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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Dishwasher – JackWard&Sons Plumbing in Nashville, TN

A dishwasher is a gift sent from heaven for those who hate washing dishes. These unsung heroes not only save us from the hassle of doing our own dishes, but they are also designed to use water efficiently and heat it cost-effectively. Given these benefits, the least we could do is give these appliances a...

Explaining the Most Common Septic Tank Myths – JWS Plumbing Nashville, TN

Septic tanks are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps, it’s because they are located underground, and thus it’s easy to forget that they even exist. Or maybe most of us just don’t care enough to learn more about them. Whatever the case, our lack of knowledge in these indispensable systems have resulted in many myths about them....

What is the Best Material to Wrap Pipes with to Keep them From freezing? JW&S

When temperatures start to plummet, many homeowners tend to scramble for space heaters and insulation. This could cause them to become oblivious to other more pressing problems that the shift in temperatures could bring.   Specifically, many of us often forget to examine our plumbing pipes that can cause significant damages when frozen. Want to...

Nashville, TN – Happy Holidays from Your Local Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday break with your families! Be sure to keep yourselves warm (and your plumbing as well to prevent bursting pipes and leaks)! - The team at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co.   We will continue to provide you with informational content after the New Year.

Nashville, TN – Is Your Plumbing Making You Feel Ill? Local Service Solutions

Those at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing hope that you and your families are remaining safe during this time while we all join together across the country to make a difference where we can. There is some newfound time found on a lot of people's hands that is being spent both with family enjoying each...


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