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Sterling, VA – Benefits of Using Custom Awning Signs Listed by Sign Company

Awning Signs

Looking for ways to attract more customers to your business facility? Custom awning signs can help you achieve that goal.

If your business is mixed with many other stores in a busy street, custom awning signs can help you stand out from the competition.

Also known as canopy signs, awnings are pieces of fabric affixed outside a business store above the doors and/or windows. They’re typically made from acrylic, polyester, vinyl, canvas, and other materials. The modern awning signs offer a lot more flexibility than the old-fashioned awnings seen decades ago.

Now, let’s dig deeper and discuss the benefits of custom awning signs:

Enhance the Curb AppealBranding Solution

With their unique aesthetics, custom awnings help improve the curb appeal of your business so that pedestrians farther down the road can easily spot the store. Based on your preferred colors, textures, graphics, and patterns, they can be designed to be visually appealing. Well- designed awnings add a stylish, personal touch to improve the exterior of your business.

Impactful Branding Solution

Many people still perceive awnings as boring signs that won’t even depict your logo or business name. That doesn’t hold true anymore. Modern awnings are highly customizable, allowing you to implement your branding strategy exactly as you want. The simplest idea is to display your business name or logo, which should give your business a professional look. Depending on what other branding elements you use, awning signs can give a boost to the number of impressions.

Alternatively, you can rely on fabric graphic pattern with a subtle tone tailored to your brand identity. Use the colors, logo, and other graphics associated with your brand. If you’re able to do this right, viewers will remember your brand and return.

Additional Outdoor Space

Your elegant-looking awning signs may also provide some extra exterior space. If you’re a restaurant or coffee shop, you can set up a sitting arrangement in this area to accommodate customers who prefer to sit in the fresh air. The awnings will create shade for people during sunny days.

If the idea sounds good to you, custom awning signs can cover as much outer space as you want. They can be customized to any length to meet your business needs.

Indoor Comfort

Even if your customers stay inside the store, the sun rays entering through the windows can be irritating. Direct sun rays aren’t the only problem. The resultant increase in indoor temperature can also be a source of discomfort for customers. Keeping the air conditioner on for extended periods can significantly increase energy costs.

Custom awning signs are an incredible solution that will block the UV rays from the sun. This should help you save on energy costs, while also providing a comfortable in-store experience to visitors.

Get Your Custom Awning Signs Designed by BeBold Sign Studio

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of custom awning signs, it’s time to proceed to invest in the solution. BeBold Sign Studio can design a great-looking awning for your business.

For visually appealing awning signs, contact BeBold Sign Studio today.


“Best Sign Company in Sterling, VA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business / Company

Loudoun County: Sterling, Dulles, Reston, Chantilly, Leesburg, VA


“Best Sign Company in Sterling, VA”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business / Company

Loudoun County: Sterling, Dulles, Reston, Chantilly, Leesburg, VA


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