Read on to study the signs of a potential slab leak in your house.

The concrete slabs that form the foundation of your home often have pipes running underneath. During the summer season, these pipes can leak or even burst without any warning, resulting in a slab leak. Since these leaks occur underneath concrete slabs, they can easily go undetected. What’s more daunting is that slab leaks can render considerable damage to the foundation of your home if they are not detected or addressed in a timely manner.Hot Floor

To avoid long-lasting damage, here are some signs that you should look out for to know whether you have a slab leak or not:

Cracks or Changes in Foundation

Homeowners tend to underestimate the damages associated with water and ignore its presence on surfaces. Continuous exposure to water impacts the strength of the foundation and results in cracks on walls and floors in your home. Thus, if you notice any cracks or uneven surfaces, chances are you’re faced with a slab leak.

Hot Floor

Another clear indication of a slab leak is hot spots on your floors. While walking, be conscious of the hot floor in your home that signifies that a hot water line has busted underneath the slab. If your floor is carpeted, it can be difficult to detect the hot floor.

Mold Growth

If you see mold or mildew growth without any apparent reason, slab leakage can be the culprit. In some cases, you may just sense the musty, unpleasant smell linked to mold. In both cases, you should immediately get your home inspected for slab leakage.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Leaks

Slab leakage can cause further leakage in the irrigation lines or sprinklers running around the concrete slab. If you detect any leaks in your sprinkler, slab leakage may be the underlying cause. Be sure to address the situation as soon as possible.

Outrageously High Utility Bills

If you suddenly receive an unusually high water bill, you know something is wrong. In case you can’t find a reasonable explanation for it, a leaking pipe underneath your home is probably the reason. It is causing the water to run day and night, producing a sharp surge in your utility bills. One great technique is to turn off the pipes and then listen to the sound of water. If you do sense that the water is running, there’s most certainly a leak underneath the slabs.

Puddles of Water Around the Slab

If you clearly see pools of water on the ground, it’s an indication of a severe water leak because it’s getting through the walls. Before the situation escalates, you must get the leaks fixed.

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