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Mold Growth in Cold Rooms: Prevention and Remediation from Spokane Professionals

SYNOPSIS: Looking for ways to prevent mold growth in cold rooms? Install a ventilation system as it will help keep moisture away. Keep surfaces clean and dry. Keep doors shut to let systems work properly.

Ways to prevent mold growth in cold rooms

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mold in cold room

Cold rooms are an essential component for many restaurants, clinical research laboratories, biomedical organizations, and even some homes. Cold rooms are used for temperature-sensitive storage, analytical processing, and incubation. The constant damp, dark and cold environment of these rooms provides mold spores the ideal conditions to flourish. Today, we will look at how you can safely remove and prevent mold growth from your cold room. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Prevent Mold in Cold Room?

Whether in a restaurant or home, underlying mold growth in a cold room can have a devastating effect on both the structure of the room and the health of the inhabitants. Listed below are five routine measures that will help you prevent mold growth in cold rooms:

1.      Keep Surfaces Clean

Due to the extremely low temperature and dark environment, the surfaces of cold rooms are prone to moisture, providing an ideal environment for mold spores to grow and multiply. Therefore, to prevent mold growth in cold rooms, all surfaces should be cleaned regularly.

In order to do this the right way, STOP Restoration of Spokane recommends that you first clean the surfaces using a wet rag or mop and then wipe them dry, ensuring that no dust, dirt, or debris is left behind. Note that chemical detergents such as bleach should not be used to clean metal surfaces in a cold room.

2.      Use Cold Rooms Correctly

Every cold room is uniquely designed to fulfill a specific function. While some are created to store food items and wines, others are used to store flower bulbs and potatoes. Therefore, to prevent mold in cold rooms, you should ensure that they use the room for the intended purpose only.

3.      Store Items Properly

Another important factor that contributes to mold growth is the improper storage of items, especially when it comes to perishable and organic items like wood or food. In such cases, to prevent contamination, you should avoid cardboard boxes and use containers instead. Primarily because cardboard boxes comprise cellulose which provides the perfect surface for mold to flourish.

4.      Keep the Door Firmly Shut

Even when the cold room is in use, make sure that the door is closed at all times. This is because most contaminants, particularly mold spores, come from the outside.

5.      Install a Proper Ventilation System

Even though common in cold rooms, reduced airflow and limited ventilation can trigger mold growth. Installing a ventilation system helps improve the air quality of the cold room, reduces moisture build-up, and prevents any water damage that could lead to mold inhabitation.

6.      Report Any Liquid/Water Leaks Immediately

Moisture is one of the most triggering factors that lead to mold growth. Therefore, as soon as anything spills, make sure to mop the surface clean and dry. On the other hand, if you detect any minor leak, get it assessed and fixed before the damage worsens.

Work with STOP Restoration of Spokane to Prevent Mold Growth in Cold Rooms

Mold can be highly toxic and dangerous! Therefore, when it comes to removing mold from a cold room or any environment, we always recommend professional mold remediation services. The professionals at STOP Restoration of Spokane will not only help you permanently remove mold in cold rooms but will also help you identify the main issues that might be contributing to mold inhabitation in the first place, allowing you to make necessary changes to prevent mold growth in the future. Contact us to hire our team of professionals for a free inspection, or click here to visit our website right now!

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“Best Home Restoration Company in Spokane, WA”

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Mold Growth in Cold Rooms: Prevention and Remediation from Spokane Professionals