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Which material should you choose for your monument sign? Read on to find out all the options that you have! 

Imagine having the most brilliant idea for your monument sign! However, before you can bring that idea to life, you will have to choose a signage material. When it comes to monument signs, there is a wide range of materials that you can choose from. Some materials offer incredible durability, while others offer weather resistance and a unique appearance that is unmatched. Whichever material you decide to opt for, it can make or break the aesthetic of your monument sign. This is why you must make the right choice!Plastics

Here are some signage materials that you can choose from for your monument sign:

Aluminum and Metal

If you love chic and modern designs with an edgy look, then you should opt for aluminum for your monument sign. It is a ductile, malleable, and moldable material that is ideal for customized monument signs. Moreover, it is incredibly long-lasting, weather-resistant, and rust-resistant, which makes it pretty easy to maintain and cost-effective. You also have the option of adding angled lights to your aluminum monument sign to add some character to it.

Foam-Core & Armored Foam

If you don’t have a big budget, then your best option for signage material is armored foam. It’s amazingly long-lasting, lightweight, and resistant to rot and water damage. Moreover, you can also apply a sheen to your foam-core signs. This makes them appear like granite or other masonry monument signs that are universally appreciated for their attractiveness and uniqueness.


Plastics such as acrylic and high-density urethane is quite easy to mold into different sizes and shapes. This means that if you have a complex design for your monument sign, then there’s no better material for it than plastic. What’s more is that plastic is pretty durable as well. Furthermore, you can fabricate your plastic monument signs in a million different hues and shades and choose the exact ones that go well with your building’s façade.

Stone and Brick Masonry

If you have a large budget, then you can splurge on a natural stone monument sign. It is incredibly durable and the finished sign has the potential to look naturally chic and elegant. However, if you do opt for a stone monument sign, then make sure to have it transported and installed at your chosen location. This is because natural stone is pretty heavy and it can be a bit difficult to manage on your own.


You must have spotted wooden monument signs outside of hotels, motels, state parks, and cottage resorts. Wood has the ability to provide monument signs a charming and rustic quality that no other material has the power to provide. Moreover, if you simply varnish your wooden sign, it will become weather-resistant. With that said, a wooden monument sign does require regular upkeep so that it is not damaged by termite and insects.

Poured Concrete

For a practical and long-lasting monument sign, look no further than concrete. Poured concrete is an incredibly durable material for monument signs. It is widely used for monument signs that are placed around local parks and city gateways.

If you are looking for customizable and durable monument signs, then reach out to us today!