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Are you looking to make an impact on your visitors through lobby signage? Read on to learn everything about lobby signs.

Your lobby is the first area your customers see when they enter your office building. This provides you with a great opportunity to make that first impression and set expectations. Lobby signs are a great way to welcome your clients, provide information on the resources your office offers, and direct them to rooms they are looking for.

Besides engaging customers, good lobby signs help brighten employees, thereby improving the chances of business success. A research conducted by BMC Health Services Research discovered that renovations to the waiting area increased the satisfaction level of patients in terms of quality of care. This means that their benefits extend to healthcare facilities too.

Let’s find out how to make the most out of lobby signs for your workplace:

How to Use Lobby Signage

Use Entertaining and News Content

No one likes to wait in the lobby.  So to keep your guests entertained, use digital lobby signs to share entertaining content. Based on a study, sharing engaging content on lobby signs can reduce the perceived waiting time by 35%. You can also offer valuable tips about what you think your customers are interested in, so they can pass the time without being annoyed.

Use Lobby Signs as Wayfinding Signs

Use lobby displays to feature a directory or building map to help clients and guests find their way without seeking help from the reception. These help manage the foot traffic and streamline movement in your lobby, especially if you have a lot of visitors daily. Wayfinding lobby signs prove highly valuable in commercial real estate, hotels, and schools.

Use Lobby Signs for Internal Communications

Your lobby is the first area your employees walk through when they arrive every day. Use digital lobby signs to display announcements and updates, KPI dashboards, company social media feeds, or employee achievements. Using lobby signs as an internal communication tool has shown to improve employee productivity and engagement.

Where to Place Lobby Signs

Where you want to place your lobby signs will depend on the type of workplace you have.

Whether you’re a small or large business, you can place welcome signage by the reception desk, wayfinding lobby signs at the entrance points of the lobby, and lobby signs for internal communication in visible corners.

In banks, digital lobby signs can be placed at the reception area to keep the customers entertained while they wait for their turns.

Display directories in healthcare centers offer tremendous help to patients looking to attend their appointments on time. In healthcare facilitates, signage can be placed in the waiting area of the lobby to keep patients occupied while they wait for their appointment.

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