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Santa Rosa, CA – Maximize Your BMW’s Gas Mileage With the Below-Mentioned Tips

MW's Gas Mileage

Wondering how to maximize your BMW’s gas mileage? Follow these incredible tips!

There’s arguably nothing as annoying as having to fill your vehicle’s gas tank over and over again when you’re on a road trip. This happens when your car is consuming way more fuel than it should be consuming. To avoid this struggle, you need to improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Use the following tips to improve your BMW’s fuel efficiency:

Keep Your Car in Top ShapeBackseat AC

Make sure to keep your vehicle maintained at all times. Change the oil when it starts turning black, keep your tires inflated, and timely replace clogged air filters to make sure that your vehicle remains in top shape. The occasional tune-up and service of your BMW will ensure that everything continues to work well, which will improve your gas mileage. If you have an electric car, then make sure to keep it fully charged and use the ECO PRO mode so that it consumes less fuel.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Avoid trying to overtake every car on the road, particularly when you’re driving over 50 mph or going uphill. This is because it can lead to a lot of gas consumption. When driving on the highway, try to use the cruise control to keep your BMW at a constant speed. This is because if you accelerate rapidly, you will end up consuming more fuel. Additionally, when you find yourself at a red light, consider turning the engine off to save gas. Also, always watch out for obstacles and brake gently.

Get Rid of the Excess Weight

Unless you’re heading on a road trip, you don’t need to fill your vehicle up needlessly. So, make sure to remove that rooftop cargo carrier. When you remove the extra weight, you will effectively prevent your car from dragging, which will improve its overall performance and fuel efficiency.

Manage Your Time Effectively

You can save your fuel and time if you simply plan your trip before hitting the road. So, make sure to plan a trip that allows you to complete all of your errands in one go so that you don’t end up burning more fuel. A planned trip will also prevent you from idling around in your car and allow you to get to your destination quickly.

Always Consider the Weather

During the summer, make sure that you don’t put the AC on for extended periods as it will use up a lot of gas. Only use the AC when driving at fast speeds or when you’re on the highway. Otherwise, lower the windows and let some fresh air in.

Additionally, make sure to park under a shade to keep your car’s internal temperature cool. This will reduce the need to turn on the AC. If you’re driving an EV during warmer months, consider precooling your cabin while you’re charging the battery.

When using your car during the winters, make sure to park in a warm area such as a garage. This will keep your engine and the interior of your vehicle at a comfortable and relatively warm temperature. Additionally, don’t use the heater or defroster unless completely necessary. If you have an EV, then consider preheating the cabin while charging the battery.

Make sure to follow the aforementioned tips to maximize your BMW’s gas mileage. Also, choose a car that provides excellent gas mileage and keep it well-maintained.

To get your BMW serviced and repaired, visit our website today!

Santa Rosa, CA – BMW Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself | Auto Repair News

Is your BMW giving you a hard time? Calm down, and consult a professional BMW mechanic. There are some repairs you shouldn’t do yourself.

Let’s suppose your most prized possession, your shiny new BMW car, has broken down. Not only do you want to have it back on the road, but you also want to save some money. So, you are tempted to do the repairs yourself. Hold on right there! Sometimes, the repairs your car needs may seem negligible, but due to lack of experience and resources, you shouldn’t deal with them on your own and consult a professional BMW mechanic in Santa Rosa, CA.BMW Logo

In the upcoming paragraphs, we will talk about BMW repairs that you shouldn’t do on your own.

So, let’s begin.

Body Issues

If your car has suffered any body damage, it is best to leave the work to the professionals. A car’s body is delicate, and the slightest error can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, you are well aware of how a professional finish looks like, which is why there is no reason for you to go anywhere near the car’s body, and put it in a lot of risk. BMW cars need a special finish, which requires color matching. Trust us, you will save a lot more money if you go to a professional for help.

Replacing the Windshield

A key component of your vehicle is the windshield, and it is a very expensive piece of glass. By placing and sealing the windshield correctly, you protect yourself from outside elements, thus making your driving safe and comfortable. Never make the mistake of replacing the windshield on your own, for there are several downsides to it.

First of all, you can drop the windshield and break it, which not only costs money, but it is also dangerous and can cause painful wounds. Secondly, if the windshield is placed incorrectly, it can cause leaks, which can affect your car’s interior and make driving your car uncomfortable.

Replacement of the Suspension Component

This one sounds really simple, but in reality, it isn’t. The suspension components of your vehicle are complex, and they have a lot more to do than swapping the wheels and tires. The slightest mistake with the suspension would make your car extremely erratic while it’s on the road. The cost of suspension fixtures is nominal, and therefore, it is better to see a professional.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission maintenance and repair requires considerable experience. Furthermore, it needs special tools and a dedicated space. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is so complex that even the most experienced of mechanics need special training.

