only way to get all your fingers around it is to use the extended 6-round magazine option rather than standard 5-rounds. However, there are molded-in squares on both the front and rear grip straps. But this is one aspect that has this pistol leaning towards more experienced shooters because without the extended magazine it can be harder to grip and control the firearm.

One of the best parts of this pistol are the variety of sights that make it quite easy to use for follow-up targets. The PM40 has adjustable tritium night sights, adjustable white bar-dot combat sights, and Crimson Trace laser sights. All of these make this pistol adaptable to the environment you find yourself using it in. This is especially helpful when in a personal defense situation, which usually occur in dark or low-light environments.

Kahr constructs this pistol to be user-friendly. Field stripping is easy and quick. Additionally, the pistol features a polygonal rifling barrel and is crowned which helps with its accuracy without producing bulk to the firearm. The reinforced mouth makes it easy to re-holster without snagging or complications and the polymer gives it an impressive matte look.

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