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Hayward, CA – Family Lawyer Offers Spousal Support Service in the East Bay

Navigating the domain of spousal support often leaves people feeling perplexed. Myriads of questions arise around the what, why and how of alimony—those court-ordered payments between divorced spouses meant to balance incomes and uphold living standards post-split. By offering expertise grounded in 20+ years of California family law experience, I bring light…

Hayward, CA – Importance of Post-Marital Agreements | East Bay Family Law News

For married couples in Hayward and across the East Bay, post-marital agreements deserve serious consideration regardless of how strong the relationship may seem. As an experienced family law attorney practicing in the Bay Area for over two decades, I have guided countless clients through the postnuptial agreement process to help safeguard assets and reduce c…

San Leandro, CA – East Bay Family Lawyer Discusses Different Types of Divorces

Like a turbulent sea, divorce tosses people into choppy waters many feel ill-equipped to navigate. But just as veteran sailors learn to harness the wind and chart a course through rough waves, viewing divorce pragmatically, yet compassionately, enables moving forward. As an East Bay family lawyer assisting people through divorce for over 20 years, I've wi…

San Leandro, CA – Process for Submitting a Restraining Order | Family Law News

Pursuing a restraining order can feel like an uphill battle, with complex legal procedures and forms standing between you and safety from abuse. At Bagner Law, we understand how traumatic domestic violence and stalking can be. We also recognize how daunting and intimidating the system appears without an advocate on your side. That is why we make it our pr…

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