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SYNOPSIS: Business and Executive Coach Jeff Pitcel offers leadership training for managers to optimize teams and daily operations. Refine your mentorship, prioritization, and communication for development.

Managers: Develop Your Leadership With a Coach

BY: Jeff Pitcel, FocalPoint Business Coaching of Middleton WI

For managers, developing effective leadership is integral in achieving company goals of higher productivity and performance. By working with me, you will gain clarity about your role as a manager to confidently fulfill your responsibilities, such as mentoring your teams, delegating tasks, and effectively communicating company values to raise employee engagement.

Gain Clarity of Your Position

I refer to corporate relationship mapping to help my clients visualize their position within an organization:

  • As a manager, you direct your team to complete company tasks and hold them accountable. Your team comes to you for confirmation or assistance with surmounting challenges.
  • We also observe how your staff works together to accomplish goals but don’t lead one another. 
  • Thus, you are responsible for guiding your team. 

You play a vital role in keeping your company productive and functional by mentoring and leading staff in completing daily objectives – the more you develop your leadership, the more efficient your day-to-day operations and task completion will be. 

Leadership Fundamentals

My clients learn excellent business habits, how to develop authoritative communication, and conflict resolution skills in my How Excellent Leaders Lead and Seven Secrets of Managerial Success presentations and training activities.

Motivate Your Team With Your Values

A leader’s values motivate their team because they resonate. Your company’s values may be to provide excellent customer service or high-quality products or maintain high ethical production standards. Their effectiveness in guiding and motivating your and your team’s performance hinges on how well you communicate and follow those values daily. I help my clients create a values action plan with a team-building exercise to improve engagement. 

Be Consistently Goal-Oriented

Leadership abilities are essential in identifying and accomplishing goals. I teach my clients how to use leadership to guide their teams to success by identifying and breaking down company goals and committing to excellence.

Develop Effective Communication

Interpersonal communication skills are essential in addressing your staff. As the manager, you should develop productive communication to pass down company values and goals from the business owner and executives to the staff. Managers who improve their interpersonal communication will also hold more effective team meetings.

Coach Your Team

Building employee engagement is essential to maintaining productivity and improving team performance. I teach managers to create a values action plan to foster support and development using a team-building activity. I will also guide you in using positive reinforcement and course correction to mitigate challenges experienced by your team. 

Manage Time Efficiently

Effective managers use time wisely to complete valuable daily objectives and tasks without wasting time or resources on unnecessary ones.

Plan and Prioritize

Managers who prioritize high-value objectives and tasks and plan daily to complete them achieve significant and beneficial results. 

Managers can request leadership development by booking a consultation with me today. I look forward to assisting you with improving productivity and performance in your organization.

“Best Business Coach in Middleton, WI”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Dane County: Middleton, Madison, Sun Prairie, Verona, Fitchburg, WI


“Best Business Coach in Middleton, WI”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Dane County: Middleton, Madison, Sun Prairie, Verona, Fitchburg, WI

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Madison, WI – Leadership Training for Managers | Business Coaching News