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Attn: Portland, OR Residents – Call for Professional Asbestos Abatement Today!

Asbestos Abatement

Is there asbestos in your house? Here’s why you should call us for its removal today!

Thanks to its high resistance and durability, asbestos was readily used in the construction of homes from the 1930s until the 1970s. Asbestos is a toxic substance that can cause severe health problems. Today, those same homes present a threat to their owners as any sort of reconstruction can lead to asbestos exposure. It’s also difficult to gauge exactly where asbestos has been used because it was a common building material source for many structural elements of homes. These include roof shingles and ceiling tiles, pipes, floor tiles, and even walls.

With that said, you need to have it removed completely from your home by a certified asbestos abatement company. Here are two primary reasons why you should remove asbestos from your house:

It Harms Your Health

Asbestos fibers can cause major harm to your body if you breathe them in. Once they are lodged in your lung tissue, they can lead to asbestosis, lung cancer, bronchial cancer, COPD, diffuse pleural thickening, pleural effusion, and pleural plaques.

Moreover, children are more susceptible to asbestos than adults. This is because it often takes about 20 to 50 years for asbestos-related diseases to develop after exposure. So, the younger someone is when they’re exposed, the higher is the likelihood that they will live to experience the full-blown effects of the diseases.Asbestos Abatement

You Have Experienced Structural Damage

In some instances of damage, you must repair or isolate the asbestos-containing materials and in other instances, you must have them removed from your home. The only way to know which course of action to take is to hire a licensed asbestos abatement team.

If you suspect that asbestos was used as a building material throughout your home, then you must not disturb your damaged property at all. This is because friction of any kind will cause the asbestos fibers to release in the air, particularly when the materials are loosely-bound or brittle.

The safest way to deal with asbestos removal is to hire professional services of an asbestos abatement company such as the Service Team of Professionals (STOP).

Here’s Why You Should Hire STOP for Asbestos Abatement

If you have suffered structural damage to your asbestos-containing home, then call STOP right away. We have the right experience, training, and tools needed for quick and safe asbestos abatement. We will find the location of the hazardous material before containing or eliminating the threat. You can rest assured that our team of certified professionals will protect your family from asbestos exposure throughout the process.

We use proper protection and industry-grade tools to ensure safe removal or mitigation of asbestos. We will use one of the two methods recommended for asbestos abatement – enclosure or encapsulation. For the enclosure method, we will seal off the area that contains the asbestos by covering it completely. For instance, if it’s used in insulation piping, we will use a proactive wrap or jacket to contain it. As for encapsulation, we will apply a sealant to the problem area, which will bind the asbestos fibers together to eliminate the danger.

If you want safe and reliable asbestos abatement services in Portland, OR, then visit our website today!

Portland, OR – Flooded House? Call Your Local Extraction and Drying Service

Flooded House

Dealing with a flooded house? Call a local extraction and drying service right away!

Water damage from a sewage backup, floodwater, a massive leak, or even excessive rainfall can be quite extensive. This is because water tends to seep into surfaces and continue to cause damage from within. To avoid extensive water damage, you need to act quickly and hire a professional extraction and drying service.

What to Expect from a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

The Service Team of Professionals is your go-to water damage restoration service that you can count on for the best extraction and drying services in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified professionals will arrive at your property immediately. We will swiftly assess the situation and form a plan of action right away. We will use industry-grade tools and equipment such as submersible pumps to extract excess water from your home and get it as far away from your property as possible. This way, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any further damage.

Our professional team will then inspect your belongings such as carpets and carpet padding to determine the exact extent of the water damage. We will gauge whether these items need to be removed and replaced. We will conduct this thorough examination of the drywall and other materials as well. Extraction and Drying Service

Lastly, based on the size of the affected area and the extent of the damage caused, we will set up industrial grade drying equipment throughout your property in strategic locations. We will use air movers, fan, and dehumidifiers to dry the structure and your belongings as thoroughly as possible.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Extraction and Drying Service

Even though water extraction and drying of your belongings might sound like a doable DIY job, it’s not as simple as that. You must consult a water damage restoration company for the job because they are professionals who know how to deal with immediate and secondary water damage.

Your home might appear to be dry when, in reality, water might have seeped into porous surfaces such as wood and drywall. Water retention inside such surfaces will cause secondary damage down the road. It will lead to swelling, warping, and weakening of the surfaces. The excess moisture will also encourage mold growth, which can quickly spread throughout your home and cause further damage to your property.

STOP uses temperature and humidity manipulation and other specialized processes to minimize the risk of secondary water damage to your home. By hiring us, you can rest assured that once the water is extracted and your belongings are thoroughly dried, you won’t have to face any other issues. We also understand how traumatic extensive property damage can be. You can rest easy knowing that we will restore your property to its former glory in no time by removing all signs of water damage from it.

If you need immediate, reliable, and professional water damage restoration services, then call us at (704) 419-8587 or visit our website today!

