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Santa Rosa, CA – Diagnostic Service Process for BMWs | Auto Repair Shop News

Need to get your BMW checked. Do you require some diagnostics done for your car? Contact us at North Bay Bavarian for reliable, authentic, and trustworthy services. If you are a car owner, it is essential that you take it for a diagnostic test. This can allow you to detect a problem in your car before it causes possible chaos. With the advanced t…

Santa Rosa, CA – Car Air Filter Replacement Signs from an Auto Repair Shop

As a car owner, you need to make sure that the oil is changed, air filters are replaced, diagnostic tests are run, and more Get your air filters of the car replaced by North Bay Bavarian and keep your car in good working condition.   For your car to be functioning in an orderly manner, you need to ensure that both the filters - air and fuel are i…

Windsor, CA – Auto Mechanic Specializes in Belt Repair / Replacement Services

Do you need to get the car belt repaired or replaced? North Bay Bavarian provides services for the repair or replacement of your cars. Get them fixed now.   The crankshaft is one of the parts in the engine that works to generate power for the alternator. The drive belt, commonly known as the serpentine belt, holds the responsibility for the connect…

Windsor, CA – Review: Car AC Compressor Repair Services for BMWs and Minis

Is your Car Air Conditioner not working in a proper manner? Do you need to get it checked? North Bay Bavarian can give your car a proper check and fix whatever problems are there. Whether you need to get the car AC repaired for your BMW or Mini Cooper, we are here to fix them up! You need to make sure that the car AC Compressor is repaired and in p…

Sonoma CA – Need Suspension Shocks & Struts Repaired? Visit Our Auto Repair Shop

Do you need to get your suspension shocks and struts repaired? Contact us and bid goodbye to your car troubles! Are you looking for signs to get your suspension shocks and struts repaired? Here we will go in-depth about how you can look for signs for the repair and get it fixed too. Signs That You Need Suspension Shocks and Struts: 1. Your Car Ride Wi…

Sonoma, CA – Oil Change Warning Signs | BMW Auto Repair Specialists’ Advice

Does your car need an oil change? Do you want to invest in the best car service? Contact us for our oil change services and get your car in the best working condition! A regular oil change is a necessity for the vehicles; this helps them function in a stable manner and run smoothly without any hindrances. Changing the oil of the car requires a mont…

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1801 Empire Industrial Court,
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BIO: NORTH BAY BAVARIAN is a top rated BMW and MINI auto repair shop in Santa Rosa, CA, and serving the greater North Bay Area. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people and develop a good clientele through being upfront and honest and knowing that without customers I would not have a business.