These were some BMW repairs that you should never do on your own. To benefit from the best BMW repair services in Santa Rosa, CA, feel free to visit our website today.

Santa Rosa, CA – Spring Clean Your Vehicle With the Tips Mentioned Below

Do you want to clean your car? Here is what you need to do.

We all tend to get super excited when spring starts. We look forward to going on amazing road trips and fun socializing activities. All these things compel us to clean our cars, and make them look good before we hit the road. Car cleaning isn’t a fun activity. However, it is better to start the new season with a cleaner car. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some spring cleaning tips for your car.Brush the Mats

So, let’s get started.

Brush and Vacuum the Interior Surfaces

Get hold of a gentle, fine and clean brush. Now, very gently remove the dirt from the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Some of the areas which need utmost attention include the crevices, buttons, cushions, as well as the ventilation areas. Make sure you get rid of all the used tissue paper, paper plates, cups, wrappers and cola bottles. The items that do remain within your car, such as gum, sunglasses and clickers, should be well organized. After removing the dirt, debris and trash, make sure you top everything up with a nice air-freshener.

Brush the Mats

To get rid of the grime that winter brings, the mats need to be cleaned thoroughly. For this, fetch a hard-bristled brush and with powerful strokes get rid of all the loose dirt from the mats. Doing so, you will remove the dirt and debris that have been trapped between the fibers of your mats. After brushing, make sure you vacuum the carpet. This will leave your mats with a nice dirt-free look.

Wash the Tires

The tires are crucial components of your car, and therefore, they too must be washed, as part of your spring cleaning routine. The cleaning products that you use shouldn’t contain any acid or harsh chemicals. For effective cleaning, use a hard-bristled brush, and a toothbrush for smaller areas. With the right brushes, and safe to use chemicals, you will give your tires the look that they deserve.

Wash the Exterior

Your car’s body needs a thorough wash. This will not only give your car a sleek look but will also protect the paint job. For detailed cleaning of the car’s exterior, hand-washing is the perfect technique. Most people make the mistake of applying a detergent or any other cleaning product instead of a specific car cleaning product. After washing, dry the car’s body with clean and dry cloth.

Clean the Windows

To prevent them from getting dirty, the windows should be cleaned at the end. Don’t use a standard glass-cleaner on the windows as it is too harsh. As far as the cleaning material is concerned, it is better to go for microfiber, as it doesn’t leave behind any streaks.

For the finest BMW repair and maintenance services in Santa Rosa, CA, visit our website today.

Santa Rosa, CA – Use These Tips to Maintain the Cooling System in Your Car

Do you suspect an issue with your car’s cooling system? Here are some maintenance tips that will help you on the way.

It almost seems ironic how we never pay any attention to the cooling system of our car. We don’t even spare a minute to think whether or not the cooling system needs maintenance. Some of the key components that are on top of our car maintenance list include the brakes, tires, and the oil. However, if you are smart, you will add the cooling system to this checklist.oil

A cooling system that is clean and properly maintained is good for two reasons. First of all, a clean cooling system lasts longer and it keeps costly repairs at bay, thus helping you save money. In this article, we will give you some tips on maintaining the cooling system of your car. But before that, let’s discuss how a cooling system works.

Car’s Cooling System: How Does It Work

In all the cooling systems, a cooling circuit runs through the head and the engine block, which are sealed using a gasket. The coolant or the antifreeze is circulated through a pump and coolant hoses. The coolant goes through the engine as well as the radiator. The outside air tends to cool the coolant, thus removing the heat from the engine. This cycle tends to continue, thus keeping your car cool, regardless of the weather and the temperature.

Cooling System Maintenance

Now that we have talked about the car’s cooling system, let’s discuss some of the cooling system maintenance tips.

A cooling system that is clean doesn’t fall prey to dust and debris, and therefore, there is no blockage or clogging. Here are a few ways to maintain the cooling system of your car and make sure that it is running perfectly.

  • Make sure to keep an eye on coolant consumption and leakages.
  • Regularly check the coolant level, and top it up if required.
  • Test the coolant, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Make sure the coolant isn’t rusty or discolored. If it is, get the cooling system checked for corrosion.
  • After every five years, make sure to flush theentire cooling system. You must remember that the five year figure is just an estimate. The cooling system needs flushing whenever your car hits the 30,000 miles mark, which could be before or after five years.
  • Don’t overload your car
  • Check your radiator regularly

Maintenance of your cooling system is very important if you want to enhance the lifespan of your car. To benefit from the best BMW maintenance and repair services in Santa Rosa, CA, feel free to visit our website and get in touch with our professionals today.

Santa Rosa, CA – Follow These Tips When Driving Your BMW in Rainy Weather

Don’t you just love driving that gorgeous BMW of yours while it rains? However, here are a few things you should take care of.