Attention: Portland, OR Residents | Get Laundry Room Checked for Mold Growth


Do you suspect mold lingering in your laundry room? Get the area inspected with a professional home restoration company.

Damp environments are susceptible to mold growth. While small amounts of indoor mold are typically harmless, mold spores in damp areas can easily spread and prove dangerous for you and your family members. Here are some indications of the presence of mold in your laundry room:

Musty Smell

One of the simplest signs of mold in your laundry room is a musty smell in the area. If you know how it smells, you’d immediately know if it’s there. Tracking it can still be difficult, though. When you do sense a musty smell, the best course of action should be to call an experienced mold remediation company. The sooner you react, the safer you and your loved ones will be.Discoloration on Walls

Deteriorating Health Conditions

Exposure to mold can lead to serious health conditions including shortness of breath, sinus congestion, and chronic cough. Children and individuals with a compromised immune system are more susceptible to infections and allergies caused by mold.

A runny nose, sneezing, and Itchy and uncomfortable rashes are also common symptoms linked to mold. Rashes can exacerbate into irritation, inflammation, and swelling of the skin. If these symptoms tend to worsen while the person is in the laundry room, the culprit must be mold. Seek professional mold inspection in that case.

Discoloration on Walls

If you notice discoloration and water stains on the walls and other surfaces in your laundry room, it means mold might be hiding behind them. It happens because mold leaves behind stained patches by rubbing off surfaces. Different types of mold leave distinct patterns. To confirm mold presence, seek professional mold inspection.

Bubbling Up Paint

Another sign of mold is the paint bubbling up in your laundry room. This is caused by moisture build up on the walls that leads to mold growth. You can’t just keep on painting on the walls to avoid this. Mold would keep on spreading inside without you even knowing about it. Just as you won’t finish a basement without getting rid of moisture damages, you must get the laundry room professionally inspected for mold, get it cleaned, and then go on to repaint them.

Visible Mold

If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to spot visible mold. Identifying mold isn’t easy though. It may only appear as soot or dirt, so you might ignore it. Even if you clean it, the mold dust and spores will remain around the space, causing it to spread again after a while.

Getting Your Laundry Room Inspected for Mold

If you detect any of the signs discussed above or happen to track visible mold yourself, don’t attempt to clean it yourself. Not only will this be ineffective, but it may also prove dangerous. The slightest of exposure to toxic mold can prove dangerous. Contact a professional home restoration company to inspect and clean the space.

For mold inspection and remediation, connect with S.T.O.P Portland at your earliest.

Portland, OR – Mold in the Basement? Invest in Professional Mold Remediation


Did you know that basement mold can pollute the indoor air quality of your home?

Any dark space with high moisture content and poor ventilation is the perfect setting for mold growth. That probably makes you think of an unfinished or poorly finished basement. Any clutter of wood, gypsum board, paper, or fiberboard only makes things worse because these are the items mold feeds on for growth.

If mold does exist in your basement and you keep neglecting it, it will keep spreading in the space. When that happens, airborne mold spores will rise to the upper floors of your home and pollute the indoor air quality. This can pose severe health risks for you and your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the dangers associated with basement mold:

Health Risks of MoldHealth Risks of Mold

While no one is totally immune to mold, those with compromised immune systems, including children, are more vulnerable to mold allergies than others. Based on a research by the Center for Disease Control, exposure to indoor mold can result in upper respiratory tract problems, with symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing for healthy people.

For people with serious mold allergies, mold exposure can cause severe asthma conditions, shortness of breath, and fever. Other symptoms of mold allergies include nasal congestion, skin irritation, and eye irritation.

Black mold is the most dangerous among all types of mold. Apart from the conditions discussed above, it can lead to eye inflammation and fungal infections in lungs. Those already suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or asthma are at risk of developing serious conditions.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing any of these health conditions, closely monitor whether the symptoms are more severe at home than when you’re outside. If they are, take them seriously instead of regarding it as a common cold, and call a home restoration professional to get your basement inspected for mold.

Structural Problems

The impact of mold extends beyond health issues. If it grows on wooden building materials such as those used for framing during basement finishing projects, it will use these paths to infiltrate the rest of the house. That’s why it’s advised to get rid of mold and water damage issues in your basement before renovating it.

As mold spreads in the foundations and walls of the basement and home, it will weaken the beams and bearing walls, undermining the entire structure of your home.

Invest in Professional Mold Remediation

Because of the reasons mentioned above, if there is mold growth in your basement, reach out to home restoration professionals for inspection and treatment. The professional will not just help you track and ensure effective mold remediation, but they will also suggest some incredible methods, such as crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing to keep mold at bay.

To track and get rid of basement mold, get in touch with S.T.O.P today.

Portland, OR – Leaking Roof? Call for Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Leaking Roof

Did you just notice a roof leak? Get it fixed as soon as possible before it gets on your nerves.

