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Santa Rosa, CA

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Petaluma, CA – Need AC Compressor Replaced? Contact a Local Auto Repair Shop

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Are you concerned about your car’s AC compressor? Here’s all you need to know and do!

Keeping your car’s AC compressor properly maintained is essential so you can get through the summer comfortably. If your AC isn’t working, then contact us at North Bay Bavarian to book an appointment, so our team can repair or replace it for you.

Here are a few tips for keeping your AC compressor working for a long!

Wash the Condenser Regularly

AC condensers often start malfunctioning due to blockages in the air filters, which prevent the flow of air over cooling coils. That is why it’s extremely important to keep the condenser clean by washing it thoroughly at least once a week. This will ensure that all the dust washes away and the compressor can maintain better cooling.

Vacuum Clean Carpets and Mats

Often time moisture and dust from the carpets and mats in your car cause your AC compressor to malfunction.  That is why you must vacuum clean them regularly, so the AC duct and vent don’t suck in the dirt.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

The air filter located just below the dashboard of your car needs to be washed properly on a regular basis. Consider replacing it every few months if you think it has worn out. Keeping filters clean at all times ensures that your AC keeps performing at its best throughout the summer.

Keep the Radiator Clean

Keeping the radiator clean is equally important for ensuring that the AC condenser works fine. If the radiator overheats, the excessive heat may affect the condenser adversely because it’s located right in front of the radiator. Consider cleaning your radiator at least once every three months.

 Maintain Adjoining Components

The maintenance of the other components of the car that close or attached to the compressor is equally important, so they don’t affect the performance of the AC compressor. Make sure that has pipelines, filters, and hoses are all well maintained so your compressor can work at its best.

Check for Leakages

Always check whether there are any leakages in the AC gas pipelines. Make sure they are properly working without any unidentified leak. Consider cleaning the pipelines too.

Hire Car AC Repair & Maintenance Services!

If your AC compressor is experiencing any problems or malfunction, then it’s important to take your car for repair and maintenance at a local auto repair shop. The professionals can identify all the issues and repair them for you.

Are you looking for a local auto repair shop for repair and maintenance of your car’s AC compressor?, Visits our website to make an appointment today!


“Best Auto Repair Shop in Santa Rosa, CA”

Top Rated Local Automotive Repair Company / Garage / Mechanics

Sonoma County: Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Windsor, CA


“Best Auto Repair Shop in Santa Rosa, CA”

Top Rated Local Automotive Repair Company / Garage / Mechanics

Sonoma County: Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Windsor, CA


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