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Noblesville, IN – Types of Custom Construction Signs Installed by a Sign Company

Construction Signs

Is your new office undergoing construction, and you’re unsure of the safety protocols due on your part? Don’t know much about the signs? Contact a local sign company today!

Subjecting your worksite/personal space is a venture that comes with a lot of responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees, nearby people, and places; abiding by legal rules is equally crucial at the same time. To fulfill these important obligations, you must focus on a sound construction sign setup. Construction signs are also excellent for navigation and branding purposes.

If you’re not too familiar with the types of construction signs available out there, keep reading to learn about what a sign company has to offer:

Post and Panel Construction Signs

Shopping centers, new commercial projects, and construction sites widely use post and panel signs as they are durable, convenient, and can be as large and tall as you like while adhering to signage regulations. Sign companies customize these signs as per your brand’s default design and business goals. These are usually dual-sided, which is their standing feature. By that, post and panel signs indicate construction concerns to by-passers from the back and forth or the left and right.

Project Boards

This kind of construction sign aims to inform everything about a project underway. A contractor or business owner installs these signs at the beginning of the project as a public announcement. These signs can include anything like the building’s name (e.g., mall name), sponsors’ details, company’s name and logo, sitemap, area dimensions, and other information as per the project’s needs. Sign companies offer to customize project boards with quality visuals, digital printing, and anything the business wants.

Road Construction Signs

Road construction signs are installed on roads and pedestrian areas to indicate concerns for nearby construction. These signs mainly aim to maximize safety for people and their vehicles. Road constructions signs serve in the following situations:

  • To inform speed limits to drivers at certain intervals/spots
  • To prohibit vehicles into endangered under-construction areas.
  • To mark boundaries on the road for a nearby construction to redirect vehicles to alternate routes.

Under Construction Signs

These signs are installed to halt access to an area temporarily closed for construction or work in progress. Under construction, signs help inform people that a site is not operational at the given time and could be unsafe for them due to construction equipment and related hazards. These signs are helpful for stores/offices that are under their maintenance process.

Hard Hat Signs

Every site under construction is bound to have hazards. Hence, businesses install hard hat signs at the under-work territories entrance to comply with safety standards and legal regulations. The visuals/images of a hard construction hat are present on these signs to order every person nearby to wear a hard hat before approaching a sensitive under-construction site.

Site Safety Signs

Every under-construction site has some hazards that can lead to life-threatening, tragic accidents. These areas are so sensitive that an accident can occur in the blink of an eye. So construction professionals are obligated to install site safety signs wherever work is in progress. These signs are visual with little text as an accident doesn’t allow enough time to read lengthy descriptions. Visuals are instant and grab more attention. Site safety signs can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Prohibition of smoking, use of phones and entry.
  • Indication of a wet floor to prevent slips
  • Fire extinguisher signs and emergency exits

Eye Protection Signs

Contractors and construction staff must install eye protection signs near under-construction areas that include operations like welding, emission of chemical splashes, and pungent gases, harmful airborne particles, or anything lethal to human eyes. These signs are also purely visual, used to incite immediate precautionary action among the nearby people, which is to wear safety goggles or spectacles.

Roll-Up Construction Signs

The key feature of roll-up construction signs is their portability. They are made of materials like mesh and vinyl etc, that enable a lot of flexibility while also being durable. These signs are foldable and can be installed and removed within minutes. Construction professionals use these signs when others are not usable or as effective for a given situation.

Contact a Local Sign Company Today

Construction work comes with a lot of responsibility to ensure safety and administer precautions to prevent all kinds of accidents. For that, construction signs are mandatory and must be prioritized before initializing any construction operation.

Request a Free No Obligation Design Consultation today – Call 317-703-3340 or click below to request your 100% free, no commitment design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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“Best Sign Company in Noblesville, IN”

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Hamilton County: Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Pendleton, IN




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