None of us can survive without water, but it can also be a source of pain when its uncalled for. Roof leaks are among the most common water intrusions which, if not addressed, can wreak havoc in your home.

It’s not just about finding a bucket to catch the dripping water. Excess moisture can undermine the structure and foundation of your home and lead to mold growth that can prove dangerous for you and your family.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to track and fix a leaking roof. To easily identify roof leaks, here are some common causes.

Clogged GuttersFaulty Faucets

Roof gutters are meant to direct water away from your roof and home foundation. If not regularly inspected and cleared, they can become clogged with debris such as branches, leaves, pine needles, etc. These blocks or slows down the flow of rainwater, paving the way for puddles and leaks.

Vent Leaks

Roof vents are a powerful defense against moisture intrusion and mold growth as well as against excess heat. They are typically sealed with roof mastic and flashing around the base where they stretch out from the roof base. However, if you sense a musty smell near it and notice dark spots around it, you’re probably dealing with a vent leak in or around its base. The leak might have resulted from damage to the vent itself or a crack in the flashing seal.

Broken Shingles

Shingles are the outer layers or tiles that cover the underlayment, preventing water from seeping through the roof. Even if one or two of these break during a heavy storm, water will easily find its way into the roof. The shingles could also break and fall off the roof during windy weather or heavy rain. If you find pieces of shingles around your home, stay alert and install the missing shingles at your earliest.

Damaged Flashing

Flashings serve as a water-resistant barrier on your roof. They don’t allow water to seep or penetrate into your home. They are pieces of metal installed on the transition areas or joints on your roof and are sealed using roof mastic and fibred membrane or modified bitumen. This mastic or tar is often subject to corrosion and when exposed to heavy rain or windy conditions, large cracks can occur in the flashing.

Roof leaks can occur if the flashing sections are not nailed down properly. They will slide out of place after some time. To ensure that the flashing withstands tough weather conditions, you must rely on a professional for installation.

Shallow Roof Slope

If your roof slope is too shallow, strong winds can affect the shingles and allow rainwater to penetrate underneath. To avoid this, you must follow the International Building Code requirements regarding roof slope, which is at least 2:12 for asphalt shingles.

Now that you’re aware of the most common causes of roof leaks, it’s time to take necessary steps to address the problem.

If you notice the above-explained problems in your home, contact S.T.O.P Restoration for water damage restoration.

Portland, OR – Fix Basement Water Damage By Calling Restoration Professional


Do you want to fix basement water damage? Here are a few things you need to do.

A wet basement isn’t bad only because it gives off a pungent smell. It also has a negative impact upon the value of your property. Moreover, if a wet basement is left untreated, it can pave the way for mold and mildew. Both mold and mildew weaken the structure of your home and affect your health.

Some wet basements are much easier to fix as opposed to others. It all boils down to the water source that must be fixed. With the help of a professional restoration company in Portland, OR, like ours, fixing a wet basement becomes fairly easy.

In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at some of the ways to fix water damage in the basement.sump pump

Gutter Extensions

In case the downspouts fail to get the water further than 5 feet from your living space, it is time to invest in plastic or metal gutter extensions. They divert water away from your home, but they aren’t a permanent solution. Sometimes, you may stumble or trip over them and end up getting injured. As an alternative, you can call a contractor to install an underground drain pipe, which will take the water further away from your property. 

Crown Restoration

Sometimes, the gutters work perfectly but the water still enters the basement from the foundation walls. If this is the case, it is a sign that the water isn’t draining away the way it should. Therefore, your home should be sitting on a crown made up of soil. This crown should be 6 inches over 10 feet in all directions. With time, the soil surrounding the foundation will settle,  thus allowing the water to enter your basement. All you have to do is to get some soil and a spade to restore the crown, thus fixing the water damage in your basement. 

Footing Drain Repairs

Sometimes, the water enters your basement through the joints, where the walls meet the floor of the basement. This usually happens due to hydrostatic pressure. In such cases, make sure to check the footing drains. If they are clogged, open them, clean them and repair them in case there are any damages.

Pumping Water

If nothing works out, you will have to pump the water out on your own. To make an interior drain system, use a saw to make a channel around the parameter of the floor. Then, chip out all the concrete and lay down a pipe. The pipe will drain all the water in a drain pan in the lower part of the basement, where the sump pump will remove the water from the house.


Water damage can have many negative consequences. So, try to deal with the problem as soon as possible. If you have experienced water damage and can’t manage the damage yourself, get in touch with a water damage restoration company.

If you are searching for the best water damage restoration company in Portland, OR, feel free to visit our website today and get in touch with our professionals.


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BIO: SERVICE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS is a home restoration company, specializing in water / flood damage repair, and servicing the greater Portland, OR area.  STOP Restoration of Portland understands that helping people navigate a disaster means more than just making repairs to their home. Eric and April Blackburn developed their company on the premise that compassion and respect are just as important as