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Richmond, CA – Holiday Hosting with Fun, Colorful Artisan Handmade Ceramics

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Holiday Hosting with Sweet Tarnation

Do you love hosting people, feeding people, serving tasty, beautiful food? Me too! Especially if it’s on equally fun dishes. Creating a holiday spread is a joyful part of the season. I find using dishware I love can take some of the stress out of hosting and make it even more fun than usual. It brightens everything, including my table, and I couldn’t do the fanfare of the holiday season without a selection of amazing dishes to help keep things festive and fun. Check out available vessels here!

rainbow of ceramic dishes for your table

Rainbow of colorful ceramic dishes to liven up your spread

For the larger get-together, you’ll want to have a variety of dishes on-hand to serve all the great food you’ll be cooking up. Platters and large bowls are a given, but we tend to leave the smaller dishware as an after-thought. With a selection of smaller dishes, you can create a spread you’ll want to share with everyone! You can build a dishware landscape full of sauces and crackers, patés, spreads, olives, appetizers, and chutneys. The smaller dishes help you organize all your flavors into a delicious smörgåsbord.

Layering your dishes on boards and platters can give so much dimension to your spread. Instead of laying those crackers in a pile next to that beautiful aged gouda, put them in a little dish to keep them tidy. It will add another level to your charcuterie board, you’ll never want to go willy-nilly again!

Colorful ceramic dishes on a black background

More tasty ceramics for your holiday table

Small dishes are great for keeping those mustards, jellies, and chutneys in order. These little dishes help to raise the condiments above the meats and cheeses so they don’t get lost among the yumminess. Sometimes you just want your fancy mustard to stand out. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to the posh condiment shop in time, putting it in a nice dish is a great way to fancify some not-so-fancy mustard! Don’t forget a spoon or spreading knife to serve.

For smaller crowds things are even more fun when you have a range of cups, bowls, and plates to choose from when serving guests. You won’t believe how excited they will be to see you serve good food in an equally good vessel or when they get to choose from a bunch of cups for that special drink. It will brighten the gathering tremendously and each guest feels they have a custom vessel. It’s a great feeling to know you’re taking good care of your guests and offering them something they don’t get everywhere else. Variety and choice is a luxury we don’t always get in our lives, so let’s lean into those moments and offer our guests a choice when it comes to that celebratory drink vessel!

You’ll relish putting your holiday meals on the table when you vary the dishes you use. Not only does it lend more color and interest to your spread, but it helps vary the levels on the platters and boards when folks go to fill their plates (and bellies). It will literally add dimension to your layout, making it easier for people to see each element that you’ve chosen so carefully. So go for it, dish it up!

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“Best Ceramics Store in Richmond, CA”

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Richmond, CA – Holiday Hosting with Fun, Colorful Artisan Handmade Ceramics