Wondering how to protect your wooden furniture and floors from water damage? Here are some natural ways that you can try!

Water and wood often tend to be a costly and damaging combination. When wood is exposed to water, it tends to warp, stain, rot and develop mold. So, if you have lots of wooden furniture and chic wooden floors, then you might need to think of ways to keep it protected from water damage.wooden table

Instead of opting for commercially manufactured sealants that smell awful and are bad for your health, you need to use milder, safer, and natural solutions, sealants, and polishes to protect your wooden surfaces. These natural methods will also prove to be cost-effective and gentler on the wooden surfaces.

Here are some natural ways in which you can protect your wooden furniture and floors from water damage:

Olive Oil and Lemon

Mix two parts lemon juice with three parts olive oil. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it directly onto the wooden surface or use a polish rag to apply it. This method to protect wood is quite effective and as a bonus, it leaves your furniture and home with a lovely and refreshing lemony aroma.

Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is another effective way to protect wooden surfaces from water damage. Use a damp rag to clean the wooden surface and let it dry completely. Then, rub some coconut oil straight onto the surface. It will revitalize, moisturize, and protect the wooden surface. This method also results in your furniture, giving off a faint and pleasant whiff of coconut oil.

Oil and Vinegar

A mixture of oil and vinegar is hands down one of the best ways to protect wooden furniture. Put 3 parts of canola oil in 1 part vinegar to prepare an amazing wood sealant, which will protect your wooden furniture and floors from wear and tear, water damage, and pesky burrowing insects. Additionally, you can also apply this mixture to give the wooden surface a nice shine.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil comes from wax and although it does have a strong odor and takes longer to dry than the other ways mentioned on our list, it’s definitely worth the effort and time. Use boiled linseed oil to protect your wooden surfaces from water damage and give them a new sheen.

Good Preserving Practices

When overexposed to water and sunlight, wood tends to degrade much faster than usual. This is why you must take certain preventative measures to preserve the wooden surface in your home. If possible, keep your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight and make sure to clean up any spills right away.

Use the aforementioned natural and safe-to-use sealants and preserving practices to protect your wooden surfaces and maintain their gloss for a long time. If despite following these tips, your wooden surfaces experience significant water damage, then reach out to a professional water damage and restoration company to take care of your wooden furniture.

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