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San Leandro, CA – Explaining the Types of Child Custody | Family Lawyer News

There are many matters to settle during a divorce. You will need to make critical decisions regarding what will happen to your property, including the house, your cars, high-ticket items, business ventures, and other major investments, and it may not always be so clearcut what is equal and fair during the distribution process. Determining the child cus…

Oakland CA – Child Adoption Process & Advice from an East Bay Area Family Lawyer

Adoption is an excellent option when you’re ready to welcome a new child into your home. For some couples, it’s the only option. You’d think that the process would be simple and straightforward then, especially if the adoption is in everyone’s best interest. The good news is that, yes, adoption will almost always be successful if it’s in everyone’s best i…

San Leandro, CA – Estate Planning Essential Tips from a Local Family Lawyer

Most people aren’t keen on coming to terms with their mortality, but it’s an unfortunate fact that we all will pass eventually. When we do, it’s good to know that our wishes will be honored, and our property will be awarded to the people and parties that we wish will enjoy it in our absence. That’s what makes estate planning so crucial; that, even thou…

Fremont, CA – Overview: Uncontested Divorce Services from a Family Lawyer

Divorces always seem to be dramatic in the movies. Tears, shouting, household objects flying across the room— we’ve all seen the tropes. This isn’t always how things unfold in real life. Sometimes, after much careful thought and deliberation, the couple realizes there are certain differences between them that no amount of communication, mediation, or coup…

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