Let’s suppose you are heading home in your BMW after a tough and tiring day at work. The weather seems pleasant, so you leave the top down. All of a sudden, you hear the clouds and it starts to pour. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is not panic. If you know what to do, you’ll safely make it home without an issue. However, if you don’t know what to do, you should check out the tips mentioned below. Here are a few things you should follow when you are driving your BMW in rainy weather.Headlights On

Tip # 1: Stay Prepared

It may be a nice sunny day, but as a responsible driver, you should anticipate a fierce storm before you hit the road. Your tires should be in perfect condition, and the tread shouldn’t be worn out. This will give your car the stability it needs while you drive it on a wet road. Furthermore, the wipers of your windshield should be in perfect working condition so they can clean the windshield, thus removing all obstructions from sight.

Tip# 2: Drive Slowly

One of the best things you can do while driving in the rainy weather is to reduce the speed. It sounds strange, but driving too fast on a wet road, especially when it’s raining, can get you in a terrible accident. To be on the safe side, it is better to keep the speed down to 10 miles per hour while you drive in the rain. Besides keeping the speed low, you must maintain ample distance between your car, and the one that is in front of you. Try not to apply the brakes too hard, and remember to slow down, every time you take a turn.

Tip # 3: Turn the Headlights On

In some states, it is a legal obligation to turn the headlights and wipers on, when it starts raining. However, in some states, it is up to the driver to act responsibly and use the headlights while it pours. When the rain comes down, it becomes difficult to see, and if the rain is heavy enough, it almost becomes impossible. By using the headlights, you make it easier for yourself to see, while minimizing the chance of an accident.

Tip # 4: Respond Smartly to Skidding

Make sure not to panic, even if your car starts to slide. However, if you know exactly what to do, you’ll be able to retain control in an effective manner. When the car starts to slide, do not hit the brakes straight away, or else you might start a tailspin. Instead, continue to look straight, and steer the car in  the direction of your choice.

Make sure not to skimp on any of the tips as you drive your BMW in the rain.

If you are looking for the best BMW repair services, feel free to visit our website today.

Santa Rosa, CA – Solutions to Alternator Bracket Seal Failure | Auto Repair News

The elite reputation of BMWs in the automotive industry can’t be denied. Its sleek, stylish models and superior performance keep car enthusiasts captivated around the world. Yet, it’s not totally immune to the various issues that vehicles develop over time, which is why you must keep an eye out to track any problems and address them before they get more complicated.Mechanic

A common problem in BMW’s is the failure of the alternator bracket seal. The issue has been reported by a considerable number of BMW owners. What’s so daunting about this issue is that the repair process can take around 5 hours or more for even the most skilled mechanics to complete.

In order to help you out, we’ll discuss some solutions to the problem t:

Resolving Alternator Bracket Seal Failure

If you detect an oil leak, chances are that your alternator bracket seal may have malfunctioned. Even if there’s no oil leak, an unusual drop in oil pressure should be enough to alert you of the problem. Sometimes, the dashboard’s oil-pressure lights or check-engine enlightens you of the problem.

If you detect any of the signs above, get your BMW inspected for a faulty seal by a professional who deals in German cars.

To deal with an alternator bracket seal failure, you will have to remove large components of your BMW engine, which is why you need a professional who has the necessary skills and equipment to fix the gaskets. Because the process involves the removal of the engine mount, it’s more complicated and lengthier than most vehicle owners might think.

When you get your faulty alternator seal repaired, don’t forget to apply an extra sealant as extra protection against future oil leaks. Plus, you need to not only lower the front but also take out the alternator, the drive belt, the underbody shields, and the suspension components.

Assuming that you’re an expert BMW repairer with all the necessary tools, follow these steps to remove the parts:

Step 1: Take out the alternator

Step 2: Pull out the power steering pump

Step 3: Undo all motor mounts

Step 4: Elevate the engine a few inches using a jack

Step 5: Detach the front axles and the front drive shaft

Step 6: Remove the differential to put it out of your way

Step 7: Loosen the bolts near the alternator

Step 8: Take out the alternator bracket.

Whom Should You Contact When Your BMW’s Alternator Seal Fails?

If you aren’t a skilled BMW mechanic, you certainly can’t put your vehicle at risk by attempting to deal with the problem yourself. North Bay Bavarian, one of the oldest BMW specialists in Santa Rosa, is the perfect choice if you want to repair your alternator bracket seal.

While there are other BMW service providers in the region, the skills, expertise, and service of North Bay Bavarian are simply unmatched due to their dedication to provide an extraordinary service.

To repair your BMW’s alternator bracket seal, contact us today.


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BIO: NORTH BAY BAVARIAN is a top rated BMW and MINI auto repair shop in Santa Rosa, CA, and serving the greater North Bay Area. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people and develop a good clientele through being upfront and honest and knowing that without customers I would not have a business.